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  1. I've been looking....i guess a tidy Sony system would be perfect
  2. Thank you. I'll take a look
  3. Anyone interested in these snk plushies... Imported from Japan over the years. Pix here https://ibb.co/rk7pxSs https://ibb.co/h8MB80t
  4. In an effort to budget better... I've moved back to cds... I still like physical instead over completely digital. Even though its not too much faff... I don't want to buy separates. I picked up a Sanyo player from the local bric a brac... Cheap and cheerful and fully working.. Due to the actual quality of the player... The mids are missing and everything else is too much... It hasn't got the greatest of sounds. I'm just looking to buy a micro system that won't bust the bank and sound descent enough... Any recommendations pl
  5. Insector X Famicom. https://ibb.co/b5pckdz
  6. 8 bit perfection. https://ibb.co/hR0rbmy
  7. Have any of you played Daiku no gen-san 2....the first item game is stunning. I've watched some YouTube footage on the 2nd game and it looks great....
  8. Must get lost in this https://ibb.co/vXz5Vnk
  9. If anyone wants these 3 for £50..give me a shout https://ibb.co/qxxwws3
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