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  1. To be honest. If Rockstar was avoiding tax like the OP website says, then it would be front page news, or close it. I've not read anything on the contrary, has anyone else?
  2. Well, you can buy food at the same time, so the experience is somewhat tarnish.
  3. I much prefer to buy my consoles direct and in person. It feels a bit more special that way. Getting it delivered feels generic. Same with games, but they tend to be more expensive to buy in the store. Asda isn't too bad for gaming. I've had issues with Amazon in the passed with new consoles.
  4. Well if everyone stopped buying every single item online we wouldn't have these GAME stores closing. Maybe.
  5. Razer controller it looks like. The console itself looks like a 3DO when looked at flat. With a flappy opening lid.
  6. From software? Honestly? They needed buying out.
  7. I noticed that Konami was promoting their 2020 version of PES at the Manchester United game, so they still have money to burn.
  8. We can agree there! What was that thing?
  9. The 3DO was freaking awesome! Way ahead of the times. Which sadly was it's downfall.
  10. Microsoft intend to buy out Konami?!?
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