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  1. Fitz Nighteyes? A person with taste on your team.
  2. It's also still one of the best looking games this gen. A lesson in what can be achieved when you don't go chasing after the highest resolution. While this does look a touch soft on my 4k TV, it is only a touch, and it still blows almost everything else this gen out of the water in terms of graphics. Such a shame it's not enhanced on the One X, in fact I think it's still 900p on the One (X or otherwise)
  3. As in a short film before the main film?
  4. yeah I saw that on twitter. Personally I think that's just Conroy hoping to don the cowl again. While I was replaying Arkham Knight I was thinking about what Rocksteady may be working on, and had a great idea ... but forgot to write it down.
  5. I posted the below in ATF, but forgot there's a whole folder dedicated to retro. Just wondering if the stuff is worth more than the usual 50p or whatnot.
  6. Sorry, got to rez this. I'm replaying this on Xbox BC, and loving it. Just met up with Anonymous X ... "Nice Hat" ... "A word of advice" ... "See you later, X"
  7. Don't get your hopes up for either. As for the squadron, I really should log in and check for any applications.
  8. Anything that allows you to use both hands individually in VR, be it Move controllers, or whatever's on the rift/vive, are absolutely essential for the full VR experience. Anyone telling you otherwise is a numpty. I can think of only two games on PSVR that are exceptions to that rule: Wipeout, and Astrobot, the latter of which is designed specifically with the pad in mind.
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