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  1. So after being told DPD were good, my PS5 is stuck at their depot...
  2. Oh. I thought they were crap! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  3. Currys for me and got despatch notification this morning, but the dreaded DPD...
  4. Strange that 10 minutes being the length a video nerds to be before they get paid.
  5. Deffo 35, but here's some more: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.siliconera.com/nintendo-spills-its-game-watch-super-mario-bros-secrets/amp/
  6. Mine's on its way and should be here before 1pm!
  7. I'm the same. What a joke ordering with the £2k code man. I had to try 3 times to get one that would work.
  8. That's impressive for a Gameboy. Like the way they did the kick drum.
  9. Are there more of these things than PS5 as pre ordering seems pretty easy?
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