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  1. I managed to get through the tutorials a few hours ago, but when it came to actually getting a game the matchmaking couldn't find anyone. Hopefully it just wasn't busy yet, as opposed to a technical fault.
  2. One Step from Eden is out today. It's a Roguelike which mixes grid-based bullet hell dodging with Slay the Spire style deck-building: It's definitely an awkward mix at first, as you're trying to keep an eye on your cards and think about how to use them while dodging relentless attacks. And it doesn't exactly ease you in to its systems. But once it clicks it is very good. Well worth it if you have the patience to tolerate the early difficulty.
  3. He didn't pop up till right near the end on my run through. Don't know if that's the same for everyone. Anyway, I was happy with one discovery I made:
  4. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    I mostly stuck to the main missions and was just falling behind the recommended level towards the end. I think the final mission was around 110 and I was 105ish when I started it. But I didn't feel underlevelled even then, so not sure why they've changed it. Bit more than that.
  5. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    I think I'm up to about 34 magic on my glaive build. About the same on constitution and around 24 on skill, because they both scale glaive damage as well. I really haven't used much magic apart from buffs though. Should really try some offensive spells as well.
  6. 6. Nioh 2 I liked the original Nioh, but I didn't love it. And while the sequel has some of the same issues, it builds on the foundations in really impressive ways to create something superior. The issues are that it's too bloody big, with a bloat of systems and a ton of useless loot that has to be sold or dismantled for materials between missions. If they'd made some of the missions shorter, or got rid of a few altogether and trimmed the rest of it down a bit, I would've been even happier. It's not like any level is especially weak, just that there's only so many times you can kill the same enemy or come across a door that's locked from the other side. But other than that, it's marvellous. It's still Dark Souls meets Ninja Gaiden, but the combat is even closer to a pure action game, without losing any of the depth of the RPG systems. The new additions, like burst counters and Yokai soul powers add another layer of risk reward, and the ki system is used even more effectively to shift the balance of battles. You're always vulnerable and can be killed by anything pretty quickly, but even the biggest threats have weaknesses or can wear out their ki, giving you a chance to hit them for big damage. There are also so many ways to approach battles with all the weapon types, stances, parries, Yokai powers, items, guardian spirits, ninjutsu and magic buffs. It's one of those games where it's really rewarding to work out effective strategies against each different type of foe and exploit them maximally. The level design helps here too, with multiple paths through stages that mean you often don't have to run head first into difficult situations. And the bosses. The bosses are the best bosses in any such game, including full action games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC. The way they shift between phases, forcing you to change strategies on the fly is excellent, and they're often just tough and unpredictable enough, without dragging on too long. Whether I beat them first time or spent an hour or so figuring them out, every victory was thrilling. So yeah, one of the best action fighting games, wrapped up in massive RPG depth, with amazing combat and bosses. Just keep it a little shorter next time.
  7. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    With the charge burst attack I found it easier to run to the side, and get a few hits in as it goes past. The arms can always be damaged when it plunges them into the ground. Run towards the big guy from the side and hit him while he's stuck and you're bound to hit one. Getting rid of at least one is pretty crucial, I think, else the Yokai realm phase is a right bastard.
  8. Go to your download list on the web store and you can activate it. It's in the menu if you click on your avatar/profile.
  9. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    There are a couple of 'neutral' soul cores that can be used to power up any other core. You'll likely come across those eventually. But I think it's worth using that soul core for a good while anyway even if you don't power it up. I stuck with it well into the game.
  10. Played some of the demo. Can't say I'm a fan. It just looks weird taking the pixel art character designs and blowing them up into 3D. And I didn't check but I hope there's a Japanese voiceover option, because the American voices are horrendous. The combat might be OK.
  11. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    TBH I hadn't really checked. I think when you attune a core it adds a bonus to attack and defence in general. And different guardian spirits have different modifiers to those bonuses, so some are better for defence and others for attack. Anyway, I've finally finished this. It went on far longer than it needed to, but right to the end it was full of excellent battles and boss fights. Overall, I think it's a big step up from the first game, and I had a better time with it than with Sekiro.
  12. I've downloaded the demo on PS4. Honestly I'm not expecting all that much, both because the Mana remake seemed kind of pointless and visually lacked the original's charm, and this could easily be the same, and because SD3 was just never as good as SoM in the first place. But I'll give it a go and hope to be nicely surprised.
  13. I think this is true, but in the past individual games often stood out because they had their own feel, perspective or features. So it's theoretically possible to be different rather than simply inferior. But I guess it comes down to how dominant the big games are, and how little room they leave for anything else, especially with the licensing. It must be a tough sell even with a distinctive take on the sport.
  14. I was just thinking that I never really play or take any interest in sports games anymore. And part of that I think is fatigue with the same annual mega franchises, along with very few alternative options. Back on the PS1 there must've been a dozen half-decent to good options for footy games alone, alongside FIFA and PES, each offering a slightly different take. These days I can't think of any. Even in other sports, I don't know many games that aren't major franchises or basic budgets offerings. Super Mega Baseball perhaps is one example of something in between. That is (from my limited knowledge), it's a fully fleshed out version of the sport without all the details of a full sim, or official licensing. So are there any other current gen games that fit the profile? Where can you go for footy if you don't want FIFA, PES or FM? What about other sports? Would you like to see more? etc.
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