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  1. Destiny 2. You're shooting guns within minutes and it's still the best fps combat out there, because it's Bungie. And I mean proper Bungie, not that skimmed UHT milk version that calls themselves 343i. You can ignore all the story. There are simple daily bounties and patrols you can do.
  2. Given the frankly hilarious disaster that was Kinect, I'm not too surprised that MS are wary of pushing another bit of kit in a similar field. That said, VR is pretty much proven now, there's no better time for MS to jump in.
  3. Hmmm, this is interesting. VR allows for experiences you just could not have when playing on a normal telly (Beat Saber, Batman, certain parts of Half-Life Alyx), but at the same time you have racing/flying games that are a perfect fit for both (Elite: Dangerous (if you forget Odyssey!), Assetto Corsa, Wipeout Omega, Gran Turismo). Also, Skyrim was just Skyrim llloooooong before Skyrim VR was a thing, and Half-Life Alyx could easily be adapted to play on a normal TV with a pad or M&KB - I think there's a MOD that does this already. If devs go into development with both VR and normal 2D in mind, this could work. No Man's Sky is probably the shining example of a game that just fucking works in VR and on a normal telly, and allows you to switch between the two fairly easily.
  4. Odyssey is apparently a bit shit. And yes, on console you have everything available for consoles - that's the core game and Horizons (which allows you to land on planet and moons and drive a buggy around collecting stuff).
  5. I've now got five adept Palindromes, but having played with them, I'm still not keen because of the slow reload on them all - I want Outlaw! I got a really good Adept Shadow Price though, range MW, Overflow, and Dragonfly. Overflow puts 66 in the mag! Also, I've been hoarding arc weapons with dragonfly, as I have a sneaky suspicion (more like hope) that next season we'll have an Arc version of Warmind's Decree.
  6. So, it is this just going to be multiplayer maps, or will it show some element of what the game is actually about?
  7. Yeah, I just read about Joey. That was an unforgettable night (also because my car broke down when trying to leave the venue!)
  8. Yeah, overall I am pleased with it, but I'd have preferred Outlaw or maybe Subsistence in that column. Still, plenty of time get different rolls.
  9. This week's GM is quite tasty; that boss room can get messy very quickly, managed to get it done though and got a reasonable roll on an Adept Palindrome: Corkscrew Rifling High Caliber Rounds Killing Wind (eeehh) Rangefinder Handling masterwork.
  10. Is this coming out digitally as well in other regions?
  11. Aye, The Shield is fantastic. I didn't realise it was on Amazon Prime, might have to start a re-watch.
  12. Nah, I loved that trailer, really looking forward to this.
  13. I really enjoyed that. The first 10 mins of the first episode were atrocious and I nearly turned it off, but I'm glad I stuck with it. In the end the only thing I really didn't like was "motherboard", that was shite.
  14. Whoa, hang on ... are they really remaking this in Frostbite? If so, I suggest you all seriously temper your expectations.
  15. Did the Master lost sector a couple of times before work this morning, and now I have "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE" stuck in my fucking head. And I still didn't get the exotic arms I wanted (Contraverse Hold), instead I got a Claws of Ahamkara with high mobility. Think I made a discovery though, looks like Bleak Watcher turrets can be destroyed by nearby splash damage.
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