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  1. BadgerFarmer

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Been ahead of the leader a number of times after sector 1 now, but my overall time is still nearly 2 seconds down. My last sector is nearly always a mess.
  2. Then you have to do the first phase over and over again until you learn the new one. YOU BORED.
  3. Those are two good examples, of course. Used sparingly it can be a great way to change things up, but man was it overused in the later games. Everything seems to be going just right with Sekiro so far though, so fingers crossed.
  4. Ha. Probably. More than anything, I just hope they ditch the multi-phase bosses. Making them get a bit more aggressive is one thing, introducing a new moveset or even a new life bar just spoils it for me. DkS3 really made me dislike it towards the end.
  5. My only possible reservation so far is this question of difficulty. Is it more like the DkS1 difficulty, where it's more about being observant and figuring out an effective strategy, or DkS3/BB difficulty, where you really need some sharp reactions and skills? I'm hoping for the former.
  6. BadgerFarmer

    Agony. Brings all the gamergaters to the yard

    Yeah. It's very much tied to the status quo and therefore keeping certain social/economic hierarchies in place, so that 'permissiveness' is always qualified.
  7. I only ever did super O once, and struggled to get through it. Perhaps I just never figured out the right strategy. With super S (I guess this is what we're calling them now)
  8. Yep. And this is what's so perfect IMO. That same design philosophy, but transferred into a new setting and game mechanics, because the formula was getting too familiar. Exactly the right balance of Souls and not-Souls.
  9. @Alan Stock Worth noting the black iron armour slows stamina regeneration a bit. Munch on some green blossom perhaps. Also, I always found super O much harder than super S. There's a very cheap but reliable strategy for the latter that makes it fairly safe.
  10. You know when something sounds too good to be true? I mean, it's like they made a list of all the things I would've wanted from the next From game. There got to be a catch, right?
  11. BadgerFarmer

    Agony. Brings all the gamergaters to the yard

    Both left and right are more complex terms than they used to be. Which is why blanket statements about either rarely ring true (edit: if they ever did). For example, there is still that conservative, traditional values, prohibitive right that presumably would want to censor extreme violence in games, but also that 'neoliberal' right which is far more focused on individualism and permissiveness. What's interesting (for me anyway) is how they both contradict and support each other, especially visible in US Republican politics of course.
  12. BadgerFarmer

    Agony. Brings all the gamergaters to the yard

    In Hatred's case, I think any reflection is purely accidental, since it seemed to be very much aimed at making murder fun/cathartic for its target audience. As for TLOU, I largely agree with the point. The first one felt to me like it was a violent videogame first with a story fitted around that. To be fair, it makes the relationship between the two main characters reasonably interesting, but it still felt overly contrived. Like, how do we come up with yet another situation where Joel gets to murder everyone? TLOU2 could potentially be much more interesting if the kind of killing we've seen was a rare occurence - something that you were really forced to do on a few occasions only. But I guess that would mean rethinking the game template too much.
  13. BadgerFarmer

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    For me it was braking too much on the yellow corners. On the second one especially you barely need to release the accelerator (if at all?). And even the red isn't too sharp.
  14. BadgerFarmer

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Another session - frustration for about half an hour then knocked 1.5 seconds off in the space of 2 laps. Reasonably pleased with that now. Will hopefully squeeze a bit more out, but doubt I'll bridge the big gap to the next position. Those 1.37s are almost certainly out of my league.
  15. BadgerFarmer

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Didn't get as much time on the last one, what with the World Cup starting. Don't think I could've made up enough time to make a difference to the standings anyway. I like the new track and car combo. Had a brief session and there's plenty I need to learn.

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