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  1. I’m getting both and I’ll be enjoying everything Gamepass has to offer and third party games on the Series X and Sony’s exclusives on the PS5. Making the most of the strengths of each platform. Am I doing this right?
  2. Now we can move forward with the Sancho transfer, nice and efficiently like City have just done with Torres and Ake. Oh wait, I forgot we’ve got Woodward running things.
  3. Ah right. It must be a really subtle difference then. I can’t think of any Switch games that have made me appreciate that kind of rumble more than any Xbox or PS4 games.
  4. What’s HD rumble? I think the Xbox pad has force triggers and standard rumble (SD?), but I honestly don’t think it adds much.
  5. Is it something they’re still trying to sort out, or have Apple completely blocked it?
  6. @Harsin Why would anyone on here be insecure about their choice of console, when most of us will be getting both? Serious question by the way, because it definitely feels like that from some posters.
  7. Which PS5 games are going to launch in the first year though? Sure, there might be one or two, but by the time the big hitters arrive, I reckon MS will be launching stuff that you can only play on Series X/S. Sony haven't announced anything imminent that makes me want a PS5, but I'll be getting on board as soon as they start coming through (and they redesign the console). Any third party games should theoretically be better on Series X as well.
  8. Isn’t it the same reason you’ll upgrade to a PS5 though? Play your current games at better quality with faster loading times until the games arrive which take advantage of the system.
  9. Yeah, that does look amazing. Any news on whether it’s coming to Series X yet? It’s got to, right?
  10. They’d be absolutely mental to not offer full BC, seeing as a lot of people will have built up a decent digital library on PS4.
  11. Yeah, thanks. Sorted it earlier. Good deal that.
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