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  1. Oh, my 9 year old loves High Hopes - it's his favourite song at the moment! And I love Centuries, despite that stupid Tom's Diner bit that I can't help feeling they should have left out. I'll definitely be playing this week!
  2. Unfortunately I've been pretty ill since last Tuesday, and although I'm better it's left me with a really bad cough, so I fear Miracle Man (or even any kind of singing at all) is beyond my capabilities at the moment!
  3. Well, it turned out that the microphone was in Twig's wardrobe all along! We're going away this weekend but I may be in on Friday night, and if so I'll try to get some singing in then. I actually like all the spotlights this week!
  4. I was going to do some singing for the first time in ages the other night, but unfortunately our microphone has gone missing! Hopefully it'll turn up soon (our son has a tendency to lose things so I suspect it's in the same place as his new camera, which has been missing for about six months).
  5. No worries, I'm not sure I'll be playing this week myself. Hope you feel better soon!
  6. In case anyone's interested:
  7. Ha! The Reason used to be Twig's favourite song on Singstar, back in the day. I don't think he actually liked the song, just enjoyed singing something so ridiculously overwrought! So he can do the vocals for that one. I don't really remember it (apart from the chorus, obviously...'And the reason is youuuuuuuuuu!!!!').
  8. Sorry ryanski, not really feeling it at the moment (and I know Twig is the same). Never heard any of those songs before and we've recently become addicted to the Good Place so have been watching that instead!
  9. I didn't bother at all last week, but this week looks better!
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