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  1. This is a bit good, innit? Admittedly, I'm not far, but I'm really enjoying what I've played so far. Also, this has now replaced AC Odyssey as the best example of HDR in a PC game. It does everything right. You don't need to switch your desktop to HDR, just turning HDR on in the game's menu switches your TV's HDR on (and now when the game loads it auto switches), and there's avery good HDR calibration tool. All other PC devs should take note. I'm playing at 4k60 with graphics set to Nightmare.
  2. Thor

    Xbox Game Pass

    A little help please. I've subbed to Gamepass ultimate (on PC), but Doom Eternal isn't showing as being able to install, I can only buy it. Why? edit: It's installing now. For some reason the xbox app switched back to a different account right after I'd subbed. I had to restart the app and then it said "your profile is different to your store account" or something. I switched to the one I subbed with and now it works. What a shit app.
  3. Can you play this with a pad?
  4. The devs sure do like their movie references, don't they? Someone high up in on the Dev team clearly loves Silence of the Lambs...
  5. I found the texts with Takemura hilarious.
  6. Yep, but the headset somewhere warm, like near a radiator. Let it warm up before you use it.
  7. @cassidy Spit it out for those of us who don't read the comics - in spoiler tags, obviously.
  8. Hark at Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger over here. Those black headcrabs or fucking horrifying.
  9. Oooh, and there was me thinking it may not have made the cut. Just outside the top 10 isn't bad for what is easily the best game of 2020, but can only be played by a fraction of the community. I was constantly in awe of Half-Life: Alyx, from beginning to end. I've played through it several times and it's always a delight. I really look forward to the time when VR is more mainstream and so more and more people get to experience the brilliance of games such as Half Life: Alyx.
  10. Snap, also did that tonight. Took me ages to find how to power it on.
  11. [Skippy]NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!![/Skippy] I bloody hate that effect.
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