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  1. One thing I found when rewatching TOS on Netflix was I hated the shonky CGI. However much objectively 'better' it was than the original effects it totally took away from the feel of the show for me and I'd have much rather had the very very dated version than the moderately dated version. I think DS9 and Voyager wouldn't be so badly affected but any brand new CGI effects put in would look out of place with everything else.
  2. I don't know that Stokes has the cricketing brain to make a decent captain. Much like making Flintoff captain was a stupid move. I could well be wrong though. Buttler I like the idea of but is he sure enough of his place in the side to take on the captaincy? Who says it has to be a batsman anyway. Give it Jimmy. If and when he's fit again. Absolute embarrassment today though. I like Bairstow as a character but isn't common consensus that Buttler is the better keeper? If so why isn't Buttler keeping. If that's the case then why is Bairstow in the team at all? Not blaming him for the defeat of course, it's just yet another bizarre decision from the captain and selectors.
  3. And we're sending Jimmy out to bat, risking aggravating his injury, because perhaps he might be able to bat out the last 49 overs? The latest in a long long string of bizarre decisions this test. And that's not including the umpiring.
  4. What a heap of shit. If things don't improve quickly then Root needs to step down. Never looked a convincing captain and we don't ever seem to have any backbone under him. Not that I've a fucking clue who's best placed to take over.
  5. Ok, any shred of optimism has now gone. When's the rain due?
  6. I think you're right but I'm trying my best to be optimistic! 250 is still within the realms of one big partnership plus a few decent contributions. Doable. I don't know why the score predictor thing on Sky still has us as favourites though.
  7. That's true but even so, it's been very poor. For example, finally getting a new batsman at the crease and letting him ease himself in against our part time leggy. Broad and/or Woakes should've been on the instant the wicket fell. If we can keep the lead to under 250 there's still hope. I fear Nathan Lyon is going to show moeen how it's done though.
  8. Temba was there. His arms were wide.
  9. It's darmok AND jalad. They were AT Tanagra.
  10. So you'll have to change channels twice in an afternoon. You can always pay for a sky subscription if that's such a hardship!
  11. Excited by the new line up. I actually know who all but one of them are! The reverse has been true for the last couple of series. Not necessarily a bad thing, just made them harder to get excited about. I think this series is definitely in the bottom third of them all so far, but was a lot better than I expected based on the line up and first couple of episodes. I agree Lou went from the only one with a comedy spark to her whole joke being to approach things with the mindset of an unruly toddler, which wore thin. It really lacked a think outside the box contestant along the Tim Key lines. Hopefully the next champion of champions will bring all ten back and have a semi finals/final format, mixing them up a bit. Otherwise it's going to be very shit.
  12. Just back from seeing What We Left Behind. Really insightful, very much enjoyed it. The remastered footage is incredible, worth the entrance fee just for that. Will definitely be getting on blu ray when it's released.
  13. Yup. Whereas this went from 'bad' to 'steaming horse shit' in two. I'll still be watching S3 as well though. I love slagging it off, it's a guilty pleasure. It could still be turned into a good show but they'd have to ditch half the cast first so I don't hold out much hope.
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