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  1. She's been a co-commentator on a couple of games that I've watched and I was impressed by the level of tactical analysis she was doing during the game. Beyond just using the term 'transitions' she was explaining what this meant for the teams and how it was it impacting on individual players and their performances. I think it was a Poland game where she was explaining why they were ineffective and suggested how that could be changed; about 5 minutes later the manager did exactly what she had suggested. She seems a bit more proactive and less reactionary than a lot of the other commentators. She
  2. Was listening to some more contemporary music on YouTube earlier and this popped up in the sidebar. Cynically thought I'd see how he'd aged and what half-arsed version he was doing. Well, he's aged pretty darn well and his voice hasn't deteriorated with age as I'd expected. Was a pleasant surprise and a nice throwback.
  3. The best thing about the Ukraine v Austria game is that Ukraine have a centreback called Matvienko and every time he gets the ball I can't stop singing Wap Bam Boogie. I say 'best thing' but it's driving my wife nuts. Kept me entertained for the best part of 90 minutes. Simple pleasures.
  4. At the price point Five Guys is at, there are lots of far better options. Patty & Bun, Meat Liquor etc all have branches in areas I tend to go to and their offering is considerably better. I do quite like their fries and the shakes are decent though.
  5. Been playing Evil Within 2 since it got added to Game Pass. I really enjoyed the first one so was looking forward to this, especially as I’d seen folks on here had largely preferred the sequel. But jeez, the first 45 minutes nearly had me turning it off. Cut scenes galore, boring gameplay etc. However, as soon as you hit Union it’s great fun.
  6. Apart from the bloody drummer who would have been playing along with it.
  7. Moreso when Emma Heyes is giving intelligent, tactically aware commentary on the Switzerland game. She’s really refreshing.
  8. Thought I may be reading too much into it, thanks for clarifying. On the rare occasions I hear football phone ins there’s always some fan who does the whole ‘they don’t care’ thing; really annoys me!
  9. As soon as I hear or read someone say that I disregard anything else they have to say. It’s just utter bollocks. England’s perennial disappointments are down to many reasons, but frankly that’s not one of them. They may well underperform and fail to live up to their billing but it really isn’t down to them not caring. Not trying to be antagonistic but those players care. Apologies if that’s not what you’re getting at.
  10. Some times a team needs a ropey performance for the manager to find his best team. Biggest issue for me is we didn’t stretch the play at all. Everything was through the middle. God knows what Sancho has done to not get on the pitch.
  11. Why the fuck is Southgate not making any more substitutions? We’ve got no width unless James or Shaw make a sortie. Everything is through the middle. So predictable.
  12. At least Kane’s Euro experience so far is good news for Spurs fans. Might keep him in this form. Has to be an injury - maybe he broke a rib in the Croatia game when he collided with the post. Might explain his lethargy if he’s struggling to breath.
  13. Thing is every time Shaw gets the ball he runs forward and/or looks to get it forward quickly; whereas our midfield are slowing things down, often passing sideways/backwards.
  14. Most pleasing has been seeing Shaw playing so well. Think he’s been one of our best attacking options so far.
  15. Agree with that. This is calling out for Sancho to come on, hug the touch line and stretch the defensive line. A less compact defensive line would also allow Grealish to target the gaps. Considering Gilmour has struggled a bit, Scotland have done really well in that half.
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