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  1. I think England could beat Portugal, but we've got no chance against France or Germany in the last 16. Hope it's Portugal.
  2. Moyes looks like his 12 year-old daughter dressed him.
  3. England ending up top of the group would be a disaster anyway. Any decent team will beat us. Best sneak through on the easy side of the draw like in the World Cup. Well done Scotland.
  4. Yeah, that was well duff.
  5. I just bought this too, £12 at CEX. Too tempting not to. Worth it to randomly surf around the user generated stuff. Anyone on here created anything?
  6. I think I may need to to do this too. My Quest 2 has been idle because of the glasses discomfort issue. May I ask what price were these and a link? Thanks
  7. I've been looking for something to watch, so thanks for reminding me of this.
  8. Another great episode. Adrian Dunbar sending himself up was lovely. It had a whiff of Extras about it but was tightly plotted and well executed.
  9. I got this with PSplus and it's really good fun. I tend to play these games for a month solid then move on but it is scratching an itch at the moment. One thing I need help with: how do you resupply people? There's a weekly challenge and for the life of me I can't seem to work out which button to press or what to do. Playing on PS4.
  10. That's great you got yours. How long do they take to get in touch once you raise the support ticket? It's been a couple of days now but nothing...
  11. Phew, a good episode. That doesn't really hold water given that breaking the fourth wall is a very common device in comedy and one critics are well aware of. It's not as if Morecambe and Wise, The Young Ones, Peep Show etc. etc. are lost on critics or the general public. Personally I thought it had a very weak plot and lame jokes which people have elevated due to it referencing an Italian form of entertainment. Aren't the terrible jokes hilarious because did you know they used to tell terrible jokes in the 16th century. If it had been dressed in a Punch and Judy wrapper peo
  12. Yes, that was tedious. Props to the prop department who built a brilliant desert island set but it really didn't give the contestants much to work with, and it showed.
  13. Oh come on, it worked in Nativity 2.
  14. Shittest episode ever. As a lover of theatre I can confirm the banal 'jokes' were not improved by referencing Commedia dell'Arte. I only enjoyed the twist at the end when@sandpainter1471z came up in the credits.
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