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  1. Yes, I'd read about that before. Even there they changed the structure of it though, I guess to make it more like an arcade game.
  2. I'd like to see Fantasy Zone 2 get a re-release. I always thought it did a good job of developing the idea, dividing each level into scenes you could warp between and having static shops you could visit any time. Added a bit more room for strategising and route planning. It also looked great for an MS game. But then they reset to the original format with the MD version and haven't really bothered with it since.
  3. I think less than 10 hours is optimistic for a first play through, unless you hardly explore more than is necessary. I reckon average would be about 12, but I spent longer than that.
  4. Review embargo has passed. So far quite mixed results, although Eurogamer like it: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-01-27-journey-to-the-savage-planet-review-a-genuinely-funny-toybox-to-explore I'm surprised there isn't more positivity about it overall though. I'm doing a review for print and have been playing it for the last couple of weeks, and I think it's great. It really is a lot like Metroid Prime in many ways, with the exploring an alien planet, and the scanning, and the various upgrades. But a less combat focused. For me, it's proper comfort gaming. Just getting out there exploring, experimenting and discovering stuff. It doesn't do that much that's really new, but I enjoyed it throughout.
  5. By the sounds of it, you could probably get a couple more health/power upgrades before you need to face him. Probably worth finishing off the dream bit if you haven't yet, and knocking out any other mini-bosses for beads first.
  6. I don't think I have a favourite game of 2013, at least not one that deserves it.
  7. Yeah, I use this. One of the most complete listings you'll find. The problem these days is that a lot of indie games are released at short notice. There actually aren't a lot of firm release dates around beyond the next month or so.
  8. This just reminded me of this article I saw yesterday: The Rise of the Information Game: Defining a mysterious, celebrated new genre. https://egmnow.com/the-rise-of-the-information-game/ It talks to the makers of OW, Obra Dinn, Heaven's Vault and Her Story, which all involve piecing together clues and information. I thought you might find it interesting.
  9. I keep reading about this game even though I gave up on it. I feel like I can appreciate why people like it and how clever it is in its design. It also seems like the sort of game I should absolutely love (exploration, no hand-holding, puzzles - all among my favourite things in games), but I just never managed to get into it. It mostly does come down to its harshness. It's too easy to die or get stranded. The controls and movement lack the precision required for some sections. I probably am a bit reckless in these sorts of games - I like to throw myself into situations and see what happens. And too often what happens is sudden death, sometimes with no obvious cause. I didn't mind at first - it was a learning process - but when I started to try and make real progress I resented every failure and restart. It's worse when you've waited for a particular moment in the cycle to do something, and then a mistimed jump ruins everything, sending you back to the start. For a game that's based around puzzles and solving a mystery, I just don't think there's any need to make it so physically difficult to reach certain areas. I think I would also have preferred to have the progress log available at all times. It's not much fun when you access a tricky new location, explore everywhere then return to the ship to be told you missed something. With all that, as much as I might appreciate what the game is doing, it's too tedious to actually go through it. I must have visited some locations 4 or 5 times in the end, and for various reasons still needed to go back again. Just couldn't bring myself to go on. Perhaps another key factor for me here though is that I'm just not really interested in the subject matter. I'm not a science person. I don't care about quantum physics or black holes or how time works or whatever. So a lot of the ideas washed over me. I'm also not really a fan of games that communicate their stories mainly through text. I prefer themes to be represented through visuals, events and modes of interaction. I tend to skim read a lot because I want to get on and see what I can actually find, see and do. So obviously if I was really caught up in the storyline and ideas, I would've been a lot more tolerant for the shortcomings and got a greater sense of reward from the discoveries I did make. In a way I still think it's an excellent game. And even though it has issues, it's a case of me being the problem rather than it. I sometimes think I should go back to it, but then the thought of actually playing it quickly puts me off.
  10. So this is out next week. Explore an alien planet from first person perspective, deal with its wildlife, craft new gear and find a way to leave. Do it with another player in online co-op if you want. Basically, it's kind of like Metroid Prime, but more colouful and silly. Price is £25.
  11. One more. One of the worst displays of shooting ever committed to Youtube, but worth it for the final result.
  12. Just over a minute but whatever. Getting a golden key piece on Guacamelee 2. This took so many attempts to get right. If it's not clear why, the idea is you have to stay on the blue background at all times and the way it moves and crosses over messes with your head.
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