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  1. and his hardcore pawn, suzy and his czech mate, janko. (sorry)
  2. the judge said they can delay it further though. he said "you can apply back to court for an extension of time", you even bolded that bit yourself...
  3. guess so but it's funny how they always seem to be able to pull an extra month out of thin air, whenever necessary.
  4. from reg article: does this mean they can instigate yet another delay, after this one? and if/when the decision finally goes against them, can they launch an appeal? if so this could drag on forever!
  5. actual unboxing from scratch here, which I hadn't seen in any previous vids
  6. right... unless you stare at his bird's pint. then he'll "deck" you. and brag about it online.
  7. just noticed the latest leak on retro-computers site, titled 'Lee Fogarty refuses to be fall guy', is exactly the same as the leak posted on 22nd of last month titled 'Suzanne Martin created fake social media accounts'...so even they're getting sloppy.
  8. jeez... at this rate there's gonna be pirated homemade ones popping up on ebay. - it'll be easy to tell them apart from the real thing, they'll function better and look slightly less crap.
  9. check out this loading screen on a speccy game from 1986. some guy looking like he's angry at a parcel he's recieved, with "big trouble suzy" written at the top... lolwtf
  10. RCL could've raised 14 trillion quid through IGG and we'd currently be in exactly the same position.
  11. good in depth review here. shows what an issue the buttons are, and how it keeps crashing for no reason. "the worst hand-held I've ever used in my life", lol...
  12. yeah and now I can see them again... who knows, they're probably in a state of confusion about how to handle their online media presence right now. lol. just some random bit of plastic with a flickering screen imo this stopped being about the actual device ages ago. everything else connected to this debacle has been way more interesting!
  13. I don't have a twitter account. but yeah looks like you need to be 'following' or however it works...
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/sinclairzxvega now why would they do that...
  15. why has Twatty McTwatface surfaced again in the IGG comments, acting like RCL's tech support guru? I thought he'd officially distanced himself from the project.

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