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  1. I doubt it. It wouldn't make much sense to hype up a game that's going to be out in a year or so when you have one that you have to sell a month from now.
  2. I walked away from my computer and it magically appeared in my cart. Was able to order it no problem after that.
  3. Super NT is now available, but I can't add it to the cart. Hmm...
  4. I think they’re asking if it still works. I did it about two weeks ago and it worked me.
  5. On no planet is it as amateurish as my example.
  6. An example of terrible cover art: Not Edge’s best, but come the fuck on.
  7. Apex. I haven't spent a penny on that shit and have played it for like 500 hours. I feel bad, but the things that EA think are worthy of my money -- skins and costumes but not the game itself -- I don't want. I would have gladly paid full price if hadn't been free-to-play. Dota is another one. Played it for around 1000 hours. I think I bought a battle pass once, though.
  8. Are any Activision games on Game Pass?
  9. Couldn't find another thread for this. The game isn't being sold through traditional PC platforms -- it was delisted from Steam and GoG about a year ago-- but instead is being sold directly through Red Candle's website now. Link below: https://shop.redcandlegames.com Haven't played it myself, but I hear it's good.
  10. Are we sure this is the case? Does anyone have a quote from the developer?
  11. The latest trailer has something in the fine print that says not coming to other consoles until May 2022. The exclusivity seems to only apply to the console version.
  12. Thanks, guys. I'll give this a go at some point in the near future.
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