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  1. 17. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Ademyemi. YA novel set in the African state of Orissa. Magic has been banished by a brutal ruler, those capable of reawakening it have been subjugated and the kingdom is divided. Won a number of awards last year and was refreshing to read a fantasy novel with a strong female African protagonist. It was a bit predictable in parts but was engaging throughout. It set up sequels up well rather than as an afterthought. 18. One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence. Bit of a mixture of Stranger Things, Dungeons & Dragons, Back to the Future and A Monster Calls. An easy read. Again whilst predictable in parts, it flies along.
  2. It’s on for longer than a day. It’s part of a promotion they’ve got on, to put the first book of various series down to 99p. Stuff by Patrick Rothhuss, Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson, James Ellroy and loads of other thriller authors. More here.
  3. I’d have to disagree. The ref had a really poor game. The elbow was a clear red. She let countless fouls go unpunished where feet were left in after the ball had been played and as it went unpunished it continued. A referee has to apply the laws of the game towards the actions that occur on the pitch. They shouldn’t shy away from punishing transgressions for fear of the offender’s further actions. When Houghton was taken out, the opposing captain was on her haunches screaming in her face, when she’d clearly been fouled. That was down to the ref’s total lack of control; the players felt they could get away with what they wanted. How she didn’t book her for those actions and send off the player who fouled Houghton is beyond me. On both occasions the ref was let down by the lines person. I could understand why the Cameroon players felt upset but to act in the manner they did should be punished by FIFA. My kids were watching that puzzled as to why so much went unpunished.
  4. Phil Neville did really well in that interview; did a great job of containing his obvious anger. That was as bad a refereeing performance as I can remember. Bare minimum, Cameroon should have had 2 red cards and at least another 3 yellows. You want your team to be passionate but to endanger the opposition's players is appalling.
  5. I'll be amazed if a player isn't seriously hurt in this game.
  6. This referee is diabolical. Get a bloody grip.
  7. If the referee doesn't clamp down on some of the tackles in this game I can see some England players getting taken out of the tournament.
  8. The Cameroon No.4 looks an absolute liability. Every time she's been near an England player she looks like she's going to clatter them. Can see her getting a red if Parrish stays on her.
  9. What is the point in VAR when a player gets elbowed in the face and the offender doesn't get a red? So utterly inconsistent.
  10. Heroes by Stephen Fry is 99p today.
  11. Most surprising aspect of the England U21 game was that Wan-Bissaka did the whole ‘decent player goes to Man United and gets worse’ prior to the transfer being completed. An own goal and a fairly lumbering performance.
  12. Stopharage

    New Order

    Excellent documentary about New Order on Sky Arts (through catch up) all about their collaboration with Liam Gillick for the Manchester International Festival. Well worth a watch.
  13. Stopharage

    Cricket Thread

    Morgan was on fire. Enjoyed the comment on BBC:- Has anyone ever declared in a ODI?
  14. @skondo, just wait until you watch the final episode. I was seething for most of it.
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