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  1. What's the line Ellie says when she reaches the park and the first Scars encounter? Something like "I'd better cross the park" or "looks like I'll have to cross the park". I remember thinking at the time that that would be an iconic line and moment and sure enough, those whistles and that whole encounter were chilling. I felt it was coming, like with the horse and trap mine, but it still shocked me. SCCHHHLUNK! I definitely found the Scars more terrifying and intense than the Wolves or Rattlers. The original definitely had some very intense set pieces, both occasions when you're fighting alongside David were amazing. The Bill dangling bit. Various instances where it gets a bit hordey. This is on another level, though. There are probably twenty encounters more intense and memorable than anything in the first game.
  2. @Mike S I'd suggest pushing on to the next section.
  3. I've learned very gradually over the years that when I assume someone is trolling, that's usually because my expectations of people are far higher than reality.
  4. Stanshall


    Missile Dancer is a pretty good 16-bit Crimzon Clover-lite on the Japanese eShop. That description is probably very generous but it's a good game and quite satisfying. It's basically all about the lock on. Nice little rhythm to it, though. 50% off at launch, so less than a tenner.
  5. I will completely take your word for it. Sounds a whole lot more varied than TLOU2 from what I've read. This is gameplay which features stealth, rather than a 'stealth game' with all that the genre implies, and none of which has ever interested me.
  6. I didn't only write STEALTH... MGSV...but nevertheless, I'll reiterate. As someone who simply does not enjoy stealth games and sight cones and fail states for getting spotted and waiting in the same spot for enemies to complete their pathing routines and all that, this hits a real sweet spot for me. It's aggressive stealth, all about as much quick, quiet, localised violence as you can manage while constantly being on the move, and constantly pressured by the AI, no matter the enemy type. When that approach reaches the tipping point, and it becomes a full on action game, it comes alive even further, but you can still transition back into the aggressive stealth mode by clearing your particular corner of the map and moving away from the hot spot you've just created. By all means, take out the shotgun to alleviate the pressure, but get moving once the job is done. That's why I made the comparison to MGSV which is much better as a versatile stealth game, and one which I played for 250 hours, but not as good as an action game. Compared to the combat in the first game, this also has a vastly improved and much more varied set of tools and so the resource management decisions you make are far more nuanced than health/molotov. I literally could not give a fuck how anyone else chooses to spend their time or money in this hobby, nor if they watch this rather than play it, but I will say that it's the impactful, adaptive, aggressive decision making which I enjoy about it so much, and that's something you can't experience without making those decisions for yourself.
  7. @Talk Show Host I should be upfront that I don't enjoy stealth games for the most part, so MGSV is the ne plus ultra for me. Stuff that's pure stealth has no appeal. To that end, TLOU2 is perfectly balanced, on the aggressive extreme of the stealth spectrum. That's what appeals to me.
  8. @Broker The gameplay is the best ever of its kind. Only MGSV is superior to this as a stealth game, but it can't compare in the third person action genre. I'd also say that this is better than RE2 Remake as a survival horror game. It's big talk and I've had a couple of robust Trappist beers but I would molotov a dog to defend this position.
  9. @wev I'll let you figure it all out but as a general rule, your stats won't make that much difference to the damage you do. Upgrading your weapon is much more significant. I'd recommend levelling up Endurance and Vitality before anything else. If you want something else to keep in mind, upgrading ADP (adaptability) will increase your agility which will give you more invulnerability frames (i-frames) during your roll, making it easier to dodge through attacks. Yes, really. Agility tops out at 110 but if you're playing a melee character, you'll want to get it up around 100 over the course of your run. It makes a big difference.
  10. Stanshall


    Cheers mate. That's far more helpful than I could have expected, really appreciate it. I'll drop them a line and look forward to having a play with it. Might finally be the time for the Brook UFB, as well.
  11. Stanshall


    @Klatrymadon Hey, man. I saw a review of the LS-62-01 of yours on Arcade World. A dude I know recently fitted one to his stick and he loves it, so I'm tempted. I've got an LS-32 currently in the Hori RAP Ex (360). I don't know if you have an idea whether the 62 would be a straight swap or if I'd need to do a bit more? I'll probably gamble anyway but trying to figure out what other materials I might need before it arrives. If you're not sure, no worries at all, just throwing it out there in case. Also, not sure exactly when I'll head back but on a related note, it's great to see Arcade Club is reopening if you didn't see the news.
  12. There's only one on the Switch. It's good.
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