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  1. The original PlayStation and Saturn had “leaks” back in early edge magazines which had artists impressions - the Saturn one was pretty close in the end. I miss those days. A monthly drop of news and information. Then edge issue 11. I still remember buying it on the way home form work experience as a 15 year old and pouring over the actual real PlayStation images all night. Good times!
  2. Some people love the English dub for some reason. Have they worked on the animation. I fired up the wii version the other day and the running/walking animation is all sorts of awful.
  3. Got to say when I moved from the pc and Xbox I found the PS4 dashboard to be minimal calming and easy to navigate. Horses for courses I guess.
  4. That doesn’t sound too shabby at all from the base product. I had to get add ins to get that sort of functionality on with fsx. Flying a big jet aircraft using the full systems is an awesome experience - if you like that sort of thing so it’s nice to see approaches and departures and some degree of automation being modelled.
  5. Question re the big jets. Do they have realistic systems simulations eg does the a320 have thrust levers that only set to automated settings like flex and then the bottom 50% is controllable when the auto throttle is disconnected and do they have programmable flight management computers?
  6. I think this is a fabulous offer and the games are really well chosen. I loved UC4 but had never played the older ones and journey had been on my to get list for ages and with the current situation seems really well chosen.
  7. Just went to grab these and there appears to be no service - my PS4 was connecting just fine yesterday. Anyone else having issues?
  8. This. I found 7 rather unpleasant and un classy. It was a real step backwards.
  9. I so yo me agree but I’m still curious mainly as a ditched my pc rig years ago and went Mac for computing tasks and PS4 for games. I was heavily invested in FSx and spent most of my time flying the aerosoft a320 and some of the pmdg planes. That was serious flying business probably my most “played” “game” ever. I can’t see how you could pull off even a rudimentary approximation of flying day an a320 on a console particularly if The flight deck controls are clickable.
  10. Are you all using a pc for this. I’m still fascinated with how it would work on an Xbox.
  11. Well on the lite I’m in the same boat. Everything is super super small.
  12. Just bought Zelda which will go beautifully on my switch lite delivered the other day. Can’t wait to get stuck in. MK8 is also super tempting too.
  13. Also does that look like a usb c socket?
  14. Just noticed the home button. The PS4 home button is just so nice. Rounded. Easy to press. Not too big. That looks far less pleasant to press. The Xbox one is pretty nasty as it is too flush and needs more of an aimed pointed press down.
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