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  1. Has anyone else pre ordered on PS4 and not had their demo unlock for this? It’s saying it’s unlocking the same day as the full game on my purchased screen, which is clearly wrong. Wondering if anyone could shed any light...
  2. Brilliant. Kiwami 2 it is. And great to know that you can do the ‘Previously on...’ thing in-game.
  3. I’m nearing the end of Judgment, finished and loved Yakuza Zero, and bounced hard off Yakuza Kiwami. I’m keen to jump back in with another Yakuza game as I am currently looking after a one week old baby and am finding the relatively relaxed style of gameplay absolutely perfect for late nights with a baby under one arm. However I’m not sure which to go for - I’m thinking Kiwami 2 as I’ve heard that’s way better than Kiwami 1, but also wondering about 6, not least because it apparently has baby rugby. Any tips?
  4. Sorry - I had a work call and had to shoot off, which resulted in my Switch powering off. Back open with the code 85X39
  5. I'm open - my island is very basic but I'm buying turnips for 401 bells. Come say hi! B68HD
  6. My order from Game dispatched yesterday! Which was a nice surprise.
  7. I managed to snag one from Game! Fingers crossed. My Stockinformer email came at 17.30 weirdly...
  8. Do you think that was a glitch, or do you actually think they sold out in under a minute?
  9. Well this is just a delight isn't it. I'm open right now and I have apples for anyone who wants them by the airport - 3M9S5
  10. Is this...is this the greatest launch line-up of any games platform in history? I'm not even being facetious. I've played six or seven games so far and none have them have been anything less than fun, unique and interesting, and there are at least 30-40 games I've seen listed that have me equally excited. I had some serious gaming time put aside this weekend for the first time in a while, with plans to finish Fire Emblem and Gears 5 as well as wanting to spend some time on the Call of Duty beta. It says something that they all got neglected in favour of working my way
  11. Ditto. This game is going to be huge isn't it?
  12. I really liked the gameplay in this in the same way I enjoyed PC Building Simulator - it is equally fun, relaxing and satisfying to virtually fix stuff. Plus it is as aesthetically beautiful as you would expect from the team behind Monument Valley. I found the story pretty trite thought, and it massive overplays its hand in terms of sentimentality very early on. The very first puzzle ends with Barf.
  13. Yeah, the ‘shop’ on the console is just a form to enter codes. I haven’t seen evidence of anyone being able to make it work, which makes sense given the disparity in prices. The Hotline Miami collection, for example, is £3.49 on the Argentinian eShop, £22.49 in the UK.
  14. Heave Ho! is genuinely an all time great quick look.
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