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  1. Ah I see! Very interesting concept. Not sure I dig, but will see upon release.
  2. Edit 2: I am a plonker. Edit: for context I am talking about the time travel mechanic level, where you can jump between present and past. That doesn't matter, I am not even sure if The Medium is open world, but regardless the way games stream data in its essentially an identical example. The Player will likely be in one world and at a button press the other world (likely rendered below) will switch out. Open world or not, the game technically is doing nothing next gen from the trailers. I am still excited as a survival horror fan though.
  3. Titanfall 2 did this. The Medium isn't really a visual spectacle either. Love the art direction though. At least it has that!
  4. What a dull presentation. Incredibly current gen throughout and most of the games had already been announced/seen before. Game pass continues to be fantastic mind.
  5. Oh for sure. I can only imagine what sort of reflection scares that game could implement. Bonkers indeed!!!
  6. New Condemned game please or remake. Man, a Condemned remake would be incredible. That game was scarier than a drunken Geordie in Greggs.
  7. Gonna drop this cheeky Meowster Chief in here. Me and the Cat are hyped... at least she seems excited... My wife thinks I am mad...
  8. That was absolutely stinking. WWF Battlegrounds trailer was the cringiest, most nauseating thing I have seen in the video game space in a long time. Also, who gives a flying flip about another multiplayer shooter. Big F.
  9. This has been an incredibly dry year for Nintendo, and of course the pandemic has not helped. Hats off for them able to release Paper Mario, however I feel like they started to slow down before the pandemic was even a thing. Considering the last major direct was 10 months ago, I would have expected at least another, without even release dates, just information that what they have in the pipeline is legit. Huge Nintendo fan, and my fandom feeds my disappointment.
  10. Bloodborne especially is much more competent in the gameplay department for sure. If we were to go purely off game gameiness Bloodborne wins hands down. But this is something as far as an interactive experience goes. All the feels!
  11. I could not have said it better myself. And I think I would have much preferred that suggestion. But overall I am loving it, bar the forced infected fights (the ones where stealth is not an option).
  12. Oh you flew past me dude! I got stuck at the shadows of yarnham! No idea why but they nuked me!
  13. Aye it just had Sony Japan and BluePoint. Super excited to see Elden Ring, and I would bet my big toe that Bloodborne PC will be shown at the PC gaming show tomorrow, but dang... Demons Souls looking like this... TAKE MY DOLLARS!!!!!
  14. Looks incredible! Like REVII and 4 have been smashed together at high speed with some snow sprinkled on top!
  15. 5000 MB/s (read) and 4400 MB/s (write) Yeah they are not too cheap but the prices have come down significantly! I paid £200 for a 256gb Samsung NVMe a couple years back, where now you can get a 1tb Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4 NVMe for £170. Personally I do not mind paying £150ish on top of launch price of the PS5 if it will double my storage, but that might just be me! This wholly depends on Backwards compatibility too. I will likely be using the PS5 for exclusives only, so doubt they would fill the inbuilt SSD for a few years, whereas if it supports all the current PS4 exclusives I will likely need to double down pretty quickly! Like you say though it is a commodity, and not a necessity .
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