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  1. It would be fantastic if it could be made to play on an in-cockpit screen.
  2. Not to those casuals I wouldn't think.
  3. Snagging casual Ronaldo fans I suppose. Probably saw a good deal there.
  4. It's not my cup of tea but I'm surprised nobody has listed Football/Champ Manager yet.
  5. Not to change your mind or anything, but playing Darkest Dungeon with the mindset of keeping everyone alive will always be a let-down. A fair chunk of it is feeding meat to the grinder. Decent game.
  6. Focusing on others that have been overlooked thus far: Outrun Wipeout Amnesia tDD Flower
  7. If anyone cares to recommend mods, I'm all ears.
  8. Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans come on. Good stuff.
  9. Fifteen years ago perhaps. By now it's just something that hit the mark more sharply a generation ago, in its original form, than a rehashing through a modern portal. Still, your man above is right, more fool me for clicking on the link to start with.
  10. "...Delphine, who has built up a body of work that can be read as satirical..." The whole thing is fucking ridiculous, but Jesus. Body of work? Satirical?
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