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  1. @Mortis Nice job and welcome to the hobby! I'm doing Spartacus too at the moment (very slowly).
  2. Yep, probably slightly less expensive these days.
  3. Great work all. Had a new arrival last week so painting is out the window for a while! @Cocky Good to see another tutorial, your new ones are much easier to follow. @NickyNice one on the streaming, I'll have to stick it on between feeds
  4. Any recommendations for stripping plastic? Products easily obtainable in UK appreciated.
  5. Yeah it is a lot for a new player. I would probably buy 1 or 2 of the faction groups if they offered them separately.
  6. These look awesome, buying a house at the moment though so spending the guts of 300 quid on minis I'll never finish painting and probably never play with is out the window!
  7. @RFTLooks great, that must have taken ages! What game is it for?
  8. Isn't it harder on smaller details (like you cables)? I've never tried but can't imagine how you would have the space on a small bit like that to create the effect.
  9. Kzo

    What are you playing?

    Missed the S&S KS but would like to get it at some point, maybe have a look when all the content is released. Do you have the KS version and is there much exclusive content? Also remember something about a scenario designer app or similar facility for community created content, did that ever come out?
  10. Cheers for the suggestions all, some fun looking stuff there! We have this (and love it), though we've had to proxy in Vader and Royal Guard Champion from IA as gladiators the last few games as the figures have been sitting primed on my desk for a few weeks
  11. Recommendations for games for 5 - 7 players which aren't party games and take less than 3 hours?
  12. That's amazing @JoeK, really interesting style.
  13. Kzo

    Gaming Rage

    That's hilarious, I couldn't imagine someone getting on like that in real life. We do shout and rage at each other in my group but that's half the craic and we specifically prefer games that provoke this behaviour.
  14. Kzo

    What are you playing?

    In case you're interested (and hadn't heard), the video game version of Tomb of Annihilation is free with Twitch Prime at the mo.

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