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  1. We just finished watching this last night. Brilliant series bar one or two hokey bits if I'm nit picking. Great show though.
  2. Excite Truck is definitely up there with Wave Race, 1080 etc. It's a barnstorming Wii game and I still play it today. I might even say I prefer it to Burnout 2 on the GC.
  3. DKC was quite heavy feeling though, especially coming from the Mario games. Hmmm...mixed opinions on this one. Thanks for the feedback all. I may consider getting it later in the year when I've played through the stuff I have. I do still like the look of this one though - old school platforming used to be my speciality genre until (Mario aside) it all but disappeared. The first Yooka-Laylee is a pretty good game despite the rough edges and I'm having a lot of fun with it. This 2.5D take on things looks a bit more polished and seems to have more flow, well from what I've seen of it anyway. Thanks again!
  4. I discovered a couple of things about my gaming habits now I'm older over the Christmas break. Firstly I still love to play and this has genuinely surprised me a great deal. I honestly thought the hobby was lost on me in recent years. For the last five years I would just play PES on the PS3 for half an hour here and there, despite having a ton of highly rated games in my library and that would be enough. Since getting the PS4 with just a handful of what I consider to be great games, I am playing them all. This is because I've had the time available over Christmas and has been coupled with a bunch of stuff I truly dig. Over Christmas I've sunk hours into Shenmue 1,2+3, Bloodstained and a couple of others. Simply having some time to play has been a real eye-opener. Secondly, while I can afford to buy loads of games now I'm older, finding the titles I will truly love and want to spend time with is the real task. I can't be buying games anymore that are highly rated just because. They'll just sit there doing nothing. I've got to be much more selective and aware of my likes and dislikes to get the most out of the hobby. Now I'm back at work it's gonna be ages before I can pick them up properly again.
  5. Let us know. This is next on my list for PS4 after Bloodstained! I love the first game even though it does have its faults. This one looks more DKC, so fingers crossed!
  6. Took the plunge on this one on PS4 as I used to love Symphony of the Night (still do) and have been playing the GBA Castlevania's recently too. And so glad I did. Wow what a game. I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this. I don't think I've put as much time into a game since the SNES days. It just totally commands your attention and the systems underneath it are so compelling. It all seems a bit daunting at first but the trick of it is making the beginning of the game so seemingly unfair. You realise quickly that everything kills your character with the slightest touch so you have to delve into the RPG stuff to survive. And that's when you see it isn't complicated at all. I'm typically someone who doesn't much care for trad RPG stuff, but this is right up my street. Can't beat the Death Bringer for walking through the baddies! Just awesome stuff.
  7. Yeah perhaps it would have been better launching at £30 but then perhaps if you're a fan you wouldn't mind. I've just bought Bloodstained for the PS4 and while it is very clearly a superb game, it is riddled with bugs even at my early stage with it. I've had text missing from dialogue boxes, it's crashed once completely (luckily I'd just saved my game). Hell, if I was being really harsh I might complain about the chuggy frame rates on occasion and what feels like often a lack of response from your character. These things pale as you enjoy the game, but for £50 rather than the £20 I paid? Well I may not have been so philosophical about it and may have been angry about the drip feed of patches that clearly still hasn't fixed things. I suppose there's different ways to look at these things. FWIW I haven't had Shenmue III wig out at all so far, compared to Bloodstained. It has it's problems but it's never once crashed and thrown me out. As it stands I was happy to have backed it at £40 and don't feel cheated or anything. Plus I love the dialogue in Shenmue lol, and the slow pace. I'm a big fan of slower paced games like this and Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon etc. Probably says something about me....
  8. Respectfully, I think that's a really harsh view on it. Personally I'm continuing to have a great deal of fun with it and we are already planning another play through with a view to going straight through all three. It continues to be a favourite game series for me, but it was never gonna tick all the boxes for everyone, especially not as the aim of it was to keep one foot in the past. Personally I don't think that marks it out as objectively a poor game though. It saddens me that not everyone is enjoying it but what can you do? /shrugs
  9. Well I'll apologise for that, because it does read really bad. I genuinely didn't mean to sound a twat but too late for that. Going on Dumpster's post I wrongly assumed he hadn't played it before and could completely understand anyone new to the game not liking this one. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry folks.
