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  1. That trailer isn't exactly selling it to me. All looks very ordinary. I'm more hopeful for Windbound, out later this month, which looks like a hybrid of Breath of the Wild and Wind Waker. Edit: this is a better trailer:
  2. 20. Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple First DLC pack for one of the GOTYs so far. It's pretty generous for the price. A few new levels and sub missions, new enemies, a new weapon, new gear, naturally. And it's more Nioh 2. It's such a formula now that it holds few surprises. Light exploration, punctuated by fights, fights and more fights. Each one a slightly different configuration of the variables. Until you reach an end point and have a really big fight with a boss or horde of Yokai. The combat is so perfectly tuned though and utterly absorbing for a few hours at a time before the routine gets too numbing. It's that Halo-like perfect 30 seconds repeated endlessly, with every timing, every combo, every death blow feeling just right. The burst counter system is inspired, gradually turning your enemy's deadliest attacks into their greatest weaknesses. And the bosses are once again the pinnacle of the form.
  3. It's been out for about 2 years on PC.
  4. Yeah but it only feels like a decade.
  5. The transition to monthly has worked in its favour, I think. The sections all feel more fleshed out and there's more little bits and bobs for quick reading.
  6. Oh, wow. Well done for remembering this was a thing.
  7. For someone so desperate to make a difference and save humanity, she sure does kill a lot of people.
  8. I was surprised the touchpad didn't get a proper run out on this. If it's not ideal here, that really does show how redundant it is. Pretty good game overall though. It really does look lovely when you've painted and lit up whole areas. But I think they could have pushed the concept, and some of the other mechanics, a lot further - it's a little slight.
  9. BadgerFarmer

    NIOH 2

    Anyone playing the DLC? I've just started. Getting the hang of the new weapon type and making a bit of progress through the first mission. I was only level 120, which is the recommended level to start, so should be in for a decent challenge. It's good to be back.
  10. 19. Return of the Obra Dinn I gave up waiting for this to go on sale after so many people have told me how brilliant it is. And, yeah, in many ways it is. It's great to play a proper detective game that relies on careful observation and deduction. It's also incredibly well constructed, as it feeds you bits of a plot involving dozens of characters that eventually links together into something coherent (although there were still some bits I had to look up post-completion to make sense of). And the visual style that I was wary about at first turns out to be highly suitable. Yet I still feel just a touch underwhelmed. Perhaps because I didn't realise it was that kind of story and was expecting something with more substance. But also I think too many solutions are based on looking out for the same kind of things, and there's quite a lot you can brute force by exploiting the 3 correct answers reveal rule. For all the cleverness in the design, there were only a few solutions that felt really ingenious or well-earned. Still, I basically played it all weekend so it was doing plenty right. And I'd love to play more detective games like this. It was nice to play handheld on the Switch too.
  11. 18. Creaks 2D platform puzzle game from Amanita Designs (Machinarium). It has all the usual visual style and charm of their games, in this case often reminding me of the old Quentin Blake illustrations in Roald Dahl books. There's also a good soundtrack, with plenty of creaks, naturally, and music that cleverly builds in each section each time you move closer to the solution. I enjoyed the little back story running through the whole thing too. Puzzles themselves are all nicely constructed. Most involve mechancial enemies whose predictable behaviour has to be exploited to get them out the way. Once different types start to combine in the same screen it gets pretty devious - I certainly got stumped for a while a number of times - but there usually aren't too many variables, so progress was fairly steady overall. My main issue with it is that there's not a lot of originality here. I've done puzzles of a similar type in other games before, and even with a few new twists it never really surprises. I also would've quiite liked a few more enemy types, as I think a couple are overused. Still, it's all rather lovely.
  12. I've finished it off now and gone back to find the last few paintings I'd missed. I thought the puzzles towards the end were some of the best, partly because they're mixing up the earlier stuff and partly because they don't overuse new ideas. Overall, I think an 8/10 feels a touch generous, but I had a nice time and that's what counts.
  13. Played a fair bit more today. Judging from the painting gallery on the title screen, I think I'm around 3/4s of the way through now. A lot of screens at this stage have me stumped for 5-10 minutes before it all clicks into place. A few have had me stuck longer. I do feel like the puzzles are generally variations on things I've seen in other games though, from the original Oddworlds to The Swapper and others that I can't quite recall. There's a sense of familiarity to all the main concepts. But they're still well crafted and the presentation is great - the music as well as the visuals.
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