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  1. I dont mean to gatekeep console gaming, but I really dont look at handheld as a console like the Playstation or Xbox.
  2. Yes. Nintendo has given me so many good memories but it has become a stagnant company. The N64 was a fantastic console, but Nintendo decided it didn’t have what it takes to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo today is more of a niche and many of its followers will buy out of brand loyalty. I really wish they would get back in the console race.
  3. I’m happy about the result but of course a win would have been better. City incoming in 3...2...
  4. Yes, they are notorious when it comes to easter eggs
  5. I kinda feel bad for Jones. Sir Alex said he could be the greatest ever and now he’s a meme. I think the best thing is for him is to take a pay cut and reboot his career somewhere else.
  6. Control+C Control+P Star Assassins Far Wars.
  7. I'm not watching the Liverpool game either!
  8. Nice jinx attempt, but you got it all wrong. Liverpool is going to win 8-0. When Salah scores in the final seconds of the game a shooting star will appear signalling that god himself is pleased with the well deserved victory. Yes, Liverpool is going to win the game 100%.
  9. Oh! I was like hey the special effects looks like they were made in the 1980's (I'm a fool!)
  10. I'm not going to watch the game because I fear I might jinx it. Instead I'm going to lie in bed and listen to podcasts in the dark and maybe check my phone every 15 minutes.
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