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  1. @SANtoOos Put in two blistering laps (a 1:38!) to chase me down, had he made his pass stick for the remainder of the lap he'd have won I reckon. I was carrying way too much fuel, and got lucky when avoiding the early collisions. Defensive driving FTW!
  2. Alright, can all future gifs be posted in the relevant threads please? I've seen enough.
  3. Again, will complete/amend as the year progresses... Game of the Year A1. Half-Life: Alyx A2. The Last of Us Part II A3. Assetto Corsa Competizione A4. Ghost of Tsushima A5. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. All the big publishers being cunts to their staff - CRUNCH AND HARRASSMENT GALORE! Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Half-Life: Alyx S2. The Last of Us Part II S3. Ghost of Tsushima Visual Design of the Year V1. Half Life: Alyx V2. The Last of Us Part II V3. Ghost
  4. This. And this. Anime … BIG. FUCKING. WHOOP!
  5. Agreed. I wasn't planning on getting Demon's Souls, but I haven't scratched the Soulsborne itch for some years now - and that gif has me wavering!
  6. Great spot, I hadn't bought it yet.
  7. Hope @Valver is uploading the highlights. Here's my battle with @SANtoOos for the last few laps of the second race.
  8. DS9 really holds up on a rewatch doesn't it. Shame there are no HD remasters (maybe some day, I know).
  9. There is an option for visuals more like the PS3 original.
  10. Just give us 1440p and 60fps. Everybody wins.
  11. This has absolutely cracked me up!!
  12. Thor

    Deus Ex (2000)

    Of course, what do you take me for, some kind of savage? Loved Prey, also loved the ending. Bloody fantastic game.
  13. Thor

    Deus Ex (2000)

    I have, I didn't get on with it. It did not hold my interest, and the steampunk setting is not to my taste anyway. I did finish Dishonored 1, but it's one of the very few "one-and-done" games for me.
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