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  1. Fused gamer

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Clown by name...
  2. Fused gamer

    Microsoft & Sony sitting in a tree...

    Why does it have to sink to that? It's one company using someone else's. As someone said here - Netflix uses Amazon technology. And not a shit is given.
  3. Fused gamer

    Do you ever remember texture maps?

    I believe it was the first console game to use a technique called bump mapping, which gave textures depth, rather than just looking wrapped? Correction anyone?
  4. Fused gamer

    PlayStation VR

    I completed it in VR. There's a couple of tracks that make you wanna hurl chunks, but I persevered!
  5. Thanks for responding! I'll keep an eye out
  6. Need a shit hot marketer who loves games?

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