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  1. JPL

    Outer Wilds

    What that @Moz kid said up there. Love it my man. Edit: Can I just say, for anyone struggling, the ship’s log is your guide.
  2. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    I’ll bet Pete Brant’s remaining bollock that we don’t sign anyone this window.
  3. Why the thread title change? Have I missed something?
  4. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    We were always going to lose. Chelsea dropped points again yesterday, so it’s an inevitability we won’t close the gap.
  5. See. You appreciated those aspects of the GameCube. I appreciate the black monolith style of the new Xbox. It’s all good. Not sure why you think MS are dear to my heart. Yes, I do prefer their approach to gaming (apart from the beginning of this gen, obviously), but I couldn’t care less about them as a company. I don’t use any of their other products and I’ve got no intention of doing. Leave your childish console wars bollocks at the door.
  6. JPL

    Outer Wilds

    You know what? I’ve just realised I never had a single achievement pop while playing it. I must have been too wrapped up in it to notice. Looks like I might have to play through it again.
  7. Come on then @PeteBrant, show us what you think a good looking console looks like.
  8. And? It’s the first console to look like that and I think it looks good.
  9. What’s the middle left port on the back?
  10. I just love minimalist stuff. They started heading in the right direction for me with the Xbox One S, but even that had too many superfluous bits. I’m a designer though and love Apple’s approach to industrial design, so maybe I’m a bit biased.
  11. JPL

    Outer Wilds

    Yeah, no worries. I’d love to hear why you’ve struggled with it so much. I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to be doing when I first tried it, but a couple of pointers from the good folks in here and it really helped. It really is an excellent game once you get into the swing of it.
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