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  1. No idea, but any excuse to post this: Or for the full song:
  2. There's a shop and a factory that opens up in the customisation menu not far in. You can sell parts in the shop, but it can be better to save them for the factory, where you can exchange them (plus cash) for better stuff.
  3. It could really do with something else to hold it together. The customisation is good, and suited to the longish structure. The combat is good, but more suited to a tighter action game with fewer and more memorable missions. The story could have helped alleviate the sense of repetition, but if anything makes it worse.
  4. It just keeps throwing different characters at you early on. And most of them are terrible - the voiceovers and script are really low quality, and there are some cringeworthy stereotypes. It does eventually come together in terms of some kind of overarching plot, but it barely ever makes any sense. Most characters' motivations seem completely self-contradictory as well. I know a lot of games have pretty daft stories, but this is a really poor even by those standards. You honestly wouldn't miss anything worthwhile if you just skipped through it from the start. It might even improve the experience.
  5. The stealth bits aren't particularly good, but I wouldn't take them out. I love the constant changes of pace in this.
  6. I'm starting to think Astral Chain might sneak into my GotD. Definite GotY so far anyway.
  7. The Eurogamer review seems like a just-about-recommended. Which feels about right. The mission design is definitely the main issue with it. Some are great, but there's a ton of filler and repetition to get through. I had fun with it, but was bored before the end. And the story/writing is genuinly terrible, but mostly easy to ignore.
  8. Review embargo has just broke. I did a short one for VGC: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/reviews/daemon-x-machina/
  9. Yeah, it was more focused on the NPCs' stories and bringing them all together under a consistent theme because of that, which I liked. Also the job system made the combat more flexible than in other DQ games. And the amount of post-credits content was ridiculous. They really thought through the change to the anonymous character/MP focus.
  10. This would probably be the sort of thing I'd like, but the tone looks rather too unpleasant.
  11. DQ XI is definitely a step back towards tradition, in its systems, narrative and characters. It's a very polished modernised SNES RPG. Not a patch on DQ IX for me, which had a much more forward thinking structure, but it's very good at what it does.
  12. Here's my GotD for now. I'll edit in GotY and some comments later. D1. Dark Souls (360) D2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Sw) D3. Bayonetta (360) D4. Metal Gear Solid V (PS4) D5. Dragon Quest IX (DS) D6. Invisible Inc. (PS4) D7. The Witness (PS4) D8. The Last Guardian (PS4) D9. Celeste (PS4) D10. XCom 2 (PS4) And the others that deserve a mention: Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4), Shadow of the Colossus Remake (PS4), Mark of the Ninja (360), Mass Effect 2 (360), Tetris Effect (PS4), Persona 5 (PS4), Persona 4 Golden (Vit), Baba Is You (Sw), Monster Hunter: World (PS4), Bloodborne (PS4), Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4), Detention (PS4), Journey (PS4), Motorstorm RC (Vit), Dragon Quest Builders (PS4), Driveclub (PS4), Sin & Punishment 2 (Wii), Nex Machina (PS4), Vanquish (360).
  13. I have it but have barely had a chance to play it yet. I do like the visual style. There's no sign of any brawling, that's for sure. Each room has it's own set up of targets and balls to hit into them. Sometimes you need to make a specific shot or hit them in a particular order, somethimes while dodging hazards, sometimes within a time limit. Too early to judge whether it's any good or not.
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