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  1. The end for me was I have to agree with @Gigawatt, the epilogue as a free DLC or even option back on the main menu would have been better emotionally. I think even if I'd have left it a couple of weeks I would have enjoyed it a lot more.
  2. I went into this completely blind and haven't even read anything since completing it last night. I'm sure these comments will feel naive and repeat a lot of what's already been said, but here goes. The only thing I'd vaguely heard was that there was a 'controversy'. Playing through it I was struggling to find what was so controversial. On the back of the Incel stuff (post The Last Jedi) I can only assume this major controversy has to do with Naughty Dog concentrating on female leads, and gay ones at that. If this is the case then there's nothing to add except a shrug and to move on. Idiots. Presentationally this is some next level stuff. Stunning. The glass. The animations. The lighting. The visceral gore. The sound. The feeling of being *there*. But purely in *game* terms I felt the pacing was off. The first half of the game took too long to get going and just when the combat started to get interesting and tactical that thing happened. The second half reset and while there were, pound for pound, more encounters I wasn't quite as invested because I found the epilogue a slog. This game really didn't know when to end. It felt like the narrative became so important they forgot about pacing. It was very stop start and it spoiled the overall experience for me. The pacing was much better in the original game (I played it again leading up to this so it is fresh in the mind). Narratively this was excellent. No spoilers here but it sets a new benchmark for storytelling in games. There are still issues, pacing aside, but those are for the spoiler thread. I played this on Hard but apart from a couple of spikes it was never as hard or terrifying as that first game. The only exception to this was the dogs which were bloody brilliant. But again, just as I was enjoying those encounters they disappeared. I think this was the biggest disappointment, a feeling that some of the gameplay and encounters were reigned in to allow the narrative to breathe, but I just wanted to play with all the toys once I'd gotten them. Overall this was something I never could have imagined when I first booted up my Atari VCS back in the 80s. Well done Naughty Dog. (But I preferred the breezy fun of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End).
  3. Mr. Driller Drill Land (Switch) I always had a soft spot for Mr. Driller since its release on Dreamcast back in the 00s. Although I had no idea what was going on with the story here, the individual modes and levels are as addictive as ever. I love everything about it: the bubblegum pops, the second to second twitch gameplay, the macro strategizing and hitting that all important flow state. I didn't get anywhere close to completing the harder levels but this will remain on my Switch forever.
  4. People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan This is the epitome of average. There are some lovely touches of character humour and the story feels authentic enough to carry you along but the comedy never rises above the odd chuckle. There's something just a bit too obvious about most of the gags and it doesn't have an ending either. However, the repressed friendships between the crew give it an unexpected heart and I enjoyed it for what it was. 2.5/5
  5. There's no question specs are more of an issue with Quest 2. I never had much of a problem with Quest 1. I bought a halo strap for £20 (Aliexpress) recently though and things have improved markedly. I've gone from 30 minute sessions to over 1 hour so I'd highly recommend upgrading the Quest 2 strap if you are having comfort issues.
  6. Murder by Numbers I may possibly be the the only person in the world who doesn't rate this but after trying three times I have given in. The strange thing is that I like Phoenix Wright and I love Picross so this should be right up my alley, but the endless chat, cringey characters and long delays in between each puzzle is infuriating. I've struggled to the end of the second crime but enough is enough. When I started constantly pressing A to skip the streams of text I knew it was time to end this relationship.
  7. Burnout Paradise Remastered (Switch) For some reason I never got round to playing this so when it was £7 on Switch I couldn't resist. For the first hour I was a bit bemused; cruising around and not really knowing what I'm supposed to do or aim for. But now it seriously has its hooks into me. It's the perfect game to dick around in for ten minutes (which usually ends up nearer two hours) and the balance, sense of speed and handling suit the handheld format perfectly. I don't have online though. Am I missing much?
  8. Free Guy I was expecting another Pixels but this was really good. Clearly written by people who know their games and has some proper in jokes and incidental detail that nails this passion. Loved it even if it did steal the existential premise from The Lego Movie and run out of steam towards the end. "Whatchu talking about, Willis?" 4/5
  9. Old I've always had a soft spot for Shayalamalyalan's B-movie hokum and this doesn't disappoint. The creaky acting, creaky direction and creaky script are surely deliberate? Whether they are or not you will be hugely entertained by this and I defy you to watch it without laughing like a drain. 3/5 (it gets 2 extra points for the laughs) Stillwater This is tonally all over the place and Matt Damon can't save this morally murky drama from veering off the rails two thirds in. Having said that it at least eschews Hollywood thriller convention and has the courage to try do it's own thing. Apart from the set up it has very little to do with the Amanda Knox case. 3/5
  10. Doesn't look like anything is changing in that new model apart from the silicone mask and the storage. I must have 15 games on my Quest 2 (64GB) and still haven't run out of storage so I'm not too bothered.
  11. Can I join this? What do I need to do?
  12. Thanks, yes, I'm going to try a Halo. In my original post I meant to say the Elite is expensive and brittle. Playing so much Saints & Sinners it's time for some comfort.
  13. I've been playing on the Quest 2 a lot recently and I think it's time to upgrade the standard strap. Any thoughts on which way to go with this? I hear the Halo is expensive and brittle, but there are some good options on Aliexpress for around £20...
  14. Is there any way of getting stock updates for the series X? My son wants one for his birthday but obv struggling to get in fast enough...
  15. Already looking at my watch and waiting for next month.
  16. I don't mind a wire if it's one that simply plugs into a usb port or similar. I'm another person who got rid of PSVR due to the cable faff. It did end up gathering dust after the initial wow factor rubbed off. But a cable will presumably allow for better game experiences/graphics etc so I don't mind the trade off.
  17. Moss is also worth considering, it has a lot of logic puzzles and is beautifully presented.
  18. I'm only on area three but the impression I get is that the game teaches you to be cautious early doors. I tend to take down zombies when necessary with shivs and screwdrivers - you can even kill them with a spoon - but I avoid noisy weapons. However, the crafting bench and recipes suggest guns and ballistic weapons are going to be a bigger factor the further you get. It is very different to Arizona Sunshine, which is all about quick reflexes and head shots. This is a slower, more deliberate and strategic game and I much prefer it. (Though I imagine it probably becomes more frantic and gun-toting towards the end).
  19. Yeah, Walkabout Golf is one of my go to games on the Quest. They've added two new courses since I bought it too. Great that they keep improving it. On another note, I bought The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners recently. This is fantastic so far. They've really nailed the feel of trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. It's heavy in scavenging and crafting though (something I like) so may not be everyone's cup of tea.
  20. Yeah, this was anaemic but perfect family entertainment. I agree about Paul Giamatti. He's a fantastic actor but they could have shaved 10 minutes off the film with him out and it would have been better for it.
  21. They seem to come around if you stop playing/purchasing. I recently got a 30% off one and I'd say it must be 4 months since I used my oculus. Picked up Saints & Sinners for £20.
  22. The last two months have been gash.
  23. F1 really needed this rivalry; it's been incredibly dull since the Lewis/Rosberg era. I did enjoy Max's comment that Lewis isn't allowed to celebrate a Formula 1 win on home turf because... he's watching it on hospital TV. What an ego! Brilliant stuff.
  24. I suppose the only silver lining is that the Scots can't say their team is as good as the European Champions.
  25. With the Pizza Hut ads Rashford can dine out on that for the next decade.
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