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  1. The newer ones even have life support. Don't hate yourself, Jammy.
  2. Oooh, I'll actually disagree with this. Perhaps right now, yes, we'd still grumble (a lot). But right at the end of the console's life, like the 360 was when FC3 came out? I think people may be more forgiving.
  3. Thor

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Conversely, I like both Chloe and Nadine, but didn't like LL much. That open word part is bobbins. The only reason to explore is if you like collecting shit. Otherwise it's pointless. I found that whole area laborious. I also found the villain to be very weak. That being said, I may just give it another shot once I'm done with my current replay of 4.
  4. Thor

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    The remasters are great on PS4.
  5. Thor

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Nah, you've been incredibly unlucky there. This is a highly polished game. I'm replaying this at the moment, on and off. It's still one of the best of this generation. Genuinely wonderful. .
  6. You should change your avatar to C-3PO.
  7. Far Cry 3 was my favourite, and I only ever played that on the 360.
  8. Thor

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    But MGS3 has the best story. Also, Peace Walker wasn't all that.
  9. Thor

    Destiny 2

    As someone who loves story, and narrative ... ignore the story and narrative. But the game is great. No really.
  10. Thor

    Destiny 2

  11. Have you seen the 50 mins of gameplay, Mush?
  12. Aye, it's a cracking trailer. I even bought the music track, which is not normally to my taste. But it's just too bloody good!
  13. Yeah, I suppose my comment of their PS4 support being laughable is hyperbolic. But it's pretty clear which platform CDPR favours.
  14. There's that, and the fact HDR came to PS4 only as an afterthought, it was actually up in the air whether CDPR were going to do it at all. Apparently it's fine on XB1. Also, their first HDR patch messed badly with the performance, and their fix for it actually resulted in improved HDR for the most part ... except for this: They're not going to patch it. They've said no more patches are coming. And there's no option in game to turn off HDR. So when playing the game on PS4, you have to turn off HDR in the game's settings. CDPR don't care about the PS4, they're pnly making it on multiple consoles because of the sales. Furthermore, given how advanced Cyberpunk is sounding, I'm expecting a marked differential between the XB1X and PS4 Pro versions of this game. I can't speak for the next gen of consoles because we have no idea on specs yet.
  15. Likely with a heavy preference for the MS console. CDPR's support for the PS4 version of W3 is pretty laughable.

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