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  1. Mr Do 71

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Go Lewis!
  2. Mr Do 71

    Mystery Film

  3. Mr Do 71

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    At least he hasn't crashed yet.
  4. Mr Do 71

    Funny Things In Games

    Booting enemy guards off a balcony, in Dishonored 2. Plus sometimes the guards will stumble when chasing me, like when they jump a wall for example.
  5. Mr Do 71

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hue, and Death Squared are good fun.
  6. Mr Do 71

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    I'd love to see what games the genius developers at Nintendo could produce for this handheld. Super Mario Crank, anyone?
  7. Mr Do 71

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    Hype looks at, Paper Beast, Planet Zoo, Dicey Dungeons, Pacer, and El Hijo. Hype Roundup has a quick shifty at, Borderlands 3, Nowhere Prophet, Astral Chain, Tamarin, and Pepper Grinder. Features include cover star Playdate handheld, An Audience with writer and creative director Amy Hennig, and how A Maze Berlin is reshaping videogame conventions and ushering in a new era of avant-garde play. Reviews: Days Gone - 5! Mortal Kombat 11 - 5 Steamworld Quest: Hand Of Gilgamesh - 9 World War Z - 6 Forager - 8 Islanders - 8 Katana Zero - 7 One Finger Death Punch 2 - 8 The Making of Tetris Effect. Stuido Profile visits No Code. Time Extend looks back on Invisible Inc. The Long Game is still playing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  8. Mr Do 71

    Edge #332 | Control

    Hopefully soon.
  9. Mr Do 71

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    Didn't we do this in another thread? Anyway, going from Link's Awakening and Link to the Past. To walking out of that cave on the plateau in Breath of the Wild, to seeing the world below and knowing I can explore all of it. My younger self wouldn't of believed it.
  10. Mr Do 71

    Years and Years - BBC

    I hope those face changer things don't ever become a thing.
  11. Edge magazine once got a big exclusive on the making of GTA, so it is possible. @Nate Dogg III
  12. Mr Do 71

    Is the summer drought here already?

    I'm playing Crysis 3, thanks to Xbox Live Gold and Backwards Compatibility. Also been playing Hue, and Death Squared, thanks to Game Pass.

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