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  1. Apart from owing SMS over £200,000 and having no money left?
  2. This Peter Jones isn't the same Peter Jones who started spectrumcomputing.co.uk though.
  3. It makes sense. Why spend your own money liquidating your own company when two of the creditors are solicitors and will do it for free?
  4. Paul Andrews has said that the price for "medium volume" would have been £45 per unit and that 5000 units would be considered "low volume". According to the leaks, SMS were charging RCL £1340 for ten prototypes at the start of this year: http://zxvega.co.uk/levy-leaks/sms-electronics/
  5. The 2017:07:07 date that the backer found is the colour profile creation date, not the actual date the photo was taken.
  6. You can alter the url of the indiegogo images to get to the original with the exif info. For example, the full size version of https://c1.iggcdn.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/c_limit,w_695/v1530532086/xx0zdyjshyv7rwortqbt.jpg is at https://c1.iggcdn.com/indiegogo-media-prod-cld/image/upload/v1530532086/xx0zdyjshyv7rwortqbt.jpg Credit to Mike Davies (Isofarro) for this discovery!
  7. This is old news, it's just taken time for the records to be updated.
  8. Unlike RCL, they didn't reach their original funding target on Indiegogo so the plan is for the retail sales of the mini to provide the additional capital needed to make the full size 64.
  9. Paypal donations (according to Fogarty) amount to £885 of the £1152 he claims he needs for the current server setup which, with 2 terabytes, is apparently not big enough. His Patreon account - the one he can't simply pluck a figure out of thin air for - currently stands at £0.
  10. Spectrum Computing links to the Internet Archive mirror of WoS for the magazine scans as they take up around 90GB. Fogarty could easily do the same and not require "donations" for his server, but for some reason he doesn't want to.
  11. According to the licence, they can use Fuse legally as long as they release their changes to the source code if anyone asks for it.
  12. This is the company that cut up some original Vega boxes to pass them off as new Vega+ boxes. There is no reason to think they wouldn't try to pass a prototype off as finished.
  13. That's not correct. They've been using Janko's firmware based on Fuse, which is easily distinguished from Chris Smith's version, since September 2016.
  14. There were prototypes at the Dizzy event a year ago that were used by people who were independent of RCL who reported no problems with them. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that one is with Janko to be flashed with the least buggy firmware and to have all the games removed - if there are no games then Indiegogo can't do much with it. History has shown that these units don't just appear randomly!
  15. It's almost certainly one of the old prototypes but Indiegogo won't know any better.

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