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  1. I wouldn't think about that on a first run through. Do get used to the idea of using a gunshot as a parry though - can be very useful.
  2. I got a cheap year sub what with the lockdown - don't stream anything but already had decent value from downloadable stuff. Just with PS2 Katamari Damacy was available.
  3. Sorry you feel that way. You said you just wanted to get to the end of it, so there didn't seem to be much point selling you on the idea of sticking with it any longer.
  4. Fair enough. From games really aren't for you then. Just deal with the end boss and crack on with something else.
  5. It fleshes out a couple of lore threads in a really smart way. There's some amazing level design and for my money three of the best From boss fights. Some of the extra gear is pretty tasty too.
  6. It's the best DLC, and Bloodborne isn't the same without it.
  7. Frenzy is a pain but it isn't cheap. It all makes sense and can be worked through with a little care.
  8. Of recent times it's the area transition after the Maria fight in Bloodborne's DLC. Just stunning. And Noita. Just playing the damned thing.
  9. Noita. 10. Best game I've ever played tbh.
  10. Oh mate nice one! They weren't falling cherries, they were rising balloons!
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