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  1. I'm working my way through TNG at the moment and feel this way whenever there's an Alexander episode.
  2. Kind of OT but has anyone seen Bodies? Enjoyed Bodyguard and have since watched all the Line Of Duty that Netflix has to offer so I'm keen for more Mercurio. Bodies is a fiver from CEX so should be worth a punt but the hospital setting makes me think of Holby City with edge...so I'm not all that sold.
  3. Papaya Dance


    The best Sally Philips moment was the special cuddle she gave Alex.
  4. Papaya Dance


    I thought there was a thread on this already but can't seem to find it. Anyone else really enjoying series 7? I didn't enjoy series 6 so much and worried the format was getting tired but perhaps that was down to my hatred of Liza tarbuck. The bit with Tim Vine and the hook stuck to his shoulder was one of the funniest things I've seen in ages, mind. This one's started really well though. I admit I only knew of rhod gilbert from the line up but I'm liking them all so far. Jessica knappett is a bit annoying but the rest I've enjoyed, particularly Kerry godliman. Will catch up on last night's episode this evening, woop!
  5. Papaya Dance

    Cricket Thread

    A shame he didn't feel he could take a break and find some form in county cricket. If he'd gone away and come back in form he could've broken all kinds of records, but if he feels he is done then I guess the timing is right. Farewell!
  6. Papaya Dance

    Stath Lets Flats

    I really enjoyed this, hope it comes back for a second series. Hardly laugh out loud side splitting comedy but it had enough good jokes to raise a few smiles and there's definite warmth to the characters.
  7. Papaya Dance

    Star Trek Discovery

    Well. That looks fucking shit.
  8. Papaya Dance

    Derren Brown is slightly rubbish

    Probably from the way he was sitting? I do love a bit of derren though. Actually found his more recent shows more enjoyable as he seems to have gone back to basics a little with more of his traditional 'mind reading' type tricks and less of the Russian roulette attempts to grab headlines.
  9. Papaya Dance

    Football Kits 2018/19

    Oh dear oh dear
  10. Papaya Dance

    Football Kits 2018/19

    How often do you see a Cambridge player interviewed on TV? :p
  11. You do get some character development, sadly it doesn't start to happen until the last 'proper' episodes of season four, just as they were about to wrap things up and suddenly seemed to realise where they'd been going wrong all this time. Don't worry about Zero Hour...all that nonsense is over quickly. Season four is good. Three is the best imo though.
  12. Papaya Dance

    Football Kits 2018/19

    New Cambridge. I like it but not sure why they didn't shift the sponsor down a bit.
  13. Papaya Dance

    Star Trek Discovery

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/19/17479734/cbs-star-trek-discovery-alex-kurtzman-five-year-deal Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear
  14. My march through TOS has really slowed up of late. All those comments above about S3 being a pile of shit are very correct. Only 5 episodes to go now though, I'm looking forward to the space hippies episode, then I can continue this spell of masochism by watching TAS. After that I can make a start on the films and finally see a bit of good Trek.

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