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  1. Love that new home shirt. Nod to the glory days of the early 90’s with the pattern in the stripes. Would love it to stay sponsor free.
  2. The usual suspect list of managers is now trotted out. Gianfranco Zola – 9/2 Martin Jol – 8/1 Daniel Stendel – 8/1 Garry Monk – 10/1 David Moyes – 12/1 Gary Rowett – 12/1 Lee Bullen – 12/1 Nigel Pearson – 12/1 Aitor Karanka – 16/1 Tony Pulis – 16/1 Claude Puel – 16/1 Nigel Adkins – 18/1 Giovanni van Bronckhorst – 18/1 Alan Pardew – 18/1 I would like us to take a gamble on the manager of Lincoln whose name I have forgotten.
  3. I am genuinely gutted he has gone. Just hope we get the right person in. Happy for Lee Bullen to take over as caretaker for short or long term. Madness. Bruce ain’t got a chance at Newcastle. He’ll get no respect from the players, no help from Ashley, the fans hate him and if he sells the club he will get the boot anyway.
  4. Reports have said Steve Bruce seen living HIllsborough to make his way to Newcastle for talks. I know he is not the most popular on here but he really turned our club around in the few months he as been here and it would massively disrupt our season preparations if he was to go. The only light at the end of the tunnel is our chairman is tight and wont let him go for anything less than a few million.
  5. I see Reading are rumoured to be offering a contract to Gary Hooper. When fit he is a decent striker, also our first game of the season is against Reading so that adds some interest. I heard Hooper was on 32k a week at Wednesday I bet Reading will be offering a lot less than that.
  6. They play a few songs that never seem to be the ones the rest of the fans are actually singing.
  7. Several years ago when I renewed my season ticket there was a ballot to scrap them. For some unknown reason they are still here. I am clearly not in touch with the modern football fan. I really dislike them. My favourite football 'band' is the gut at Wrexham who started off in the kop and got so much shit from the home fans he moved into another stand and just sits there banging his drum like the stubborn fool he is.
  8. The England band are The Wednesday band so just be thankful you don't have to hear them every home game.
  9. That sounds like an ace match. When I visited it was AC 0 - 1 Empoli in arguably the most tedious game of football I have ever sat through. The only enjoyment I got was seeing another English person’s girlfriend have a massive go at him when he went to get some tickets because he had read that you needed to bring your passport to the ticket office.
  10. The Wednesday seem to be trying every trick in the book to not fall foul of financial fair play rules. Bruce surprised and impressed me greatly last season so I actually pretty confident for the upcoming season. Getting Westwood to sign a 2 year deal is a massive bonus and if we can get some genuine pace in the side and avoid the injuries that have plagued our last few seasons we could mount a serious play off challenge. Moving to London in July so my season ticket will not be getting used enough but at least I have a decent amount of away games to go to.
  11. Birmingham decide to sack Monk. Crazy turn of events.
  12. Aye. A tasty braised rice.
  13. I tend to cook rice in the oven. Melt some butter or ghee and then add some whole spices and an onion and cook until soft. Add rice and coat it well before just covering with stock and cover the pan well and cook in a low oven for 15 - 20. Works a treat.
  14. Genuinely happy for Villa and for Dean Smith in particular. Edit - even though you broke my heart when you scored those two late goals against us and ended our play off push.
  15. Will need to check this out but I think that teams that dropped out of automatic promotion at the end of the season have tended not to have done so well in the play offs. Villa seem unbeatable at the moment. I just wish Leeds had choked a game earlier instead of dominating against us (The Wednesday).
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