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  1. (Ow my back!) About 2 hours work, removing blue/white blob, and then getting them fairly straight! It looks better to me x
  2. RastanSaga

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    A do a lot of neo geo gaming on Ps4. I always find match-ups on kof97 and Garou. Offline is brilliant too...but it's nice to net-play. I have around 20+ titles between hamster ports and Snk releases. I have a few rounds of turf masters daily, big bonus of having a ww leaderboard, my highest round is -15, but it glitched me and put me up as -14. Hoping to pick up a 1 slot soon.
  3. In fact, all 3 came from EBay. IIRC...some of the Snk plush dolls that do ship to the UK..they're on eBay.com, but will not show up in a eBay.co.uk site search. There are a few nice samurai shodown dolls I like...
  4. I joined neo geo and left within 2 days. The Terry plush came from EBay.
  5. I moved the king poster....Chun was always the girl of the other wall. King deserves her own place too. I'm going to rearrange the other posters again too... I think it looks better being less busy...but a friend said she liked them how they were before.
  6. Hiya mate, yes, the yellow Snk rental banner was bought off another forum..it's a repro... The rest are original. I'm still 2 posters short on that wall...and I need two more for the wall left of Snk banner. Glad you like them Thank you.
  7. Kof97 poster arrived. Kof98 poster was for some reason returned to sender. Nothing hung...I got a flu bug (started new years eve) I feel so ill.
  8. Cheng Sinzan in the House! (Just arrived)

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