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  1. I downloaded this last night when I got Origin Access.....I'm shocked that the studio behind Mass Effect has produced this abomination. This game is 100% shit. There are so many things wrong with it that I dont know where to begin.
  2. It didn't feel credible. Walking the streets of Prague you got the impression that you were playing indoors, maybe it was the skybox I dont know. but it just didn't feel credible. If there is one thing Eidos failed to do, it was to create a credible world. Alpha Protocol had the same problem. Even Half Life 2 did it better considering it takes place in eastern Europe.
  3. The level design in Deus Ex was terrible. Just terrible.
  4. I dont think its fair to compare 2077 with DE. Despite some cool things Deus Ex was quite narrow. When looking at 2077 you have to think larger, a larger world like Witcher 3.
  5. WW2 fighters>Birds of War
  6. Just started watching season 2 and it makes me uneasy. Theres something about the combination of a pedophile villain and gore that rubs me the wrong way. Or maybe its all in my head. The show is great though. Unique.
  7. The upgrade you have to do is a minor one, it usually boils down to buying a new GPU. I got a GTX1060 and its 2 years old if I remember correctly. I can run most games on max and it still performs better than the current consoles. When the time comes, I will buy a 2080 or something similar, and it will still be cheaper than getting a new console
  8. Mike Pondsmith responds to criticism on Reddit and its worth the read. It shows just how toxic and disruptive the twitter outrage mob can be, and luckily they didn't succeed this time.
  9. Stevie

    Which Dark Souls?

    Haha yes the rats was indeed a shitty boss Fume knight was excellent, same goes with ivory king and Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, looking glass knight, smelter demon, elana, sir alonne. I have yet to play Bloodborne....I'm starting that one tonight.
  10. Stevie

    Which Dark Souls?

    The second game is actually my favorite. It has hands down the most epic bosses of the series and its most balanced when it comes to poise. The PVP of 2 is also better than the first and third one.
  11. HBO show success drives Chernobyl tourism boom And what happens what a bunch of dumb asses goes to Chernobyl because its cool?
  12. Sadly I quit playing when I reached level 6 Kadingir Sanctum. At that point it felt more like an arena shooter than a single player game. I did like the game up to that point.
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