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  1. And to think when they revealed the game almost everyone on here said who the hell was going to buy a full price port of a Wii U game?! Spoilers - It was everyone because no one bought a Wii U.
  2. If only there was a way for people to buy Pikmin 3 on Wii U for even less than the Nintendo RRP (pro consumer!)
  3. I mean they're alright, but this fake outrage about not being able to buy Pikmin 3, a seven year old game, off the Wii U eShop anymore is hilarious. I'm amazed people are even still visiting the store! Were any of you waiting for the price to drop in a sale before pulling the trigger on it or something?
  4. I too am outraged that after having seven years opportunity Nintendo have now taken away my ability to pay full price for a digital Wii U game.
  5. Yeah this is flat out incorrect. Imagine if people could just chill out and check facts for five minutes.
  6. It has new side story missions, whatever they are and something called the Piklopedia. Does that still keep it as them just pressing the port button?
  7. Who knows with Nintendo, maybe? Probably.
  8. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo once again showing they'll just drop a game when they feel like it.
  9. It's also a very, very easy PR move. Something as simple as your Bone controllers working on the X Series (I mean of course they do there's nothing new in them) now paints them further as the good pro consumer guys whilst Sony are anti consumer. Every move they've been making has been setting up this narrative so the media and the fans push Sony into that corner where they either do nothing and are automatically the bad guys, or they respond. This is by no means saying the stuff that Microsoft have been doing is bad or cynical or whatever, I love the moves they're making, but they've been extremely smart in doing them. It's taking what Sony did last gen with the "This is how you give a friend your game lol" video and going completely all in with it across the entire Xbox brand.
  10. Bojangle

    Fall Guys

    Yeah, there's literally 3 or 4 screens you have to press X on to bypass that explain the game to you on first boot.
  11. Bojangle

    Fall Guys

    I think they’ll survive.
  12. Bojangle

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's still called Xbox Game Pass.
  13. There's no TRC or XR for these features having the ability to be turned on/off. Similarly there's no mandate that you have to use x feature of the pad or console, though if you DO support something like Smart Delivery, or a feature of the DS5, it is considered a spotlight feature which means you're more likely to get a marketing push from either platform holder.
  14. 4 the players. Really does seem like something that the devs themselves should decide, I’d wager 90% of games won’t even use those new features. Hard not to be cynical about that choice.
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