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  1. Ok, whom ever made that one is a genius.
  2. Alone in the dark always had superb atmosphere, except for that last one with the shitty driving because I never got that one. I loved the first ones, but also enjoy the one on Dreamcast. It had great atmosphere and great music. Listening to this you knew you were up against some black magic fuckery. Too bad the final boss was rubbish.
  3. Stevie

    The Man Utd Thread

    They said we finished second due to “individual brilliance” and now all of that is gone, and the players are the worst in the league
  4. Stevie

    The Man Utd Thread

    That’s what I’m doing
  5. That was a great story, and thank you for the pictures.
  6. Never worked in retail, but I made an observation in one of the stores in the 90’s. There was a promotion for Tomb Raider 2 (I think) and a model dressed up as Laura Croft was posing with guns and everything. She was surrounded by a mob of teenage virgins, and they just stared at her as she was doing karate kicks and waving her guns around. I bet she hated that gig.
  7. Ubisoft would be wise to scale everything down. Create smaller worlds with more quality. They also need to smarten up their games, after years and years of dumbing down. It’s like they have been constantly adding bells and whistles to a formula dating back two generations, instead of creating games based on the current one.
  8. This looks interesting
  9. Sounds great. Speaking of Resident Evil...I just watched RE2 remake VR on Youtube and it looks glorious.
  10. Ukrainian accent: it's on its way..brother.
  11. Rift S looks promising. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Oh, actual Myst VR!
  13. Ive been watching Skyrim VR videos for the past 40 minutes. Looks fun! What type of headset would you recommend for stationary gaming? I’m not interested in the most expensive ones.
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