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  1. GamesGamesGames

    Great lines in videogaming.

    "Aah, you were at my side, all along. My true mentor... My guiding moonlight..."
  2. GamesGamesGames

    Great lines in videogaming.

    Oh it's a belter. It's so good that my mind has retrofitted it into the original, and I was surprised not to hear it earlier when I took it for a spin. That whole series of games is built around the one line for me these days.
  3. GamesGamesGames


    Some folk don't even need to go up the stairs and kill the caster types, but I ain't one of them. As memory serves, pelt upstairs, bash shades out of them, then clobber the boss' sides til he conks out.
  4. GamesGamesGames

    Great lines in videogaming.

    I can't find a thread for this, but surely there's been one? Please merge if that's the case, thanks. Anyway, writing and performance play a huge part in my work life, and much as there have been some huge strides in videogame writing over the last couple of decades, it's still a way adrift of less-interactive media (inevitably IMO, but that's a whole other can of worms). That's not to say there haven't been some blinding bits of work though, and it would be nice to celebrate them here, ideally with a little bit about why they hit you the way they do. I've just been reminded of my favourite. Funnily enough it's from the mid-noughties arcade scene and I'd wager there wasn't a writers' room in sight. It's as lean and evocative as anything in gaming, and spreads out into so many imagined worlds. A perfect line.
  5. GamesGamesGames

    SEGA AGES: OutRun

    I just played this on a new 3DS and, without wanting to sound too 2019 internet, I was only an inch away from getting weepy. I was a kid again for a second. I'm going to pump a bit more leisure time into my ultimate iteration of OutRun and, even if this isn't my field, maybe pimp it around here and there and see if anyone might bite. It would be my dream racer.
  6. GamesGamesGames

    Oculus Quest - Out Now - £399 (64GB), £499 (128GB)

    I'd place Cave of Forgotten Dreams here.
  7. GamesGamesGames

    Funny Things In Games

    The most I recall laughing at a game was MGS V. So much messing about. My favourite was placing a decoy in the back of a pick-up. I drove towards a checkpoint, jumped out and deployed it as it arrived. The guards were in full aggro mode at it, but the moving vehicle meant it was flopping and weebling all over the place.
  8. GamesGamesGames

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    Hard times bebeh. Hope there's a muffler DLC.
  9. GamesGamesGames

    Playdate-A new handheld console thingy

    Given the audience, that crank will get some hammer.
  10. He Wonderful, 101 With CEX on the verge of administration, a native American chief is put in charge of the business, and chooses a CEO passed over for a sales position so many years ago.
  11. GamesGamesGames

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Is there a link to all his comments there or something like that? Would be a valuable resource in attempting to laugh up my spleen.
  12. GamesGamesGames

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    That mention of Xybots has just Prousted the shit out of me. Thanks for that. Lovely feeling.
  13. GamesGamesGames

    FromSoftware + George R.R. Martin: E3 reveal incoming?

    I'd hope that wasn't Martin - not much of a writer, however successful his world-building has been. I imagine he'd be a decent one-stop shop for research help though, which is a huge time saver.
  14. GamesGamesGames

    FromSoftware + George R.R. Martin: E3 reveal incoming?

    Hopefully Martin was hired to fetch biscuits and nothing else. Miyazaki doesn't need lore or story help. His work is peerless on that score.
  15. GamesGamesGames

    Gaming things a younger you would never believe

    For all developments, nobody ever truly topped Kick Off 2.

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