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  1. Steadier frame rate, but no graphics enhancements other than those automatically improved by the box.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-Munchman
  3. I think I may have started that rumour. It's bollocks.
  4. Popped up in my Hayseed Dixie Radio on Spotify today.
  5. Oof if not insider BS/fanboy wishes. Edit : Michael Pachter LOL
  6. Xbox Live Gold brings in too much money to drop it completely and they increased the official price in the last 18 months. However they are presumably going to struggle bringing games to it for the new machine so they do need to address it going forward. Dropping it completely and focussing on GP would certainly be a big stick to batter Sony with but as PS online services are going to be on Azure going forward they'd be shooting themselves in the foot by forcing Sony to reduce the cost or remove it entirely. It's presumed that XCloud streaming will be added to GP Ultimate in the early days as a free bonus and be offered on its own as a seperate service in the markets where xbox consoles are non existant.
  7. It'll be exactly the same car minus paintjob. I'm advising this method as the private adventure mode is relentless and non stop. Using my method you can allow breaks between races. Also prepare for it to all fall apart at least once in a session.
  8. Private session then the leader uses the map to fast travel to a race. Then it will offer you a race in the car you are already in. Use blueprint system to modify race settings. Choose my convoy for private races. Warn your party when you are starting a race as they have to press X and A to join and have limited time. If they use LB on car select you can all drive the hosts car. Piece of piss. Lol.
  9. Finished and restarted. Even only in Chapter 2 I'm discovering stuff I missed last go. This is an exploration game tour de force. Spending more time in camps chatting and over hearing conversations missed. Hearing Uncle singing drunken dirty songs. Reading newspapers full of clues and backstory to things to be discovered. Rockstar must have a flow chart/ room full of red string the size of a small city for the hidden stuff that links everything together.
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