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  1. Who the fuck is Edd, Uncle Pirate, Maine mhysa and Dolores? Have I missed a season?
  2. JML

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Is the paedophile directing this one?
  3. Have you seen the Louis Theroux documentary 'Louis, Martin & Michael'? It's on the iPlayer. There is a particular point, which is worth a watch, that definitely eliminated any lingering doubt I had regarding Jackson's guilt. Louis interviews a man called Terry. As a child, Terry carried a tape recorder and mic around Leeds trying to interview any celebrities who went there. During the late Jackson 5 era, Terry found Michael Jackson's hotel room, knocked on his door, was invited in and conducted a cute little interview with him - which he still has on tape. Afterwards they swapped addresses and phone numbers, and subsequently had a sort of phone relationship. They would spend so long talking on the phone his parents eventually had their line cut off as the bill got so absurdly high. There was a brief tabloid scandal years later revealing that some of these conversations would turn sexual and Micheal would masturbate. Louis presses Terry about this and Terry very reluctantly admits that is was true. What is so interesting about this particular exchange, is that Terry really does not want to talk about it, and when he does, remains unwilling to condemn Jackson for it. He makes a point that they would talk about lots of other things, and that the sexual bits were just a tiny, inconsequential portion of these conversations. This instance is not salacious third-hand gossip, it isn't someone rolling up at the courts trying to wring Jackson for millions, it isn't a sensationalised article to sell papers, it isn't a nasty rumour from someone who wants to take him down. It's a sweet man who very much still admires and loves Michael Jackson, doing what many victims of abuse do - doing their best to defend their abuser. It is grim viewing, and one of the most incontestable examples of his guilt that I know of.
  4. JML


    Oh shit! I've been greatly confused for a number of years then. I thought it was a Conker's Reloaded type thing. Can't believe there's a whole new (albeit apparently shit) sequel to one of my favourite games and I've only just found out!
  5. JML


    Never played Perfect Dark Zero but the N64 original was one of the most loved games of my childhood. Isn't Zero just a port, in which case why does everyone always say that it's particularly shit?
  6. JML

    This is Hip-Hop.

  7. JML

    This is Hip-Hop.

    God forbid you defend what you actively listen to every day and support. I would not bring it up if I wasn't genuinely bewildered by it. These contorted justifications would never occur in any other context or with any other prejudice. It's embarrassing. We have Frank now. Kevin Abstract. Brockhampton. Mykki Blanco. Young M.A. All that shit. And you would rather listen to some horrible old twats spitting 1950s homophobia over the same boombap shit you loved as a teenager. It's not even an incidental worldview of the artist, it's part and parcel of the art itself. Put it this way. Some of you have kids right? If your son got called a faggot at school, would hearing it in your headphones the next day be as easily dismissed? Or is it because it's coming from a Long Island black male born in the 70s that it's somehow considered remote and 'other', and their process and reasons for their prejudice can be considered. Maybe for once think of the young gay black male from the same area that also has to listen to that. Maybe his upbringing can be considered and respected rather than Roc fucking Marciano's.
  8. JML

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Roc Marciano is embarrassingly homophobic. In 2018. Do all you middle-aged left-leaning blokes put your fingers in your ears when those bits come on?
  9. JML

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    ... he must have. What a bloody idiot!
  10. JML

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    You can say that can't you...?
  11. JML

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    This has made me very sad and I think we should all stop talking about him now.
  12. JML

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    I have somehow only just discovered this man and am now avariciously reading everything he has ever posted on the internet. My favourite in this one is definitely the opening sentence. 'Videogames have often been described as being “the nightmare before Christmas” (Senator Lieberman - Edge #46). ahaha 'often', before citing the only time videogames have ever been described as such. He's like Ryszard Kapuściński if Kapuściński swapped allegorical, mystical realism with not being able to write very well. He just posted a new one about the state of modern retail. Apparently the way to save GAME is to have them be coffee shops as well. http://prankster101.com/articles/todays-empires-tomorrows-ashes/
  13. JML

    The Great British Bake Off

    The woman on the TV should wear her make-up the way the lovely forum-men want her to.
  14. JML

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This has been the best Word Cup ever.

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