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  1. The ref and the Var numpties have been very poor in the Leicester game. Brighton by far the better team in the first half but second half much better since we removed the underachieving Maddison.
  2. I hate watching Villa. Every time a commentator mentions bloody Matty Cash I can’t help but sing a bastardised version of Dirty Cash by The Adventures of Stevie V. “I’m Matty Cash, the one that you ask for, wanted by the rich and the poor…” Its utterly irrational but I’ve been doing similar for years. Bolton’s Michael Ricketts always ensured a ‘Ricketts, Ricketts, junglist massive’. Vill we’re excellent yesterday though although Everton looked decent on the counter.
  3. 4 autobiographies in a row. Only just realised that was the case, so going to give them a break for a while. 28. Stalin Ate My Homework by Alexei Stalin. Wasn't quite what I expected, focused mostly on Sayle's upbringing and life growing up in Liverpool. It's a warm and nostalgic love letter to his communist parents and the city. There's no discussion of his 20s and beyond and whilst I enjoyed it, I would have liked to have a wider scope covered. 29. The Gaffer by Neil Warnock. Very much a Marmite personality. He's outspoken throughout and doesn't hold back on criticising other managers and some of the players that he used to manage. He's a passionate and engaging writer and whilst a certain amount of scepticism needs to be held onto, the tales he recounts seem grounded in some of the darker and more nefarious parts of the beautiful game. 30. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. Again, another Marmite character. I've always warmed to McConaughey and his mid-career McConnaisance (a term he reveals that he made up and fed to a journalist). He had a fairly volatile upbringing and cuts his fiery parents a lot of slack. There's a fair bit of obtuse navel-gazing at times and he has pages that talk about the wet dreams which shaped the directions of his life (yes, really). He also incudes examples of his writing, poetry, philosophical musings and mantras. I'm sure it would annoy some readers but he's a genuinely interesting and soulful character. He's brutally honest at times and whilst his early career hedonism may grate, his later transition to commitment and family life is refreshing. 31. The Accidental Footballer by Pat Nevin. Similar thoughts to @Boothjanabove. Only reservation I'd have with recommending it is that some people might think that Nevin paints himself as incessantly worthy and cultured. He comes across as being on the right side of history with his references to facing up to the discrimination of others. However, that would be mean; this approach seems utterly genuine rather than forced and fake. A footballer who was more interested in society and culture, it's a refreshing look at one of football's curios. A guy who would hang out with John Peel over a night out with the team. I'd liked to have seen more about his media career, but I'd imagine that this will have done well enough to command a follow-up.
  4. Count your blessings, Eneloops aren’t being discussed. Yet.
  5. Fofana’s leg break less than a month ago.
  6. Stopharage


    I’d imagine you can rewatch it on Amazon Prime.
  7. Stopharage


    Well that’s Sports Personality of the Year wrapped up.
  8. Stopharage


    This is a wonderful match. Spectacular tennis and two very likeable players. Hope we have many years ahead of these two batting it out.
  9. Stopharage


    Both have looked a bit nervy at times, which is totally understandable. They’ve also produced some sparkling tennis too. Shaping up to be a cracker.
  10. It’s a superb piece of work. Think the author spent 10 years putting it together and it features the words of over 500 people saying what they went through on the day. Just a huge amount of detail about how people acted and were impacted on the day’s events. So much in there that I didn’t have any knowledge of. Cheney gave the Air Force the power to shoot one of the passenger planes down. The pilots explained what happened next.
  11. Really enjoying Big Red Machine’s new album. Justin Vernon is one of those performers who I adore when he gets it right but also frustrates me when he gets it wrong. The first Bon Iver release being a case of the former and his use of vocal sound effects being a case of the latter. Anyway, the BRM album is really good and there are some decent guests vocalists used effectively. Including Taylor Swift. However, this slice of upbeat Americana with Fleet Foxes and Anais Mitchell is great. And the second video has the random lyrics, emotional vocal delivery and urgency that the best Vernon songs have. I think the album peters out towards the end but the first 2/3 are decent.
  12. After these fuckers got me addicted to Hades, now they're really trying to test my marriage by making FM part of GamePass.
  13. Must buy recommendation:- The Only Plane In The Sky: The Oral History of 9/11 is 99p today. I’m currently 2/3 off the way through the audio version of this and it’s an amazing piece of work. If you’ve recently watched the BBC 9/11 President documentary then this has a similar format. It’s a phenomenal bit of work. Heartily advise if you have a passing interest in the seismic events of 9/11.
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