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  1. Come on @dumpster- share the secret to this. Yours, Self-employed guy, with never enough hours.
  2. Snatch up a load of 2+ value cards, roll the dice. Great fun.
  3. Q: If you have the Snecko relic (forget the name), does using Snecko oil 'reconfuse' you i.e. randomly shuffle the hand cost again?
  4. Glad this thread has popped up during GotD chat. It deserves to be in the conversation.
  5. Two egregious oversights, on reflection. So: D1. Sleep is Death D2. Bloodborne D3. PES Series (can't pick a given year) D4. Dark Souls D5. Inside D6. Fez D7. Into the Breach D8. The Witness D9. Nex Machina D10. MGSV
  6. Don't feel qualified for this year - haven't gamed much - but will contribute for the decade. Game of the Decade D1. Sleep is Death D2. Bloodborne D3. PES Series (can't pick a given year) D4. Dark Souls D5. Inside D6. Into the Breach D7. Stellaris D8. Dark Souls 3 D9. Nex Machina D10. MGSV There's at least one Switch exclusive I know would break this ten, had I had chance to get stuck into it.
  7. Great run just now, Ironclad A5. Self-inflicted mayhem rules. Had to take the left-hand path every time. Had to take the leftmost card every time. Utter car crash. Managed to steer it to the last Elite of Act 3 before going down in flames. Mint.
  8. Haven't had chance to get stuck into this in VR as yet. I'm on a PS4 Pro and would be interested to know how smooth it is in its most-recent version, so if anyone can fill me in that'd be appreciated. Ta.
  9. If you're aware of how slowly these wheels turn, and you're wanting to warn people in the here and now...that's a very difficult, thankless moral call to make. Edit: Noting of course that the mob is a by-product of the action, not the root intent.
  10. I don't - I'm not a programmer of any kind, and my bread and butter is better served by studios and networks. Had it been a shorter job with a greater responsibility to build the world, I probably would have pushed, but it turned out for the best that I didn't.
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