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  1. That second half should shut up those who think Rice and Philips is overkill. Grealish (in the middle) and Saka should have played themselves into the starting XI.
  2. Best half of football in the tournament so far.
  3. I don't think that's a bad decision given how the Czech's have been playing. In an ideal world he'd come on after an hour with them chasing the game.
  4. I reckon Grealish in the middle might make up for it.
  5. Yeah, United are all over this England squad.
  6. It's daft to conflate club and international statistics - there's so much of a difference between the two roles. Can't quite work out where an online Pro Evo stat fits into any of it either tbh.
  7. Clearly more than was deemed sensible. Pair of idiots.
  8. Sooner or later you're going to have to beat a decent side. Might as well focus everything on having the right rhythm and momentum to do so.
  9. Ukraine game has started well. Austria just gone one up from a corner.
  10. I think he's a level above even Jackson (and I was lucky enough to see him starch out Graham live). Like with all the best punchers, he never looks like he's getting everything behind it but somehow.... It's not that he's without technique of course, but I see him throw some shots and it's straight-up Shinto how they do so much damage.
  11. Because it builds and you really need to expectorate for the good of your breathing. It's a sport, so it's not like you can just ease up until everyone is good to go.
  12. Quite the statement I know, but I think he's the best overall puncher I've ever seen. Both hands, such easy movement and power, and amazing accuracy. Love him.
  13. You can't not spit under that amount of physical strain. You could spit into something, sure, but then you need shorts in pockets, and that's not a function in any present kit.
  14. Two clean sheets, qualification near-assured, and the sense that there are gears still to be found. That's not a bad place to be in a tournament.
  15. I'd go along with a lot of this. I suppose it's one of those be careful for what you wish for jobs now that the hyperactive playground football of gegenpressing is in fashion. For all the Barcelona/Spain passing carousel could become trancelike, at least its foundations were founded on footballing technique as opposed to hard running. The middle-ground is my preferred. United '08, and to a lesser extent '99. Bayern in the season before Guardiola came in. Those great Swiss army knife sides that had a tool for every job. Spain's great tournament run was just too good at its plan A, a
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