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  1. Also thinking Ally Druid.
  2. Thanks all for your help with my questions. A full inventory will follow as I also will be attempting to sell a sizeable graphic novel and boxed action figure collection!
  3. Never played Alliance so if I return would be fun to experience that side of the game, priest maybe!
  4. Caned the game back in the day of EU release. 2 60's warlock and rogue then real life of Uni then work then marriage arrived! getting serious urges to dip my toe back in though! Will there be a guild?
  5. Have PM'd you but Terminator lacks manual, let me know if still interested.
  6. It's still available, let's talk!
  7. Hello all, First post looking for help please! My Mum is moving and I was at the weekend helping her pack and I came across my old Sega Megadrive (console version 1, x2 pads) and the games below. I'm reluctant to eBay them individually or get ripped off at CeX and I am sure they would be appreciated by someone on here. I've not done any research yet on what I could expect to receive for this in a job lot but I would to sell on that way if possible. Would appreciate any interest and comments on what is reasonable to expect in today's retro market. Cheers.
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