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  1. I was looking to play the older Zork games. I was playing on the telnet version over at zork.retroadventures.net:6502 but it went down again. User: zork Pass: 2018Zork Grand inquisitor needs to be played though,. thanks for the reminder. I'll certainly check out Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller though, looks interesting thanks! I already have the Tex Murphy games on steam as well. I think I've generally over overlooked them as just a point and click. A couple of you guys have suggested it, so I'll have a play. I've completely missed those titles. I'l
  2. Ideally old. I want to play them on my win98/dos machine. I was wondering what else I might have missed out on. I do enjoy puzzle games, mostly adventure games, classic scumm point and click to the video formats of 7th Guest, but I'm also partial to games like TIS-100, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (great using actual radios), Temporal Invasion, a super cute game called Access Denied and of course the bigger games like the Portal series, the excellent Talos Principle etc I've already played The Room series. Very enjoyable titles. If you enjoy them, there is also the House o
  3. Hi guys I'm really enjoying 7th Guest types of games, and wondering if anyone knows of some more that I might also enjoy. Currently have: 7th Guest 11th Hour Clandestiny In The 1st Degree Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands Suggestions welcome, thanks
  4. Picked these two up yesterday at a charity shop. Quake 2 for PC. Already had this on steam, but actually having the soundtrack playing make the game worth it. No big box. 50p They had a stack of xbox games, so picked up Blur. It was any two DVDs for £1, games included. Picked up up a few DVDs at the same time. It looks like someone just dropped off all their non-backward compatible xbox 360 games at the charity shop. I had the others so wasn't interested, but it does bring up the question... Is the xbox 360 'offically retro' now, at least with the collection of game
  5. Picked these two big box pc games from a couple of local charity shops the other day. Football Manager 2000, sealed £1 Theme Park, CD-Rom edition unfortunately, 50p.
  6. How did or do you go about making additional space for your retro collection? Like most of you guys, we watch the YouTubers. They seemingly have rooms upon rooms of retro hardware/software just collecting dust in boxes, tubs etc. I don't have anywhere near that much space. Infact, I probably have less space for myself now as an adult than I did as a child growing up. As a result, I have to take time to consider what I can and can not get away with hording vs what 'we' as a family can get away with collecting. For example, it's ok if we have over 500 bluray movies, but it's no
  7. I've been to our local tip a few times over the course of the last couple of years and it has become one of those self recycling places, you just leave the hardware in a shipping container and then a truck comes and takes it away when full, probably to strip the plastics and melt down for the metals. I've seen loads of goodies, classic Apple mac hardware, and old PCs loads of times. There were two large CRT monitors there about a week ago ... alas we're not allowed to take anything. I asked I'm sure the workers there will have a quick nose when they close for the day though. It's weird th
  8. I know it's been a few years, but maybe you still have the archives. I'd love to get a copy of these. Feel free to PM me. Sorry for bumping this old thread, the memories are old, like me. lol. Did any of you guys get handed just the floppy with just the notel list, like Riley posted? I remember the list getting passed around like the informus Cookbook. Also, did any of the other CD collections have copy protection like Blobby started adding later on? (ironic since it was a pirate disc).
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