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  1. He looks suspiciously like Gary Glitter in that thumbnail....
  2. Why the fuck aren’t 343 playing the actual game for us, rather than talking about clips from the trailer?
  3. I'm pretty sure 1080p 120 fps is part of the HDMI 2.0 spec. So if your TV has that, it can do it.
  4. This would have won E3 for me. Come on Phil Spencer just finance it - and get your gaming priorities straight! @S0L Please make it happen
  5. I wish Disney had made “Solo” with a de- aged Harrison Ford.
  6. I did . Forza Horizon 5 looked decent - but the rest was a bit meh (for me anyway).
  7. Sony’s showing off the new Horizon Zero Dawn was the only thing that gave me any tingles this year. the rest just looked like the same old games (graphically and gameplay wise) that we have had for the last ten years. I miss the times when E3 meant lots of exciting, shiny new things.
  8. Sorry to be a Debbie downer but I thought that was a pretty crappy showing. Loads of old games and reiterations of others. And no new hardware. BOTW 2 runs on the exact same engine, and not much to see after five years. Impatient.gif
  9. It's premiere was more like Christmas 1984. I remember it was a seismic event in my young life - and its first appearance on TV made my Christmas. ITV then rinsed it every year with a million commercial breaks. I really miss the Radio Times experience of those days. Like you - we only got it over Christmas - and I remember pouring over the pages marking out all the new Films that would be shown. It was the only way to have a decent copy at home. It was soooo exciting to 9 year old me.
  10. Maybe multiplayer first this year, then campaign later. In 2024.
  11. I’m not sure this looks much better graphically than Titanfall 2 on the Xbox One X. And no campaign footage. That speaks volumes.
  12. I’m not seeing anything looked beyond the normal switch in that “Sparks of Hope” gameplay demo - the intro stuff was all pre rendered anyway.
  13. Some random ones from my phone from over the last two years.
  14. Yeah you're properly right. JJ isn't talking about Star Wars at all. I doubt its something that's been a big deal in his life for nearly ten years. And I doubt Star Wars colours every interview he has given since then, or recent ones going forward - for being instrumental in turning the franchise into total shit show. Silly fanbois.
  15. @Darren it was a fucking idiotic idea to restart a multi billion dollar franchise with no idea where it was heading from one film to the next. You could write yourselves into a corner pretty fucking quickly if you weren't careful (they weren't), especially as you planned to kick these things out at break neck speed. Its like building a skyscraper, in a compressed timeframe, with no idea how tall it will be. And then looking at all corpses after it has collapsed - and thinking maybe an architect might have been a good idea.
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