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  1. I wasn't looking forward to it either, but after lunch I did it until 6pm and got a load of fish items including two fish prints. I only had 20 odd bait, so used that up, then just went up and down the beach each time. Only got about 6 to 8 fish, but it was enough to almost keep getting a prize each time. Plus a trophy through the post. My battery was down to 5%! It's not the best part of the game though.
  2. One of Wildlands DLC - Narco Road - was awful.
  3. Careful, you're not allowed to cheer on another team. Copyright @dizogg 2020
  4. Got his pic the other day. He's never leaving my island.
  5. I clocked up a total of 19days 7hours 51minutes on Far Cry 5, even though I hated a lot of it. Same time spent on Far Cry 4.
  6. Nice. Got Camofrog's and Sherb's framed picture. The animals just love those fossils. Also got Celeste, and all she gave me was a Cancer Fragment. Does that mean I've already got every recipe from her?
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