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  1. There's quite a few of us who are 'undiscerning'. Weird. I certainly had way more than my £4's worth out of Doom on the Switch. As have others. Bye. x
  2. Weirdly, I didn't notice any issues. Neither have others in this thread. I have a very dim view of DFs mad nitpicking.
  3. And yet I played all through doom 1 on portable mode on the switch and experienced none of these issues. I had an immense amount of fun with it.
  4. And the whole DRM mess takes about 3 minutes to avoid with a burner email account which I imagine anyone interested in original Doom will have. Basically Digital Foundry has its place with AAA games, but in this sort of thing, complaining about a 35 or 70hz refresh rate , or slight judder which no one can see, for a game that costs £3.99 is beyond tragic.
  5. John from DF is a clown. The Switch version of this is brilliant. It's Doom. The frame rate is stable and smooth. I've played the first three episodes in full with no gameplay issues. The only issue is it takes 10 seconds to come alive after putting it to sleep. Once you're playing it, it's Doom, portable. Basically for £4 this is an amazing bargain on Switch. John from DFs article is a nasty ill founded and misguided hatchet job.
  6. DaveDaveDave

    The Smiths

    This Charming Man! I'm glad someone posted Nick Cave's thoughts up, I read them on his excellent Red Hand Files recently. His is the sort of thoughtful response we need more of , rather than Bragg's witless and basic approach.
  7. DaveDaveDave

    The Smiths

    Billy Bragg is an intolerant fool. And a baby. And I say this as an ardent left winger. Bragg's intolerance and entitlement is breathtaking.
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