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  1. Retro Gamer 178 - GoldenEye Special

    Whoever wrote that Champ/Footy Manager feature must be a hero, also very sexy and smart and cool. Also modest.
  2. Your retro youtube videos

    I forced myself, hard as it was, to play some Dreamcast games. Life is pain etc etc.
  3. The plug from China arrived. I would like to offer a related pointer: don't buy a cheap plug from China. It takes forever to arrive and something to do with the wiring/unshieldedness (technical term) of the plug means it interferes with the DC's video signal. Ordered a £9 plug off Amazon which came today and fixed the problem entirely. Lesson learned. Don't spend £3 on your Chinese gear - spend £9. Otherwise you end up spending £12 in total, which is a monstrous overspending. Anyway, it works perfectly and kicks out approximately 0 heat. Very pleased indeed. EDIT: And yeah, it's good enough that I immediately ordered the Saturn version to pop in my ailing machine. Chap has proven himself competent at making these.
  4. I have one of these. Can confirm it's really bloody easy to fit and a shit-ton smaller than the original PSU. However, I haven't actually tried it as I'm still waiting on a plug that actually fits it to arrive. Maaaaybe should have spent £5 extra to get one from a UK outlet, rather than the 3083094 day Chinese delivery times.
  5. Your retro youtube videos

    This is mostly retro, SO IT COUNTS
  6. Retro Gamer 175 - Premium Issue

    Whoever wrote that Wolfenstein feature must be a hero, also very sexy and smart and cool. Also modest.
  7. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    I think you can use any programmable remote with it, you'd just have to program it yourself.
  8. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Ahthankyou. I run mine into a Hauppauge Rocket rather than an Elgato, as the latter can be finicky with non-HD resolutions - and the aforementioned trouble it has with 4:3. The Rocket handles most of the resolutions I've thrown at it and records at more than good enough quality, 60fps if it's 720p or below. But yeah, I've basically spunked £200 on an unnecessary luxury. A good one, but few people actually need an OSSC.
  9. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    I love mine - got it through an Amiga forum, of all places, as a student was offering to get the parts and assemble without the hassle of the VGP waiting list. Paid a bit of a premium, but totally worth it. (thread here, though he's not planning on doing another run right now) I now use it for grabbing retro consoles on my vids (which you can see here, cheap plug) - this is pretty much all running on the default settings. There's a hell of a lot of tweaking you can do to make things look different/probably better, but it's easily good enough out of the box. N64 needed an RGB mod, which I likely would have done anyway, PS2 via component, DC via VGA, PSX games via PSP component... yeah, I'm very happy with it. Just remember it's not an upscaler. I think it's more just to get old machines working on new tellys.
  10. Your retro youtube videos

    tl;dr - it was closer than I expected, and hardly anything was that much better comparatively
  11. Your retro youtube videos

    Did this the other week, then didn't post it here, but now I've posted it here. Bliss!
  12. Your retro youtube videos

    Unfortunately we're all old and that means even TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is officially retro. Fortunately I did do a video on how it's actually the best in the series. BOOM:
  13. Your retro youtube videos

    I did another vid, let me know what you think. Unless you're violently abusive, in which case I can probably just do without.
  14. Your retro youtube videos

    As far as I remember it was precisely that. You lose patience with things after playing dozens of terrible games...

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