  10. @Alex3d At this point in the discussion I'm not really sure what you are so angry about. Telling folks to "wake up" and accusing them of being "infantile" is unfair just because a bunch of people like this game. No one has said the game is above criticism or otherwise intimated that it is perfect. If you've read all my post above (bit long sorry) you'll see that I am not blind to its faults but accept it for what it is, and am having a lot of fun with it. Being a massive "Shenmue lover" from the DC days is indeed a big reason why. I personally didn't want this to make too many concessions to modernity at this stage. It might have broken the fans' relationship with the series and changed the form of it too much. As it happens there have been subtle changes to the gameplay that are ripe for polishing, and hopefully we'll get those with the next game if it happens. Ultimately I think you aren't reading what people are saying and you're jumping to conclusions about their experiences with the game, and I have no idea why you're so angry that people like it. I read Retrogamer's review this morning and pretty much agreed with all of it. They gave it a 72% score at the end, which I would add another 15% to for me personally. But the review was very balanced imho.
  11. Some of us here just love Shenmue. You probably really don't Dumpster. That is absolutely fine. But I'm not going to play Deadly Premonition, and it will absolutely not out-Shenmue Shenmue. Because nothing can. Neither can Yakuza. Or Sleeping Dogs. Sorry. They're not Shenmue. My take on this game is yeah, some of the criticism is valid. I'm not blind. There are rough edges here and there and things that could have been looked at like the stamina etc. But it's still Shenmue, and when I sit back and look at it, it's exactly what I would have wanted for the third in the series. I've only just left the village and I already miss it. That's how Shenmue it is, which is a sign to me that it's the real deal. We're spending whole evenings with it, which hasn't happened in our house since what, The Wind Waker? A long time ago. And what we have here is a brilliant springboard for a potential 4th game. I would imagine if there is a 4th that this will likely take a more modern approach to the game and less of a foot in the DC past. This could be a brilliant bridge between the old games and a possible new one. Maybe that won't happen, who knows. But for getting the series back to us, as a Kickstarter game, and as a love letter to the fans, this is doing an amazing job imho. I'm not worried about how it's selling, it's up to them to figure out if it was worth it. If nothing else comes after this, well I'll be sad but at least we have three brilliant games against all odds. /rant over I'm off to cheer myself up in Niaowu.
  12. Would have but the PS3 is boxed up now and the Saturn is but a memory. It needs a PS4 re-release.
  13. Well not for me. Other than FIFA, which I only play pretty casually anyway, I'm more interested in the games that don't fall into the "AAA" banner, since these are less likely to have high post-purchase monetisation. I'm not into that so I keep away from the Big GamesTM. But the plus is the other games I'm looking at are far more complete and well, interesting. Dangerous Driving, Redout, Bloodstained, Dead Cells... there's a few more on my list that to me offer much more than the usual online FPS games etc. Way more interesting titles than any AAA game I've seen imho.
  14. I don't play anything online whatsoever. The missus laughed at me as I set up the new console, because I unticked all the social aspects of the thing! "Connect to friends" nope. "Let friends message you" nope... Lol. The most anti-social PS4 there's ever been!
  15. Shenmue very likely here. Already playing through the new one and have started the 1+2 pack as well (can never have enough Shenmue going on!). Also enjoying Sonic Mania and Yooka-Laylee very much indeed, as well as the latest FIFA. Yes I know admitting that is so very not cool, but I genuinely think the newest one is the best football game I've ever played. That's all the PS4 stuff I have at the moment tbh, but it's more than enough for me through Christmas. Missus wants me to get Rez Infinite too as we were huge fans on the PS2, so that'll get bought before the day. Also add on top all my lovely retro stuff... it's gonna be the most gamiest time of the year! I don't think I've had such a swathe of games stuff for many a year, and I'm really enjoying it tbh.
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