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  1. Picked up Overpower, Rolling Gunner's DLC. Bit pricey eh? Very enjoyable mode, it is quite different and more like a twin-stick shooter, and the fact bullets are absorbed is strange and makes it considerably easier - I got a 1cc on Novice on my first go when tired and slightly inebriated. Onto higher difficulty modes methinks.
  2. How much was it? It's due here soon they said, wondering what the cost will be. I'll get it regardless, the dev deserves all the support in the world. I love Rolling Gunner.
  3. Oh it's definitely a me problem not a Celeste problem, I need to sit down at a time when I am not tired and can pay full attention but that kind of time is in short supply right now I'll try it again at some point, cheers.
  4. Great thread idea. Celeste, although I've not put too much time into it, I just start and within a few minutes of gameplay go "nope, fuck this" and it's off.
  5. Well I just finished moving house but I'm back and ready to hit a shmup sometime. - Black Bird in the Switch sale - listen to Clump, this game is immense. BUY IT - Progear coming, that's big news! Another Cave game on Switch. Dreading the price as it's in a 10-pack. - Clump - good work with Tengai... It's hard that game - I didn't get Gunbird 2 in the end, decided to focus on Dragon Blaze when the Psikyo bug hits me again. It's lovely. - I need to get back to ESP, and feel suddenly elated I spent insane dollar on the physical copy when it first came out
  6. Cheers dude! Will check it out.
  7. Pqube said they were having issues getting it on the Switch eShop so it's likely to be after Christmas now. I think it's supposed to be on PSN and Steam already though
  8. What are everyone's top 5 Psikyo games? I have Dragon Blaze already, but I fancy adding another. Was thinking Gunbird 2? (Yes I know the Switch emulation is dogshit for Psikyo games, skip over that bit )
  9. I am rather addicted to Pure Pool, which had a rocky start with online modes, but seems to be great now! Anyone else playing this?
  10. Waiting for a new free (to the west anyway) shmup to appear on the Switch eshop "Is It Wrong To Try To Shoot ’em Up Girls In A Dungeon?" Seems to be a bit delayed but is imminent https://pqube.co.uk/news/danmachi-dlc-is-out-now/
  11. Ah damn Not to worry. The wait goes on! Cheers
  12. Hoping to see Dezatopia in the sale sometime soon... Fancy that one. Looks mad as a box of crickets
  13. Ooh I've been waiting for Avian Attorney to go on sale... Been on the list for a long time.
  14. What's your game, Jonster? If Clumpy likes it, chances are I will...
  15. I've learned to listen to you with these things so I'll give it a miss though I haven't read the "euroshmuppy" death knell... Graphically it looks cool but yeah, I don't like the sound of any of this. It's a couple of quid on Switch
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