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  1. I know this gets asked on every other page so I can only apologise but I could really do with checking before I drop £120 on it - does the Gold to Gamepass conversion trick definitely still work?
  2. As I understand it Danny told his Patreon subscribers he’s going to be taking a more active role at Giant Bomb for the time being, and (I think) even has a small number of contracted hours. He also has Giant Bomb in his Twitter profile now. thoughts and prayers with @Pockets
  3. I’m also curious to know this. I’ve accidentally found myself playing through the whole RE series, largely on the Switch, and am debating whether to go full completist.
  4. I’m definitely at the ‘bargaining/acceptance’ stage of grief as I’m now looking forward to the Jeff/Jeff era of the Bombcast. It’s been easy to lose sight of given the poignancy of the original team leaving, but a Bombcast crew of Jeff, Jeff, Danny, Jan, and Jason is easily the best line-up since Dan went to the Beastcast. What Bakalar offers - goofy energy, and the ability to riff off literally anyone - is exactly what they’ve been missing.
  5. If Vinny starts a woodworking podcast/YouTube channel I am 100% getting into woodworking. That’s a promise.
  6. This is unplayable (because of lag) on my iPhone and iPad. I get the ‘your network may be experiencing problems’ error message despite speed tests showing my speed, latency and jitter numbers should be more than capable of running things smoothly. Does anyone else have this issue, or an idea of what might be the problem? Or is it just a wonky beta?
  7. The last few minutes of the final stream were heartbreaking. Nothing lasts forever, indeed. I’ll miss them so much, they were a constant source of joy and companionship for so many years. Can’t even guess how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent listening to them all.
  8. So excited for this. I think Judgement could well be be my favourite RGG game. It's definitely my favourite story.
  9. I think if your tastes lean more towards the arcade-y side of things I’d definitely get Horizon Chase Turbo. It’s not going to win any awards for originality but it’s very fun. I was in a similar mood to you for a racing game and it absolutely hit the spot.
  10. I am absolutely hooked by this, having never properly got into a Monster Hunter before. I played a couple of hours of World and enjoyed it but was frightened and confused by the hub area so reluctantly bounced off it, and the last Switch MH completely turned me off after only a few minutes. There's still large swathes of this I don't think I properly understand but it's not getting in the way of my enjoyment so far. Most of what I'd heard about previous Monster Hunters was how difficult it was to get multiplayer up and running so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I love the mu
  11. Are there any deals going at the moment for existing subscribers? It’s hard to keep track. I’m paying full price at the moment which I’m generally happy to do given the incredible value (I have a PC and a Series S). That said, I’m under strict orders to tighten my purse strings, so if there are any loopholes still around... Afforded a bit of spare time yesterday and faced with the embarrassment of riches on offer on GamePass yesterday I settled on playing through Doom (original) for the umpteenth time. No regrets.
  12. These are all great tips and exactly what I was looking for - thank you!
  13. I've really enjoyed my time with this but I'm quite shit at it. I'm on the final stage with Axel on Normal, and it seems to me at least like a huge difficulty spike. After only having to repeat a level a few times beforehand, I've had maybe 15 runs at it, including with maximum assists, and I've made it to what I assume is the last iteration of the final boss but get trounced pretty quickly (I also invariably chew through my lives in the section where you fight the endless stream of fat blokes). I feel like there's some element of the combat I'm missing? Anyway, I'm on the verge o
  14. No comments on the final GOTY podcast? These are always my favourite bits of Giant Bomb content, and I really look forward to them each year. I think this was the best GOTY since at least 2016. They nailed the format (having two categories a day, one serious and one not so serious) and not being in the same room had a surprisingly positive impact on discussions. While I’m not devastated that Ben is leaving (although clearly I like him quite a bit more than most in this thread), he was always good value at GOTY and so it proved again. While I think Abby was a great
  15. Has anyone else pre ordered on PS4 and not had their demo unlock for this? It’s saying it’s unlocking the same day as the full game on my purchased screen, which is clearly wrong. Wondering if anyone could shed any light...
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