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  1. replicant

    Xbox Game Pass

    Not surprised. WH Smith remains time stuck in the 80s when people visited such stores. The only ones I see now are in train stations.
  2. replicant

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    Yup ;p I've been reading EDGE since issue 0 and it still continues to baffle me at times
  3. replicant

    NIOH 2

    Hoping this means it is shaping up for a 2019 release.
  4. replicant

    Team Sonic Racing

  5. I know. Falls = clicks. The game isn't perfect, but I think you will see a marked improvement. I don't play the game regularly but I do enjoy jumping in now and again. The new game mode is good fun - a mixture of conquest then boarding/attacking the enemy capital ship.
  6. replicant

    Team Sonic Racing

    Anyone played it on the X yet? Wondering if performance is better than the Pro.
  7. Seems bit late for me. Haven't touched it since getting level cap and Masterwork/Legendary Gear. No reason to play.
  8. BF2 is a completely different game to what it was back then. Quite a lot of addiitonal content has been added free of charge - maps, heroes, cosmetic, new game modes. While the launch was disasterous it is safe to say DICE supported the game well. Seems to have worked as I read recently it topped PSN monthly sales (March I think) and the playerbase was back up to launch levels.
  9. replicant

    Xbox One Console Thread

    That was a terrible reveal. Terrible.
  10. replicant

    Declining Sales. WTF Is Going On?

    Is this being based on the regular Eurogamer sales are doomed analysis articles? I wouldn't spend too much time considering them. Waste of time, based upon incomplete data and conjecture. Without concrete data regarding digital sales, it is impossible to state GAME X is 50% down from the previous franchise entry. But that doesn't generate clicks. Digital sale migration will be playing a big part in the decline of physical sales. The fairly recent news story about the decline of pre-owned sales points us in that direction too. Personally speaking, I've been 99% digital for about 3 years now. Not forgetting GAAS, popular f2p games, and services such as Gamespass - how people buy/get access to games is changing.
  11. replicant

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    So Ben's ruining chat is the product of Danny... Thanks Danny!
  12. Finished it last night on my X. Loved it. I hope it does well for the studio.
  13. It was reviewed by Evans-Thrilwell. The weakest link of EG. Awful reviewer. Beggar's belief why he is still commissioned.
  14. replicant

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He seems to be on everything now. Everything.

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