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  1. Only for first party studios and probably a few caveats to come. Flight Simulator for instance. I'm sure we'll get a few more pages out of that one.
  2. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/search/&q=boozy&quick=1&type=forums_topic&item=212550
  3. I've been banned for less than the last 4 pages of this thread.
  4. Should have called them the Matrix and Bennett. 10 days. A prediction/wildest dream a day 1. Forza 8 - A joint collaboration between Turn 10 and Playground. Featuring all manner of new motorsports most notably dirt racing. Features some open world element either associated with certain tracks e.g. a city area for razzing about in or an offroad area offering rallying etc...up to 54 player races, All cars accessible from pressing start. Cars no longer gated by money earned in game and the grind. It will look insanely good.
  5. I reckon GamePass has big announcements coming on the 23rd.
  6. Separate servers then. Forza already works through a bunch of separate servers breaking races down into different classes and difficulties. I don't see why there can't be XSX exclusive online servers running different versions of the games.
  7. Please explain how this is any different from racers on the track using different driving aid settings i.e. traction control, manual/automatic gears, ABS, driving line and different camera settings.
  8. Forza 7 - Suzuka in the rain and the reflections of the big wheel on the track, the thunderous sound, the driving rain, the glory of all that 4K 60fps HDR eye melting graphical whizzbang. Titanfall - Calling in a Titan for the first time and the seemless transition between jumping in and out of a big massive gigantic mech of doom. Sea of Thieves - Every time the sun sets or rises and someone on the boat points it out reflecting a stunning horizon across that mathematical impossibility that is the SEA. Putting my quest on for the first time and experiencing the first steps demo. Being scared of how quickly my brain was tricked into believing I was somewhere else. Superhot VR - all of it but deflecting bullets with an axe like Neo when he goes full "the One." Batman Arkham Knight - Manbat Playing Doom for the first time and getting a little too excited with the ultraviolence. Injustice 2 - doing Superman's special move against Batman. Life is Strange - "what have I done...…." Mad Max - Blowing shit up Red Dead 2 - Every time I play it I have a moment.TT TT Ilse of Man - Hearing the wind kick up when you get up to speed and your eyes go dry because you cannot blink.
  9. Cheaper to just pick off the talented devs once the deal is made. Expect a mass exodus from all these studios once they are sold.
  10. Gimme a line of that Forza Motorsport 8 Uncle Dan.
  11. TDU let you make up to 4 playlists and use the dpad to switch between them and skip tracks whilst driving. Forza 7 was supposed to feature your own soundtracks playing via the race track tannoy system but it never made it to launch and Groove wad dropped before they could implement it.
  12. August 17th is the rumoured hardware show date.
  13. To spend in pubs, cinemas, restaurants etc.. There's no way it'll be spendable anywhere but Covid deathtraps.
  14. Yeah but it'll cost way more than that after some russian hacker empties your bank account on FIFA loot.
  15. In audio settings set streamer mofe to on to kill the music when races are loading. You have to do this every fkin time though.
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