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  1. As a Wednesday fan I applaud Villa.
  2. A pleasing performance for The Wednesday we really should have won but it makes a change to see us playing with energy and passion again.
  3. Not sure I have ever seen a decent match against Birmingham. Hopefully today is the day.
  4. His heart was in the right place but he has recruited terribly at the top. When was the last time we actually sold a player for a profit?
  5. The Wednesday have sacked our manager - which makes going to today’s game less depressing. Club is also up for sale but our woefully naive chairman thinks he will get £100 million!
  6. Thank god the international break is over. Tough game for The Wednesday against Middlesbrough tonight - I hate Friday night matches. Just hoping we can keep a clean sheet. Can’t see it though. Why Sky decided this would worthy of a live match is beyond me.
  7. I was so pissed off. How could we let him travel that far with the ball? He should have been brought down on the half way line. Only 22k there as well.
  8. Adam Reach has done it again with another beauty against West Brom. We are 2-0 at half time and looking good.
  9. As a South Stand season ticket holder I would say that is pretty much par for the course. I do wonder when we will stop our embarrassing playing it out the back routine where we just put ourselves under pressure.
  10. Was a beauty wasn’t it. We got battered in the second half though and were lucky to get a point.
  11. I really rate him and was gutted he decided to leave. Strong, attackng centre mid who I think has real potential.
  12. After a dire first 20 minutes Wednesday managed to fight back to get a 2-2 draw against Stoke. Bannan did it again with a wonderful free kick. I love that man!
  13. Kieran

    Football Kits 2018/19

    I am seriously tempted.
  14. I rate him but it doesn’t look good at the moment does it. I have always been a fan of Mick though.
  15. Woeful game of football at Hillsborough yesterday. Two poor sides (Ipswich) and we barely deserved a point never mind the three we nicked.

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