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  1. I don't necessarily agree with this, but I do think he has lost the drive and charisma to pull his troops together and die for a shared cause. If football was about pulling a group of strangers together and preparing them for a one-off match, I'd still back him over any other coach not to lose. Unfortunately for him there's a lot more to it than that, and what once held a squad in his thrall now smacks of rambling paranoia.
  2. Very good second half that. Doesn't half make a difference when Pogba is pushed up out left. All his best football at Juventus came from there.
  3. Classic Lindelof for their goal. Can't believe McTominay is still on the pitch. If that was a foul then it was a second booking.
  4. His Master's Voice was my favourite serious sci-fi of recent years. For a lighter action romp with a lot of schlocky charm I'd go for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which also has my favourite opening sequence of recent times.
  5. Everything OK Computer is claimed to be has somehow become the case, over time, for U2's Zooropa.
  6. Susan Tyrrell. Can't think of a screen actress who comes close. Binoche and Huppert are obvious shouts too. EDIT: Actually, maybe not Tyrrell, as I'd be watching most of that purely for her talent and not for the enjoyment of the films (although Fat City is unbeatable tbf). Monica Vitti instead.
  7. Would really appreciate it if you could upload that .ass somewhere.
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