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  1. Fuck these people. Sony has a bad week and now even Gamespot are declaring their love for the side they spent the last gen having digs at every opportunity. Xbox may have some momentum but they're still years away from delivering on the promises of the last few years. Gamepass is great if you are new to Xbox but as a "xbro" (dafuq?) of the last gen, its still packed full of titles I've owned or played for years or from gens ago. Early generations are always light on must have system sellers and I'd easily argue that Xbox has yet to produce one this gen
  2. Photograph 200 cars.
  3. The link is to a survey not a registration. Presumably they will pick and choose from the surveys.
  4. Another week another bunch of unfounded Xbox rumour mongering with little or no credibility or basis. Still there's a new army of youtubers who need to get the hits and make the twits etc...
  5. I'll be very surprised if it's free.
  6. You are all wrong. Luckily I'm here to set you all straight, as usual.
  7. I sometimes stream some Sea of Thieves, RDR2, Forza Horizon 4 or something else I'm terrible at. I even make an effort to be entertaining over the top. I have 1 subscriber.
  8. The best thing in GTAV this gen is riding a bmx in first person around the city.
  9. Its big news because of a very vocal minority of PS fans on the youtubes and twatters who spend all day everyday hating anything and everything Xbox and this news along with numerous other Sony related announcements this year, has made them turn on the Multicorp they fight for.
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