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  1. Length of credits are not the hill to die on.
  2. Took me a few seconds to get that. I was like "Rhodey?!". I think the verb "recast" being technically inaccurate threw me off!
  3. I haven't seen the British Avengers. I'm already on record here as Batman v Superman being a guilty pleasure of mine. Batman and Robin is indeed very bad, but it feels like it is bad for intentional reasons. Suicide Squad was very poor- but it did have some good performances from the cast, and we know it went through massive changes very late on in its production.
  4. I think my wife and I give up on s1 somewhere- but it was so dull it's also possible we got the first season completed and I have forgotten.
  5. I only ever seen one film worse than this. I really doubt anybody can name a movie (that I think is) worse than this- that I have seen. I took genuine offence from this one, lol.
  6. That's because it's not him doing it.
  7. I have genuine post-traumatic symptoms from having watched this, I'm amazed anybody derived enjoyment from it. I wish I had in me whatever those who enjoyed it have!
  8. Good point. We've now had 7 dedicated Spider-man movies, and he's popped up in a further three MCU movies and we have had hardly any decent action sequence featuring him.
  9. If you haven't seen Age of Ultron I am assuming you have missed other MCU movies too. In that case I think you will struggle with understanding what's going on in this!
  10. The bee man looked like Ben Mendo to me- which fits with the logo I suppose.
  11. Nah, the country village one is the worst surely. The prison break one does some universe building and has Richard Aoyade. And Anakin Skywalker.
  12. Joining a long line of creators who have left massive multi-movie franchises that will earn billions of dollars to the much lucrative Netflix machine.......
  13. I'm just checking his insight, lol.
  14. I'm hoping by this stage of your life you have realised that your opinions on these movies is quite different from the majority of people!
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