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  1. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

  2. CrispinFoetus

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    All the wannabe hard men (without any actual martial art training) at my school were hardcore Erasure fans, a fact that still amuses me to this day.
  3. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

    Love the Fathers of Sound one, too.
  4. CrispinFoetus

    What are you reading at the moment?

    The Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P Hall It's an excellent explanation of the symbolism found in the initiation to the esoteric cult of Freemasonry, written by the closest thing to a Masonic prophet. There is no such thing as an Illuminati, it was created by the Vatican to blame its nefarious activities on, and it continues to this day.
  5. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

  6. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

    More sample based D'Julz
  7. CrispinFoetus

    All hail the synth!

  8. CrispinFoetus

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Out Now

    I've been death on CoD for years now, I thought PUBG looked shite and I hate Fortnite, but Dr Disrespect's videos are really selling this to me. I'll have to see what happens today while I'm out shopping.
  9. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

  10. CrispinFoetus

    The House Music Thread

    Urgh I hate what that became. I used to love Sasha and still love his mixing style, for a guy who supposedly hates his 'progressive' tag, he doesn't do much to discourage it. I also hate these classical covers of House tracks shows too. If someone told me in 1989/90 that this thing would turn out like that and that it would be almost entirely populated by talentless hack chancers I would have given it a wide berth as the most uncool wank load of bollocks ever.
  11. CrispinFoetus

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Master H - Magic K
  12. CrispinFoetus

    Anyone else keep a "Top 20 Games Of All Time" List?

    1. Ghosts n'Goblins - arcade 2. Green Beret - arcade 3. Flying Shark - arcade 4. Double Dragon - arcade 5. Resident Evil 4 - Gamecube 6. Pac Land - arcade 7. Contra/Gryzor - arcade 8. Penguin Adventure - MSX 9. Knightmare - MSX 10. Dead of Alive 2 - Dreamcast 11. Killer 7 - Gamecube 12. Halo - Xbox 13. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Xbox 14. Ninja Gaiden - Xbox 15. Splinter Cell - Xbox 16. Sin and Punishment - Wii VC 17. Demon's Souls - PS3 18. Viewtiful Joe - Gamecube 19. Mushihimesama Futari - Xbox 360 20. Wonderboy - arcade
  13. CrispinFoetus

    Good crisp bad crisp

    Not bad, will get some and try dipping in cheese sauce.

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