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  1. You can sneak pass most of the beasts, using the yellow grass. There's no shame in running past them, plus you're free to do any quest in any order. It's up to you. You'll soon have loads of guns to choose from, when you start doing the quests around Monarch.
  2. I think the recent patch has made those lizards harder, because I found them easy to kill on playing for the first time. But it does get better when you get better guns with more damage, and make sure to mod them. I'm playing on hard on my 3rd playthrough, and at first those beasts were too tough (I was running past them). But I got some better guns, and modded them, and now I can take them down with ease. Buy or nick lots of ammo too
  3. Select a game with start, goto Manage Game and Add-ons and it'll look for an update.
  4. It would be if they released Half-Life 3.
  5. A new EP soon, from their interview in Computer Music magazine. Video to do with the the interview in the mag.
  6. He's really selling it. Not.
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