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  1. Everybody laughed when I said Cavani and VDB would start. But no ones laughing now
  2. Great news, almost done downloading the demo. Cant wait!
  3. I would gladly pay £100 for the perfect game, but it doesn’t exist. I would never in a million years pay £70 for a game….unless it’s a well made System Shock 3. I mean I’ve already waited for 22 years so what does a few extra quid mean in the grand scheme of things?
  4. Its going to be an embarrassment. Big companies are going to showcase 60fps and details on high together with sexualised booth babes and declare it next gen. They are going to hire actors who are in their 30's pretending to be gamers in their late teens holding controllers while pretending to be playing games when its actually prerecorded footage. They are going to show trailers with in game footage that has been heavily edited, and when the game launches people are going to be confused and angry because it doesn't look like anything they saw at E3. They lied, this is an outrage!!
  5. I was browsing Cyberpunk mods when I felt an urge to see whats going on with the Fallout community. Modded Fallout is a completely different game it seems. Its Call of Duty meets STALKER. They also imported Leon from Resident Evil. I think I have to reinstall.
  6. Greenwood has more talent, but Sancho has more experience and ability right now in my opinion.
  7. But he can mentor Greenwood. Sancho is better.
  8. Why would we want Haaland? We need a CM and CB.
  9. Ole has convinced Cavani to sign a new contract with United
  10. ESPN is the network where Liverpool players go to troll.
  11. Good times. We’re in the final, lads. Finals
  12. The only time I log on to Epic is whenever someone tells me there is a free game I shouldn’t miss. Epic games shat on their own leg, when I think Epic I think tryhard company giving stuff away for free. I still buy games on steam because…well why not? Epic Games? Epic fail.
  13. I think Cavani is starting against Roma, possibly VDB as well. They got a few minutes just to get their beaks wet.
  14. https://v.kickstarter.com/1619224944_75d7a211a7a9c7b1535db7e74d38f30376ddb5f4/projects/2304682/video-682080-h264_high.mp4 Pretty neat.
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