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  1. JPL

    Xbox Game Pass

    What, after coming in and specifically asking if there’s a trial for it with the console?
  2. This is going to be about 10-0 to Leicester, isn’t it?
  3. JPL

    Xbox Game Pass

    Before you do that, have you thought about loading up on Live and converting to GamePass Ultimate for £1? You’ll be set for 3 years then.
  4. That’s some praise. I haven’t played it, but is the world really better than BoTW or Cyberpunk?
  5. JPL

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh, you mean GamePass. I thought you were asking about Outer Worlds! I can’t help, sorry. I didn’t even check if there was a trial in the box.
  6. JPL

    Xbox Game Pass

    Don’t you have GamePass?
  7. I can see what they tried to do with the Prometheans, in that different weapons have different strengths against them and they have a shield that needs removing before you can finish them off. They saw how good the Elites were to fight against and wanted to give us their own spin on it. It just didn’t work out though and they’re the worst enemy to fight. It’s good that they’ve acknowledged this and have removed them (I think) from Infinite.
  8. As good as the v2 is, I think the consensus it to wait for v3 and hope they’ve addressed the build quality.
  9. True, but he was so bland and unconvincing in Rogue One, I think they’ve got a job on their hands to do something good with him.
  10. I wonder why they’re doing an Andor series? He was totally miscast and was one of the worst characters out of the latest Star Wars stuff. Hopefully they can swing it round with this.
  11. Have you got a Series X? It’s on Gamepass, well EA Play, and I think it’s got the fancy upscaling and FPS boost. I should really have another play through it.
  12. It’s an excellent controller, although not without some issues such as stick drift and sticky buttons. I’d still recommend it though, as it’s easily the best controller I’ve ever used. Keep your eye open for deals though. I’m sure I got mine from Very for about £100 and I got the original Elite controller bundled with a free copy of Assassins Creed Origins a few years back. But saying that, I’d probably wait until after E3 to see if they reveal a v3.
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