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  1. Most unions are a waste of time anyway and are in bed with the employer do little to improve actually working conditions, unless they are the rail union who can hold the government to ransom.
  2. And being a keyboard warrior is going to change things ? . It might make people feel a little better taking about it on the web, but I doubt it will change the working conditions of the game developers in question, unless one stops buying their products . With huge budgets and milestones to meet.Can't see long hours, not being a factor in games development myself.
  3. The handful you mean? Workers are more exploited in China, how many of us stop buying consoles or tech produced in China? We all know of the widespread abuse of workers, with low pay, long hours is rife in China and China runs over its own students for added measure.
  4. Mega CD

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    No trying to appeal to what one thinks one's YouTube and RestEra following wants to hear :p.
  5. And you be right... since I'm a worker too. If you want to change in the Video game industry don't support it. When the money stops, that's when they'll take notice and change. Not that I feel most of the top corps really abuse their workers.
  6. I never liked Eidos, not a huge fan of Tomb Raider. Sadly I do like AM#2 though and feel sorry for the staff that are expected to work until 2am.
  7. Mega CD

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Sadly when RestEra say it so, you haven't got a chance. So so when this is just more Crackdown and do to best quality, since the IP was introduced
  8. Mega CD

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Loving this at the mo, no doubt it be panned because RestEra says it rubbish
  9. So you don't buy video games. Keep on fighting for the workers
  10. Not when it's classed as 'overtime' Some employers are very clever at bending the rules when it suits
  11. hypocrite AM#2 long hours and workers not seeing their families is hardly laughable
  12. My employer looks for one to work the day after a Nightshift if there's understaffing and sometimes working a late shift, directly after doing a Nightshift. When our Union rules are meant to say, that a sleep day shouldn't be counted as a day off. It's not common practice, but it does happen.
  13. Well if you care for workers, one wouldn't be being video games because of the very reasons you highlight. Not until there's a change and its stamped out of the industry
  14. Its not nice to say it, but if long hours are not for you (not you personally) don't look to work in the Video game industry. Because long hours to meet deadlines seem common practice in the Industry
  15. In my job even if you work Nights, Sleep days are sometimes counted, when it suits the employer or indeed if I want to swap a shirt or work an extra. By in large, the extra hours of work I do, is by choice

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