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  1. Lumpy

    Best machine for emulators?

    It's not perfect but the Pi hits the spot for me. I love the whole setting it up over a week or two, and the reward when it all runs well. Apart from some N64 games, but that's by-the-by. :-D
  2. Lumpy

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Not looking for advice, looking for regular folks experiences outside of forums.
  3. Lumpy

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    I also agree with the central point being made. Nintendo fans these days come across as a bit scary and aggressive sometimes, and have often completely put me off buying the Switch, despite me being a massive fan who's been tempted a few times. More than once I've been reading a thread about a Nintendo game and words like "magical" and "delightful" and "sheer joy" get bandied around as if unique only to Nintendo platforms, which really sets my teeth on edge. Another one that really annoys me is the console reviews on Amazon. Woe betide anyone posting a negative review about the console, because there'll be a wee fantette shooting into your comments to tell you that you're wrong and an idiot. My big concern about buying a Switch is the build quality. I've read so many negative points about the poor feel of the console and problems with stick drift and controllers disconnecting etc. I personally just don't feel the quality of the system justifies the pricing of it. Post about these findings in your review and you will be harshly dealt with. "Send it back to Nintendo" or "return it to Amazon" may be fair points, but I'm sure the reviewers will have considered these and ultimately these "solutions" don't address the fundamental problems with the quality of the device. Straight up calling someone an idiot really is not constructive at all. As a potential buyer, yes I want to know about these issues, so you stomping into Amazon posting aggressively in comments shouting down a negative review does not endear either the console or the fanbase to me I'm afraid. And considering Nintendo's poor after sales service, I wouldn't fancy dealing with it after spending potentially £4-500 frankly. Magical.
  4. I appreciate that of course a Shield is better in many, many ways than a Pi, but I still prefer the Pi myself. I love the community effort and the control/ownership of the whole thing. Plus, I am done with Android on the TV. Had various boxes over the years and they're always a pain. Granted the Shield is better, but I wouldn't replace my Pi with one in my instance.
  5. Thanks for replying folks. At one point I was updating regularly but now it's moved onto requiring a fresh install I'm not so sure. I have everything set up really nicely, and though I would like to keep up with updates I think I might hold off until the potential Pi4 gets released. I fancy the new 3+ but I'm very on the fence as it's really a minimal upgrade for current Pi3 owners, especially as mine is already overclocked and cooled etc.
  6. Anyone here switched to the newer Pi 3+ and a new Retropie image? I've been using the older Pi 3 and I think Retropie 4.3 and haven't really tinkered any further since getting it all nice, and I'm really really happy with it. How long do you folks here leave things before going down an upgrade path?
  7. Thanks for replying. I seem to have successfully back-peddled the custom IOS install by downloading IOS249 and 250 with NUSD as WAD files, and then installing those with MMM. My USB Loader GX now works as it did before. Really pleased that it seems these things can be restored fairly easily and are relatively Lumpy-proof! I don't think Nintendont was the problem tbh as it remained working as a standalone app. I think there was possibly something I needed to change within UBS Loader but I'm damned if I can find it. Everything was already set to global. I dunno. I may return to this when I have more time (bank holiday weekend) and give it another go. Thanks again.
  8. Or alternatively, the easiest way to restore/backpeddle what I've done here as it was working before. Thanks again.
  9. OK, followed this bit of the guide today to finally install the cIOS, as I decided I'd like to be able to back up my Wii games. The system isn't getting any younger and neither are the discs. It seemed like a good idea and you need to do this step to have this functionality as I understand it. However, since doing this my USB Loader GX no longer works. Upon selecting any of my GC titles from my USB, the screen goes black and the Wii freezes. I have to manually hold the power button in to shut it down and reboot. I can't even tell it to power off the system or return to the Wii main screen. Whatever I select it turns black and freezes. I've tried just launching them via Nintendont alone and that still works, though it doesn't seem to honour the path I have for my saves so they're all 'gone'. Is there anything I can do? I followed the guide to the letter and didn't get any error messages. It seemed to complete just fine. Thanks folks.
  10. Lumpy

    PES 2018

    So no more Champions League for PES from now on. Shame, as I do think it differentiated them in a FIFA dominated world. My big fear, though I'm trying not to overreact, is that this could be a sign of the end of PES and Konami. They seem to be slowly pulling themselves out of gaming, and not opting to renew this feature could be the beginning of the end of it all. PES has been my go-to football game since it was ISS on the N64. I would be absolutely gutted if it finished. 2018 was for me by far and away the best football game I've ever played, but being the best game has seemingly never been enough. A better idea for me would be for Konami to ditch the yearly versions. The fan made patches could really make up the difference here, and it's not like FIFA suddenly lurches in front each year in gameplay terms. If they've given up on the licences, why not improve the editing and make that easier? I dunno, but don't die on me, PES.
  11. Thanks for replying. I'm using Nintendont with USB Loader GX and this works really well. I'd be happy to install the cIOS but with things seemingly working, like you say I didn't see the point. Always worth asking though! Thanks again.
  12. Can I just ask you marvellous folks a quickie? One thing I haven't done with my Wii is install a custom cIOS. The reason I didn't is because I'm a plonker and didn't spot it when following the guide. But my Wii is running exactly fine and doing what I need it to. Would there be a need for me to install this now? I've got my GC stuff on a flash drive, and my Wii games I'm happy to use the discs still. I did notice though that I was still able to extract one of my titles to the SD card without any issue, though I've since deleted it for space. This page also seems to suggest there's no need to install one nowadays. What do you think?
  13. Lumpy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Yes, I don't mind paying if it's genuinely in good nick but I hate buying games that are described as "very good" condition and look great in the shots but are absolutely shagged when you get them. It's such a gamble on eBay and I'd much rather see the item first hand before I buy it. Been burned so many times on eBay.
  14. Lumpy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    I really fancied that but the second hand prices are mental. Instead I've just bought Endless Ocean. I've never played it before but I love the sound of it. To me gaming should be about much more than just overcoming obstacles. The idea of just chilling with a game really appeals to me. I've spent hundreds of hours with Animal Crossing to know this!
  15. Lumpy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Count my love in for this console. So many great games. I still play on it all the time and am still picking up titles I missed first time round, so thanks for the heads up on games like Go Vacation and NASCAR etc. My main loves are Pro Evolution Soccer, pretty much any version really though I have 2010 and 2013, Animal Crossing and the Mario Galaxy games. Outsider titles like Trackmania, NiGHTS, No More Heroes, Geometry Wars and Ivy the Kiwi get lots of love too. I'd love a copy of Rodea the Sky Soldier but haven't taken the plunge yet. What an amazing console still imho. I wouldn't be without it and it still gets played every day here. And what with the other modding thread its life has been extended even further. All my GC stuff on a stick!

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