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  1. And a reminder this - and every - issue is available completely free as a PDF download. Something to pass the time while we're all inside: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/35/pdf
  2. I can nigh-on guarantee this was caused by one particular higher up at Future. Would be incredibly surprised if it were a decision made by the editorial team, rather than something foisted on them under duress.
  3. I spent a lot of time on this one, still can see the seams and some things about it annoy me, but it's one of my best vids to date I think:
  4. There's actually a superb RGB mod available, with toggleable deblur feature and all sorts. I had one and it was fantastic: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/02/feature_getting_the_best_picture_out_of_your_nintendo_64_the_rgb_edition
  5. OSSC is the catch-all option. It's still north of £100, but it works on almost everything and is rather fantastic to boot. If you don't want to/can't pay that, a SCART-to-HDMI box is probably the cheapest option. Though obviously you can only connect via SCART cables there. It'll work, but picture quality won't be the greatest.
  6. First time ever I did a video weeks before setting it live. Has it changed anything? No, but it meant it went up February 29. NOVELTY.
  7. As if by magic, we're polishing off issue 34 next week. IT'S STILL WORKING.
  8. Oriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissue 32 https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/issues/32
  9. Bikini girls and climate change denial? That is pretty 90s, to be fair.
  10. Quality rarely factors in with nostalgia, to be fair.
  11. Also, we did this too: https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/books/unity-fps
  12. We were just talking about this a few minutes ago in the office - my guess is N64 prices are going to rise over the next 10 or so years as the people who were tiny children when they had their formative experiences with the machine become jaded adults with disposable income, desperate to relive some of that glorious nostalgic.. err.. glory. So yeah, bung it in a cupboard for a decade.
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