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  1. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten all about him in that. Wasn’t he Sarah’s ex? I miss Clone Club.
  2. Loving it but also terrified because I just picked up the fire hose and am heading to the donut shoppe with a sense of dread, and panicking over where to find the bolt cutters. Speaking of, do they open those locker/box padlocks too, because I simply must crack everything open, I want alllll the loot.
  3. We'll likely never know but I imagine it would have something to do with Pinochet's fuckawful regime.
  4. Underwater I have loads of films to watch but for some reason I'll end up checking out some rando new horror flick more often than not. Case in point. Kristen Stewart and Vincent Cassel are the leads and while some reviews might suggest it's Alien in the Drink or whatever, it's honestly got more in common with The Poseidon Adventure. An undersea drilling complex collapses and the last few survivors have to overcome numerous obstacles as they make their way to a far away section to escape back to the surface. Unlike a lot of similar such films, the crew all come over as good, decent folks instead of half of them at each other's throats. Yet despite a decent cast and some nice chunky diving suit designs (they could double up nicely as Warhammer-esque space marine suits with few tweaks) no one really shines and the film just plods along crossing off names one by one like hundreds of films before it, it's all so terribly, terribly average. Still, as a wise man once said..."fuck the ocean." 2 Kirsten Stewart peroxide buzzcuts/5
  5. I can't lie to you, I struggle to consider a game Outrun without it. Seeing the modern ports with generic non-brand red-o-car just feels completely wrong to me despite playing just as brilliantly. I'm not even a car person, per se but I just can't accept Outrun without the prancing horse and that insanely wide scarlet and black Testarossa back end (yeah, I never used anything else in Outrun 2 either!). I certainly wouldn't stand in the way of any of you getting a modern, Ferrari free version but I wouldn't be interested personally.
  6. Tsk, Mike was in Beverly Hills Cop! And ancient mafia mole show Wiseguy
  7. Oh man. We knew Jimmy was a lost cause and that things were only gonna get worse but the way Kim talked about Jimmy's new client as almost a challenge for him to overcome kind of suggests part of her is drawn to it too. Was cool/awful seeing Gus and Nacho going to work, I just adore that ugly little chicken shack for some reason. A fictional eatery I wish were real, go figure. Howard - Ugh, only 3 episodes left. Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention Luftwaffles! Surely the greatest sounding place ever!
  8. Wow, Chapter 5 was a wonderful hour of telly, the use of music, the visuals, 'flashbacks' and multiversal differences, and that horrendously tense scene with Kenton and Jamie, all of it was just spellbinding. Katie can get fucked tho for shittalking the nice lady from Silent Witness mind.
  9. As someone who only respected rather than loved Half Life 2, everything I've seen and read of Half Life: Alyx screams a 10 to me. I was super sceptical when it was announced but everything I've seen of it looks mindblowingly immersive and wonderful. But no, can't upstage the latest Mm love-in, I guess.
  10. I just loved that a certain plot point can be easily summed up by:
  11. How about dat Dario Agger spread though? I may never sleep again.
  12. Oh god that was an uncomfortable watch. Jimmy's dead, Kim. Just GTFO now while you still can, pleeeeeeeeease. Also kinda amazing how something as ostensibly dry as a boardroom lawyer scene about a relatively minor land dispute could be so incredibly tense and stomach churning while other dramas throw kitchen sink high stakes around all over and are nowhere near as compelling.
  13. That's the hilarious part - the writer is the guy who did a good recent Loki series and by most accounts is pretty clued up and sympathetic to marginalised people. I can only assume he's either gone mad or aiming for some kind of X-Statix style meta satire.
  14. Can’t stop laughing at this shot, that expression is incredible.
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