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  1. Play something other than FPSs? There are loads of ways developers denote damage.
  2. A couple of artists spring to mind. Kate Bush. Her heyday was obviously the 80s but I love her recent Aerial and 50 Words for Snow albums. Miles Davis. His 80s output usually gets overlooked in favour of his earlier stuff, but for me Tutu and Amandla are stone cold classics.
  3. Fucking Wigley Scott eh? No wonder people walked out when they saw that fucking imposter.
  4. 30% of the cinema going public apparently.
  5. I made my four year old watch it. She was all over that shit like a rash.
  6. Last I heard they were looking at developing it into a trilogy!
  7. “I’m a man!” “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Certainly the best closing lines to a film, ever.
  8. I have this bad boy. Only appears to be available on DVD though? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blade-Runner-5-Disc-Ultimate-Collectors/dp/B000VPP84W
  9. I’m not a metal fan, but I bloody love Mastodon. Not sure if they really qualify as metal any more, maybe more so with their first couple of albums, but their later stuff incorporates all sorts of styles. I would also recommend their Crack the Skye and Blood Mountain albums, although they’re all worth listening to. Frustratingly, I haven’t found another band that scratches the same itch, so would also be interested in recommendations for similar sounds.
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