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  1. Absolutely not. Thats not how it works. You make a film for $200m. If you front that all yourself ( a huge risk) you have to spend another $100m marketing it (at least) It does $1bn at box office, of which around half comes back to you. And so you break even. You then likely make around $100m profit from Vod, Svod and blu ray deals after expenses. Maybe double that. The reality is that if you make a $200m dollar movie that sees $1.3bn revenue, you likely double your money. But if its a flop you all lose. A $4bn offer from Disney would be absolutely jumped upon in a second. I dont know where these stories come from but they are ludicrous.
  2. Those films are all well below par compared to whats being released in (decent) cinemas. Try to get your hands on High Life, Birds of Passage, Parasite, Long Days Journey Into Night, Hagazussa, Climax, The Lighthouse (all from this year only). Its been an AMAZING year for cinema. Fucking sucks that these films dont reach you.
  3. You fucking what mate? Cinema is in a golden age. There are too many great films to watch at the cinema. Netflix is an absolute shitshow for movies. Just stop going to see studio films.
  4. The whole right hand side ofAl Pacinos face looks like one of those old Maxim magazine covers when photoshop 2.1 was new
  5. There is an over arching narrative that is concluded. Anyone paying attention would surely want to see that resolved?
  6. You watched approximately 20 movies, roughly 40 hours worth of your time, and at the very end you decided “nah fuck it, cant be arsed with the next hour to find out how this concludes”? The mind boggles.
  7. I got an email from Ubisoft and didnt do a thing? Check your inboxes.
  8. Mate, your loaded, why does nothing match?
  9. Yeah but with them all arriving to set up base on earth its clearly the opening chapter of something larger. Anyway, more of same is more than good enough for me.
  10. Yeah it was vibrating, just stayed in my hand though. Annoying. Might just delete my save and start again then.
  11. Yeah was machine gun, and I was pulling trigger, weird.
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