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  1. And only 2 points behind City!
  2. I hope they’re using that as a teaser for Alan Wake 2, rather than closure. It’ll be a shame if they never go back to it properly.
  3. It was really good, but I want them to get back to Alan Wake now. It’s still their best game. A next gen sequel would be excellent.
  4. JPL

    The Man Utd Thread

    I can’t see anything other than a loss today, with both Pogba and Martial out. Our squad is far too thin and our form has already reverted to the end of last season. I hope I’m wrong and they really go for it. We can’t afford to slip even further behind so soon.
  5. I just had to check that because I thought it was October, but that's US. Why do we have to wait another 3 months? Idiots.
  6. Yeah, as you say, that only appears once you’ve unlocked the ground pound ability.
  7. I can’t help you with this one, but I love these little puzzles that are dotted around. Have you found the rubber duck that moves every time you go near it?
  8. Maybe I need to leave the area to let it reset. I was running between rooms activating everything in different orders! I'll give it another go later.
  9. How did you do it?
  10. No worries. I thought you had it in for Endgame for some reason!
  11. Weird. I’ve finished it now and there’s nothing more hectic than the final run, but I never suffered with it once. I mean, it’s obvioualy pushing things pretty far and I’d dread to think what it’s like on the base consoles, but my point was it hasn’t been created with the next gen in mind.
  12. That final run is absolutely brilliant as well.
  13. Just out of curiosity @TheFixx, why would you give me a tear for giving Endgame 5/5? To be fair, my little lad shed a tear again over Iron Man and that’s one of the reasons I think it’s so good. He’s been with him on this entire journey and I really think it’s something that will stay with him for life. It’s been brilliant watching him grow up with it.
  14. This isn’t true though. It plays absolutely perfectly on my X, with the only weird bits being when you first load into a level or when you overlay the map. Both those things cause stuttering, but that feels like it’s been badly optimised, rather than the console struggling. In fact, during play I haven’t encountered any slow down at all and that’s really impressive with the amount of stuff going on. It obviously struggles on the base consoles though, so I’d say it’s been designed with the X/Pro in mind, rather than next gen consoles.
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