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  1. I've gone from unsure, to, this game is awesome! Probably won't play it again tonight as I'm pretty tired, but, depending on how tomorrow goes, I might try using the password system. It has clicked, whilst I was genuinely unsure to begin with.
  2. I'm getting in to it a bit more... I'm a big fan of the aspect ratio...I love that... I have a few Kunio kun games on famicom. I need to read a wiki page about kunio-kun at some point!
  3. I have street gangs on the nes aka river city ransom. Please could i get a better understanding of it.. I guess the idea is to buy bits to level up your stats, get better moves.. Are bosses optional...i'm sure i've missed stuff out, but, it is a new game to me, never owned bitd. Thank you.
  4. I'm not bothering with frames until I move out - but I will....eventually!
  5. Going to get into this over the weekend, depending on the weather in the cricket. It's all set up ready anyway. First game I couldn't finish as a kid, despite trying hard! And many hours! Was it really that difficult? I'm about to find out!
  6. Thank you everyone So much to check out - thanks!
  7. Personal best. Spartan x/kung fu 873320
  8. Please could anyone share some super famicom exclusives worth getting.. I'm good at finding famicom exclusives...but not so good on what was exclusive on super famicom.. Thank you.
  9. If anyone wants this for £65 inc, give me a pm.
  10. Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2 (kid niki radical ninja 2)
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