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  1. Lasted just over 20 mins before turning it off. Absolute shite.
  2. He also appears to attempt a swedish accent for all of five seconds in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo before reverting to good ol' English. But if you want three films with american accents, Road to Perdition rounds out the three nicely. As for my own trilogy: Inception Interstellar Tenet Modern, high-concept science fiction, all by the same director.
  3. Inception Another from Nolan at the very top of his game, possibly his greatest ever movie (yeah, The Prestige is up there too). The ideas here are fantastic, and brilliantly executed, with every actor bringing their A-game. And again with Zimmer and his amazing scores; the guy is a musical genius. 5/5
  4. Wasn't there talk of the dude from Aladdin playing Ezra?
  5. Dude, gamez r serius biznis!
  6. She would indeed be a fantastic Daala. I doubt they'd bring her in though.
  7. And of course, that's representative of all games. But it's interesting you pick that as your example. In my recent playthrough of Cyberpunk I avoided that quest, because I know what happens and had no appetite for a re-run. But the questline gives you numerous opportunities to stop and end the whole questline early. I read an article about it not long ago, and wish I could find it. There is more to that quest than the purely superficial shock factor.
  8. Interstellar I fucking love this film. Yes, Dylan Thomas is overused, and Hathaway's speech about love is a bit much. But love is a central concept to the movie, which if you think about it is quite remarkable for a science fiction movie involving space travel and relativity. And the musical score... Nolan and Zimmer at the top of their game. 5/5
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