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  1. JPL

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Is that Murray who throws the ‘unloaded’ gun at her?
  2. JPL

    Half-Life: Alyx

    ...or just pulled into the station.
  3. Why? Are they just trying to shift old stock? Do Aldi usually do games consoles? As you can probably tell, I know absolutely nothing about Aldi.
  4. Yeah, it is a bit weird. They must have something lined up though, as how else will Aldi be able to undercut everyone by so much? I presume they try and keep price parity across retailers, even around Black Friday. Like I say though, I’m just guessing really.
  5. The second sentence says ‘Save on consoles...’, so hopefully they will and they just haven’t announced them yet. Somebody else might know better though. I’m just guessing/hoping.
  6. Yep, that’s exactly where I landed. I did manage to get to Stellar Bay eventually by just running it all the way! I was immediately given a quest outside the walls to go and search a corpse though, so I’ve headed off to the Groundbreaker to do some levelling. I must have missed the info about getting a navkey!
  7. I’ll go and have a poke around the Groundbreaker I think. Even trying to sneak past the beasts isn’t working and I end up just running away into even more trouble! I’ll get there.
  8. Am I supposed to go somewhere else first then, because this place feels way above my level and, I think, I completely rinsed Edgewater? The quest marker is over 1.5km away!
  9. Jesus Christ. I’ve decided to play a bit this evening, while squinting at the tiny text, and have just left Edgewater and flown to Monarch. It’s absolutely brutal. The place is completely overrun with mental hard beasts and I’m struggling to get anywhere. Is it supposed to be this difficult? I’ve only got it set on the default difficulty as well!
  10. JPL

    The Spurs Thread

    You don’t seem to understand how much of a scourge he is on the game. Yeah, you might have a new manager bounce and he might even go on to win you a few trophies, but none of it is worth it. He’ll have you playing horrible football, he’ll drag the players down, he’ll quickly turn into a sulking, moaning twat who blames everyone but himself and ultimately he’ll leave you in a mess, while getting sacked and picking up a huge payout for his troubles. He’s absolute poison.
  11. @fattakin @replicant Yeah, I know MS are handling it better and pitching it as complementary to their consoles, but I was more asking about the tech and why a lot of people seem to be complaining about the lag with Stadia, but saying it’s not too bad on xCloud.
  12. Fair enough. Each to their own and all that. I’m enjoying it though and that’s good enough for me.
  13. How come this seems to be getting a bit of praise, but Stadia is being slated? They’re using the same technology, aren’t they?
  14. I’m all for different views, but this is terrible. It’s too Star Wars/it’s not Star Wars enough. It’s boring/goes on to talk about the exciting action. He’s not bad arse enough/immediately goes on to talk about him killing all the dudes in the bar in the first 5 minutes. Loads of stuff like that all the way through. It’s just really contradictory and badly done. Fair enough if you don’t like it, but that review won’t convince anyone it’s shit!
  15. JPL

    The Spurs Thread

    You poor, poor bastards. I genuinely feel sorry for what you’ve got to come.
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