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  1. I can't be the only one who thinks... ... whenever I see that file extension?
  2. Yes, turn HDR off and play it without HDR. In fairness, I haven't actually played this game since getting my LG Oled. But I'm still half serious with my comment. The game was not made with HDR in mind at all, and the patch didn't make it any better when I played it on my old Samsung 4ktv.
  3. Cheers for the reminder, I just grabbed it. Suzuka is in it!
  4. One thing that is really pissing me off in this game is one of the weapons.
  5. Yes, but after that happened he quit the band, and quit playing. I don't remember the exact story, but it's something like... After a while a friend called over with a tape, he said to Tony, 'you need to listen to this, he's a great guitar player.' Tony was like, 'why would you do this to me?', but his friend played the tape and said, 'just listen'. Sure enough, the guitar playing was impressive, and Tony said so. His friend said, 'the guy has just two fingers on his fretting hand'. It's that that prompted Tony Iommi to assess his options, and here we are. So Ellie still being able to play impressively isn't beyond the realms of possibility. ____________________________ @AI1
  6. Very true, but surely you know the story of Tony Iommi, and what got him playing again after his accident? I reckon Ellie could still play very well with some prosthetic replacements or even just the two fingers. @AI1 Again, is my sarcasm detector malfunctioning, or are you chumps seriously coming up with the worst storylines imaginable?
  7. Yep, they've done action adventure, they've done Sci-Fi horror, and now I'd like them to do space opera.
  8. No, that's rubbish - my sarcasm detector may be faulty here though, I will admit. Also that bite isn't foreshadowing shit. After Ellie's mask breaks she straight up says to Dina, "I can't get you infected, I can't make you immune either."
  9. I did wonder if the game was headed there as soon as it was mentioned. Glad it wasn't the case.
  10. Thor

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Jeff's a sweetheart. I fucking love Jeff.
  11. Tip for those who want to go for the platinum, don't attempt to hoover up all the collectibles on NG+, you may run into a bug where some of the collectibles, especially a specific card, can't be picked up. Looks like it's an NG+ issue, I'm not the only one who's having the problem. Shame, I quite fancied grabbing them all on a third run.
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