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  1. This game is still really easy to get into some MP and has years and years worth of good stuff to do. I've still barely scratched the surface across probably 100 hrs between 3DS and Switch.
  2. Stanshall

    PES 2020

    The case was dropped by the accuser about a month ago, in fact.
  3. I've formatted my Pro over the weekend and boxed up the PSVR and stuff, too. I'll be flogging it at CeX or eBay if I can be arsed. I just don't use it ever. Switch and 360 get equal use, loads. One X gets used maybe once a week. Pro probably been used two or three times since I got another PSVR last BF.
  4. Please understand: It's not that you're critical of a game I enjoyed because I've shared plenty of my own criticisms in this thread, it's that you're in no position to make sweeping statements because you've barely touched it. I've no interest in an argument about it, but you might be a bit more patient before saying such and such is 'pointless'. Hope you enjoy it more as it goes on.
  5. That's absolute bollocks and you wouldn't know because you've played about ten percent of the game.
  6. I have nothing positive to say in reply so I'll let you enjoy the game, in your own way.
  7. @kensei Apologies fella. I was being facetious because @Broker queried whether they were even worth bothering with.
  8. Switch Lite Pro, that's defo coming. I'm hoping for the Switch Pro Lite, personally. Can't dock it but the 5" screen is 4K.
  9. They just put all the prosthetic stuff in as a joke at the player's expense. Absolutely useless all of it. Instead of just having the Pendant, they built an entire system and did all the artwork and animations and stuff but it's actually got no value at all.
  10. I don't know why that made me laugh but it did.
  11. I got one, too. Thanks for the heads up, gents. This will sort me out for Einhander and G-Darius, among many others.
  12. Stanshall


    For reasons unknown, it's not available but it's being investigated. I really feel for the dev here, it was starting to make a little noise in various parts. This is the last thing he would have wanted. Psyvariar Delta physical shipments are finally on their way, I believe, but I can't believe how little marketing there was for the digital release. It's an absolute stunner.
  13. @Horribleman I definitely enjoyed it but it's not very accommodating and I got nowhere near a winning run. Lots to like about it, defo, but I would have loved a slightly shallower difficulty curve!
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