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  1. To add to the Zaha hate-in. He recently had a kid at a local hospital that a friend works at. He refused to wear a mask on lots of occasions despite being repeatedly asked to by staff. Consensus was that he was a thoroughly unpleasant bellend. An ex-student was at Palace academy with him and told me he was the most arrogant person he’d ever met and that his United transfer would be a disaster as they wouldn’t stand for his nonsense.
  2. Iain M. Banks - The Player of Games is 99p today only.
  3. I know it probably offers very few crumbs of comfort but this debacle has meant that an awful lot of us have changed our security settings on PSN as a result, so you've done a valuable civic duty @gooner4life. I'd rather you hadn't had to endure this obviously but letting us know has potentially avoided a lot of us suffering the same fate so thank you and I hope it gets resolved pretty sharpish. The real downside to this is when the IP address turns out to be one of the XDF you've clashed with in the console threads!
  4. Two Tribes by Chris Beckett is 99p. He of the Dark Eden trilogy.
  5. Seems this months offerings have been added but it's all a bit half-arsed and smaller than normal as they have still have those 500 'New Me' books on there too. The Truth by Terry Pratchett £1.99 The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett £1.99 Proud by Gareth Thomas The Diary of Two Nobodies by Giles Wood and Mary Killen (the older Gogglebox couple) Papillon by Henri Charriere and Patrick O'Brian The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter Charlotte's Web by E.B. Whit
  6. Will do, although you have an unopened gift from me apparently!
  7. Senior moment. We'll be doing raids all week I'd imagine so I'll send you and Jenny invites.
  8. No shiny but got this earlier.
  9. I can send you invites - not sure if I have you as a friend? My trainer code is 965106922958. Trainer name same as on here. We normally have anywhere from 7-12 doing raids so you'll get the legendaries.
  10. We look an accident waiting to happen whenever we have a set piece against us though. Albrighton was majestic all game; where we've done well this year has been that when we've had injuries the replacements have come in and largely been great. With the exception of Demarai Gray.
  11. The issue for me with Souls' games is not one of difficulty but of time. I'm a competent enough gamer to get through a Souls' game, given enough time. I don't want the games to be made easier or dumbed down in any way because that would mean they lose part of their USP. The level design of the Souls' games are wonderful and part of the delight of the games is in working out where to go, locating and opening up the inevitable shortcuts and improving your tactical awareness. However, there are an awful lot of people who love all of this but have limited gaming time. A mixture of wor
  12. Great. Lastminute.com 1. SAULT - Untitled (Black Is) 2. Blue Note: Reimagined - Various Artists (is that allowed?) 3. Khruangbin - Mordechai 4. Fontaines - A Hero's Death 5. SAULT - Untitled (Rise) 6. Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension 7. Caribou - Suddenly 8. Meute - Puls 9. Banangun - The True Story of Bananagun 10. Working Men's Club - Working Men's Club
  13. I quite enjoyed it but it was lacking the sucker punch you get from some of Brooker's edgier asides. By comparison, if you watch his Viralwipe there's a lot more of those riskier barbs that resonate more with me and the self-deprecation that brings it all together. www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000j4bl/charlie-brookers-antiviral-wipe A lot of the gags in this were pretty obvious and have been done before. Any Brooker is better than none.
  14. Hopes for 2021? Now that Johnny Evans has signed a new contract, my main hope for Leicester is that we sign a decent striker to back Vardy up and have a nice run in the Europa League. Be nice for Euro 2021 to go ahead; but only if it's safe to do so (which seems nigh-on impossible). Would also like to see Messi turn up in the Premier League for a season or two. Rashford to get knighted. VAR to gain some semblance of consistency. PSG to fail in Europe. Fat Sam to fail miserably. Sheffield United to win a game.
  15. Doesn't seem like the new month's offerings are up yet. However there are about 500 'New You' books on offer. I'm resigned to being pretty much stuck with the old me, but there may be something in there for you. Mixture of books on diets, self-help, inspirational messages and cookery Here As @Miner Willymentions above, a lot of Orwell stuff is free, along with some others that may be of interest. Fill your boots:- 1984 Animal Farm Homage to Catalonia Burmese Days Coming Up For Air Keep the Aspidistra Flying Down and Out in Paris and London A
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