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  1. Of all the things to critique the show for, and there are many, the colour of the phasers is the least of my concerns.
  2. Right you are. I'll take your word for it as I'm sure as fuck not watching it again.
  3. She looks surprisingly happy about the impending end of the world doesn't she.
  4. I quite liked 8 on rewatch but thought 7 was tripe. 8 was still very hit and miss but the series needed a revamp and it mixed things up nicely. Krytie TV was a standout ep. Kochanski coming back was a big mistake. Nothing against Chloe Annette but she's just not very funny and the character is really badly written.
  5. Is they can just send that volume of ships at the drop of a hat why did they need the federations help evacuating their planet? I'm not expecting an answer. It's just all so dumb.
  6. Great first season, looking forward to seeing the characters all develop further in the next one. It really picked up pace after the bridge crew were exposed as fakes and everything started going from bad to worse. Nobody does farce quite like iannucci.
  7. I'm not Scottish but you don't have to even have met a Scotsman to know how bad that attempt is. That and the Irish accents are just insulting. If he pulled off a Chinese accent anywhere near that badly it'd be racist.
  8. Just why the fuck have they employed an actor to do six parts with different accents when clearly he can only actually do 1.5 different accents. Just have him use his normal voice once you've laughed at his Scottish and Irish attempts. I couldn't get past that this episode. So bad.
  9. Thanks for the invite to join fantasy league! Should be fun, haven't done it before and I'm very much a casual F1 fan so don't really know what I'm doing. All the same, should be fun.
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