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  1. That's the one! Ha Ha. Fond memories.
  2. I worked in the industry back in the 2000s and it always struck me that Sega had a weird kind of fanboy/girl attachment, a sort of blinkered devotion that no other company enjoyed, including Nintendo. I kind of admire that loyalty on one level but on another it just distorts any debate because there's no logic, no sense of perspective. I met one guy working on a multiformat mag at the time who couldn't bring himself to play any Nintendo game because everything was shit compared to Sega's output. I forget his name but someone here may remember that old Sega fanboy blog he ran (which was actually pretty funny).
  3. I'm with you on this. Narrative cut scenes supposedly enhance the play experience, but they all too often bog them down. The best games, for me at least, are those that can successfully weave a story (should one be required) into the game while you're actually playing the thing. Inside, Fez, Journey etc.
  4. Mawdlin

    No Man's Sky

    I just picked this up in the PS Store for £12.99. I'll be interested to see how much it's changed since my last playthrough over a year ago. I enjoyed the survival aspect at the start but felt it was a bit directionless once I left the planet.
  5. Mawdlin

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    Bargain of the decade. I did the same with Star Wars: Battlefront about a year ago. Got every level, map and DLC for £3.99. Played it to death too. Surprisingly there's always a strong community years after release.
  6. Mawdlin

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    I've been playing Telltale's Batman today, mainly because it was free on PS Plus. I want to like it but I'm struggling. I mean, it's barely a game and I'm not feeling the narrative. I've experienced Bruce Wayne's origins what seems like a million times before so why again, even if it's a slightly different take? Fell asleep at one bit. There's just so many other good games on my list I can't see me going on to Episode 2.
  7. Mawdlin

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    I'm with you. I've had a rest from it for about 8 months but I'm looking forward to trying it again with all the new maps and updates. Had some stonking sessions on this.
  8. Mawdlin

    PS4 Pro

    I haven't played on my PSVR for about 5 months but I don't regret buying it one bit. Nothing can replace the wonder I felt when I entered Tamriel again, sliced a bullet in two with a knife in Superhot or smoked that cigar in Worlds. I'm sure I'll go back at some point but for all its faults it has given me some of the best gaming experiences of my life. So a Pro may be on the cards if it significantly ups the VR experience.
  9. Mawdlin

    PS4 Pro

    Yes, I guess that's where the difference tells..?
  10. Mawdlin

    PS4 Pro

    I've been given a few Asda vouchers, enough to buy myself a PS4 Pro. Thing is, I'm actually happy with my standard PS4 (500GB), but I am itching to see what the Pro can do. Is it really worth upgrading, will I notice much difference?
  11. Freedom Fighters is IO's best game by a country mile. I still hanker after a sequel but it sold about 50 copies.
  12. Still, I would beat you 50 percent of the time. ;-)
  13. All the Super Smash Bros titles are utter tripe. Button-mashing bollocks.
  14. Call of Duty just generally. Narrow. Mechanical. Hollow.

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