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  1. I’m 53 and have been gaming since 1977 (a Grandstand TV console I received from Santa). My Wife is 54 and loves Nintendo consoles and games, which she often plays with my 24 year old daughter (any version of Mario Kart is a fave for them). My son (27), who works in marketing for a pretty big games publisher, often plays Battlefield One or V with me via Xbox Live. I own a Series X, PS5 and a Switch, and will definitely buy a Switch Pro when it finally materialises. On top of these, I have a fairly large collection of retro consoles from the VCS heavy sixer onwards. Gaming
  2. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is a wonderful Double Fine game and, arguably, the best Kinect game full stop (it’s brilliant for kids/families and possibly for adults too )
  3. Flesh (Book 1): cowboys, Old One Eye, ‘Terrible Claws’, Hairy Tyrannosaurs, giant spiders, death, carnage, dismemberment... any kind of game based on this really!
  4. Astrosmash was a fucking top Intellivision title and I’m cautiously optimistic about this remake. I preordered a wood grain founders edition Amico back in January 2020 and have no regrets. As a kid back in 80/81, the Intellivision was a revelation and a marked step up from my Atari VCS, with wonderful games like Dungeons and Dragons, Burgertime, LocknChase, Tron Deadly Discs. When the ColecoVision hit the scene, it was an even bigger upgrade, but for a while the Intellivision was state of the art. I’d rather play Astrosmash than the latest COD any day.
  5. Had a blast with Propeller Arena on the Dreamcast, back in the day. Still play it every so often.
  6. I’ve always loved Resident Evil, but for the love of God, Capcom, give us a new Dino Crisis!!!
  7. So sorry to hear that Mine was shipped with tracking and arrived promptly, plus it’s still in my order history as a past order. Hope you get it sorted out today...
  8. Mine arrived from MS this afternoon, via UPS. Lovely little piece of kit!
  9. Xbox Series X and PS5 digital for me (both on preorder). As others have mentioned, the X will be my main machine this gen, the PlayStation for exclusives only.
  10. Episode 6..... Jesus Christ!! Now that was good
  11. That was fucking immense!!! Brilliant, brilliant first episode, can’t wait for the next one. Strangely, neither me nor the wife had any problem understanding the dialogue.
  12. Starts 19th August on Sky Atlantic. Can’t wait!!!
  13. Hmmm.... I’ve just been able to buy Silent Hill Downpour a second ago from the U.K. store, so not quite sure what’s going on?
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