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  1. Lots of discussion in the Dark Souls thread regarding the Master Key and if you should take it on your first play through.
  2. Yeah I'd skip the master key as it can get you in lots of trouble early on. Imagine accidentally heading into blight town on your first play....which is exactly what I did. Horrific.
  3. @kerraig UK give the trailer a watch and you'll be disgusted.
  4. Pretty sure you could run through this blind folded.
  5. I've not see this yet but I have an issue with the trailer which seems to totally spoil the film...don't read if you don't want my guess spoilers.
  6. I think the last movie that I went to that had an interval was one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films for some reason.
  7. Who is it!?!?! I also watched this and the panel really dont need to say that every time...
  8. I found the rng to be very generous when I was playing - both on weapon drops and decent titanite drops. Also the first time I've encountered more than 1 Evil Vagrant.
  9. Get it. Don't be afraid to summon help and go for the back stab when you can. And there is something great down the well in Firelink Shrine.
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