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  1. lyly

    Yoñlu Movie

    Can someone tell me where can I download the movie Yoñlu? I can't find on internet. Please, I need help. Ty. <3
  2. lyly


    Ty, I feel a little bit better...
  3. lyly


    I don't know, I just want help. I wanna die and I have a lot of medicines, will I do it? Please, help me, I'm really sad and tired with the world going down, my feelings drowning me and my family, I'm just want to dissapear.
  4. lyly

    Some lyric I made at my bedroom

    Wow, I'm happy to read this. Thanks =D
  5. lyly

    Some lyric I made at my bedroom

    Well, I'm ok, I guess. I have bad days and good days all the time, but most are bad. Thanks for ask.
  6. lyly

    Some lyric I made at my bedroom

    Well, I wrote that letter when I was so sad in my room and thinking about suicide, but I did not do it. Well, it has the lyrics. I'm not an English expert, sorry for something or grammatical errors. Ty. I call that song "why I killed myself" and I made a album cover. art: https://imgur.com/a/VPFKfI8 medicines don't work on me anymore thoughts are surrounding me and I can't see what's outside the cube that I call my home I didn't ask to be alone Voices in my head are telling me to kill myself I'm so scared and I can not scream for help. If I commit suicide, will God forgive me? Will I go to hell? I'm in a spell Voices my mind I'm sick I'm blind Choices all the time I'm sick I'm dying my wrists are so tired and bleeding I don't know why, but I've come feeling anxiety taking over my body and my soul I'm stuck in a hole Voices my mind I'm sick I'm blind Choices all the time I was sick I died.
  7. lyly

    Yoñlu Movie

    quero muito assistir esse filme, amo o Yoñlu desde criança. Que ele fique bem. Me dói ouvir as músicas dele, eu entendo completamente a dor dele e a dor dele é diferente de todas as dores do mundo.
  8. Hey, Yoñlu, sei que não vai ler, mas espero que sinta a mensagem. Sabe, 12 anos já se passaram e fizeram um filme sobre você! Me desculpe por não ter te ajudado, eu era muito nova ainda.


    Você agora é música, desenho e arte. Você está em todos os lugares, que nem oxigênio ou imaginação.


    Te amo, fique bem.


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