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  1. Yeah. Point still stands doesn't it?
  2. I've always rated Rice, but couldn't believe how he was blowing out of his arse after that one run into the corner. Is he still a bit short of fitness? West Ham were good today. Wouldn't have deserved a point but a lot to like about them. If that new Czech they've bought in can live up to the other two I reckon they'll be a shoo in for European football.
  3. Rob is a top fella, and calls it fairly regardless of his support.
  4. No. They were both errors by officials, and the grown-up thing to to do is acknowledge them, and move on.
  5. Geeat win, away to a good side. It's still a patchwork quilt in the middle, but that'll be a great bus home.
  6. You can set your watch by Moyes overcompensating when there's an overload. Great finish from Lingard but that space was always going to be there.
  7. The way that right channel has opened up, you'd think Sancho would get a chance here.
  8. Would've taken Ronnie off and pushed Mason up top, but not the worst subs.
  9. Wouldn't be breaking those two up unless one of them has a problem.
  10. I had the pleasure of his company a good twenty years back. He was lovely and also extremely funny. Nice to see a lot of love for him on his passing.
  11. Good half of football against a well-drilled side. Grew into it, and the own goal was just one of those things. Bruno, Ronnie, Mason all sharp. Fred and Shaw lively too. Keep at it with the same attitude and they should be alright.
  12. If they're both fit and ready. Hopefully McTominay is.
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