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  1. I'm looking forward to this but would prefer they do Dino Crisis next, they could go really crazy with it and make something truly special over the rather bland looking original.
  2. All of this sounds completely insane to me. So do you think then that The Rise of Skywalker won't get even a physical release once the theatrical run is over?
  3. If Saul were truly a friend, he'd keep her out and make sure she never gets anywhere any of this shit ever again. The poor lass deserves a lifetime break from it.
  4. Neither, though a mate had a NES and I approved because Super Mario Brothers was magic, as were Gradius and Castlevania. Nothing I saw on the Master System inspired much interest so never bothered with it, I’d rather just go to the arcade and play the real deal.
  5. In a show jam-packed with brilliant characters, Rene's performance was quite probably the best. He gave life to that gloriously gruff sardonic bucket of goo and how. Very sad to see him go, he was by all accounts a lovely chap. What a shite year for the DS9 gang.
  6. That trailer crushes all before it like Godzilla in a bad mood. By the time it comes out, it'll have been 4 years since I last bothered going to see a superhero flick at the cinema but I'm totally down for getting back in the habit if that trailer is anything to go by.
  7. Yeah, that’s one the most visually inventive and cool ideas for a spectacle I’ve seen a while. It’s godly as fuck.
  8. His name isn't Bob Benson, it's Joseph Keene. Joe. Keene. Ha. Ha.
  9. Remember that no one except Jon, Adrian, Laurie and Dan are even aware of any previous serious attempt to kill Jon. Just because the 7K think they have a plan doesn’t mean it stands a chance of working. The world’s smartest redneck poses as little threat to him as its smartest broccoli.
  10. Goddamn Nanny, are you fucking kidding me? I'd happily fogotten she existed until I saw that image and the nightmares came flooding back. Havok, Sinister, Nanny...um, any more ideas?
  11. It’s only a few years since Snyder’s film did exactly that already.
  12. Maybe we should have a daily Oliver Gets Dunked On post.
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