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  1. Its exactly that. I got it last month. Means you can buy a lot of their games for about £2!
  2. This game is the most next gen thing I have seen so far.
  3. What’s worse.. good ideas executed horribly (the prequels), or horrible ideas executed to a reasonable standard (the sequels)? Someone just make a good Star Wars movie that does both, already. It’s been 40 years ffs.
  4. When is the next PS5 reveal to show off its HDMI ports, or maybe the design of its rubber feet?
  5. I nearly gave up on days gone after a few hours. I had just finished a replay of the last of us 1 - and in comparison the characters and story were dreadful. It also seemed pretty derivative For an open world game. But then (encouraged by its thread here) about 7 or so hours in something clicked and became a much better game and I loved every moment of the rest of its story and gameplay. Keep playing it just gets better and better. I hoped that was going happen with GoT but it would seem not
  6. He’s obvs been watching Succession!
  7. I think Days Gone is a FAR superior game to this though. It takes its time but it’s very much trying new things in open world.. the horde completely change up the gameplay and are a pretty breathtaking in scope and furiosity . It’s a sandbox of fun stuff to try out and experiment with. And even something as simple as traversing the world is much more fun on a bike*. *different opinions are also valid.
  8. It’s all subjective of course. But yeah RDR2 engaged and immersed me completely with the depth of its world. Ghost hasn’t atall. I just feel I’m doing the same thing over and over and over again. I really want to be drawn in but mechanically it seems so basic. Maybe I just have open world fatigue though.
  9. I am really pleased that you are all enjoying it, but after dipping in and out I'm finding it the shallowest open world game I have played in sometime. Certainly no where near BOTW and feels like a its long way behind the mechanics of something like RDR2. Its pretty, and combat is fun, but that is about it.
  10. I think the build up to this next gen has been the least exciting of all time. A long drawn out - dribble of announcements - mixed with games look the same as the current gen - just makes me feel very meh.
  11. Been playing this in my car. It’s bloody rock hard!
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