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  1. I've only seen it once, and it was back in around 2008 or so. Perhaps I have a rose-tinted view of the movie, but I do recall enjoying it.
  2. Funny, Friday evening I wanted to watch something scf-fi/spacey. I'd settled on Sunshine as I've only seen it once, but none of my subs (Prime, Netflix, D+) has it, so that was a bust. I almost watched Solaris, having not seen it before, bet in the end went for a rewatch of the Star Trek reboots. Coherence from @Commander Jameson is a great shout and available on Prime. Regarding Solaris, is it genuinely good?
  3. Thor

    Xbox Game Pass

    Except for the part where it's not.
  4. Yep, enjoyed that a lot. This has been a really good series.
  5. Cheers @Gorf King, seeing as I'm below 1300, powerfuls will do for now.
  6. Cheers, I'll set it to download.
  7. Will I be able to level up my character doing weekly stuff if I play the basic F2P version on PC? My PS5 is in with Sony for repair, and I no longer have a PS4. I have aready linked my PC and PS accounts.
  8. I actually thought they'd gone on a different direction. Oh well.
  9. Er, you may want to avoid story spoilers when trying to entice me into playing more of the game.
  10. Nah, not recently. And in this case my assessment is fair. Despite the demo being poor, the game's campaign does make a very good first impression, and when you first get the proper Iron Man suit you think it's going to get really good ... and it goes, quite spectacularly, the other way. A shame. It's no wonder the story campaign isn't the first option on the menu.
  11. The AWE dlc is atrocious.
  12. Played more of this last night before packing my PS5 up to send back to sony (unrelated). This is not a good game. It's very pretty, in fact the PS5 version in performance mode is quite impressive visually (apart from the menus) ... but that and the Avengers licence are the only two things going for it. There is way too much bullshit, and way too much filler. According to the game I am 54% through the campaign. I feel like I've done fuck all, and many of the missions feel like filler content: beat up bad guys, enter base, access computer, maybe defeat a tough enemy, ad nauseam. The killer is t
  13. Bit the bullet and called Sony. My PS5 is now on its way back to Sony.
  14. Also, right now you may be playing Cyberpunk on your Series X, but you're actually playing the Xbox One version with the help of a little extra juice from the Series X. The official PS5 and Series X versions aren't out yet.
  15. Nah, I wasn't being serious, it's also great on Stadia. Right, @ZOK? The PC version of Cyberpunk is so far ahead of what's on the consoles it's not even funny.
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