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  1. Also play Sea of Thieves and all the annoyances of the system disappear as you stare at the sun reflecting off the cloud powered waves.
  2. 6. & 10. - You can learn how to use it over time. It is overly complicated yet there are multiple routes to each function. It has been fixed and used to be far worse.
  3. Battlefield V is up now. 55.65Gb on X.
  4. Don't tell anyone. It'll be funnier when we get confirmation next year. Lol negs, negs glorious negs.
  5. It's an Irishman's OTT interpretation of a Cockernee accent.
  6. Still only completed the first tall tale once. Gave up on the second one with a crew of 4. Only played Arena once. 44/40/41 on the legend trail. I've caught hunners of fish though.
  7. Final retail box chips stats won't be known until approx. 4 months before release so we can look forward to a solid 12 months of this rumour/leak back and forth clickbait bullshit. The Game Informer guy who started this rumour also stated the One X would be $700, just saying.
  8. Comprehensive summing up of Xbox's E3 with decent take on why we saw so much cinematic media as opposed to gameplay during the conference.
  9. Not cyberpunk but related to this grasping for clickbait controversy nonsense.
  10. Xbox Game Studios panel. Ninja Theory Obsidian Tim Schafer Dat Booty and crazy Larry
  11. When you start a race choose blue print on the left of the race picture. RB manufacturer Lego Speed Champions choose car. Create blueprint. Huzzah You can also choose season weather and others once more profficient. Just try it out it's fairly simple. You can even give the race a funny name.
  12. Use the blueprint system to set all cars to LEGO cars.
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