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  1. Frankie hill was a pro skater for Powell Peralta. The Pointer Sisters had a hit with Frankie Frankie was a postman. Kojima's last game was about a postman. Makes you think ..
  2. There's a tutorial in game called the maiden voyage that's worth doing.
  3. It's more fun to hear the screams of "Shark ! There's a shark!"
  4. JVC Force Horizon : Strongtune Island
  5. Watched this with 3 other non footy guys in an xbox party. Between us all we could barely name more than 2 players on the park. 2 Scottish 2 English. It was a great laugh. Best part was none of us could criticise the players, the tactics, the decisions. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Also not being able to hear any commentary is the best way to watch football on the telly. Edit: also this
  6. So when you stop playing you expect the rest of the world to wait for you to come back on ? Ok.... Quick resume currently means I can jump onto my horse and be in RDR2 within about 5 seconds of being in a racing car and then dive into a the russian underground of radioactive mutant survival post armageddon without having to put the kettle on EVEREY time.
  7. https://www.windowscentral.com/contraband A game built on the great vehicular combat from MAD MAX and building your cars, vans or trucks into Juggernauts to either steal or smuggle "drugs ?" Set in the 70s on an Asian Pacific Island involving booby traps and heist planning. Could be pretty cool.
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