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  1. Dark Souls 3

    Thats honestly the best move.
  2. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    This kind of handholding third person motion blur mega detail minimal interaction thing is so not my thing these days but this is spectacular so far. Combat is crunchy as fuck. Thumping. I'm more a fan of the stylised look than this PlayStation-y uncanny valley Uncharted/HZD waxy business but it does look fucking nice. Can't wait to sacrifice the little runt kid, presumably that's where it's going. That first proper boss fight was like moving through the gears. Hope it maintains this momentum.
  3. Dark Souls 3

    I downvoted you, just because you're wrong about the first game. The second was somehow dragged into a barely cohesive state but at least all of the lore reiterated the same theme in the vanilla game, and then they tidied it up even further with the Scholar rework and added extra bits of glue. The third game is a lore cluster fuck, and unsatisfying to me, but it's mechanically brilliant. The first game is details upon details both environmentally and in dialogue and reinforced by item descriptions. It was conceived as a perfect circle and while some geographical areas and enemy placements in the second half obviously haven't had the same care and time as the first half, conceptually, they're rock solid.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Apart from Souls games, MGSV and Drive Club, there is nothing on the PS4 that I've played more than I've played even something like Splatoon 2, and I feel like I've hardly touched that. It's so easy to have a few rounds though and leave it for a fortnight and then dip back in for another quick session. Same with ARMS. I've played fifty hours but seldom more than half an hour at a time. Then you look at Isaac or Zelda and you're talking two or three hundred hours. I'm sure Gungeon will end up there, and Darkest Dungeon and loads more eventually.
  5. Neo Geo mini coming

    Fuck. I have bought about twenty NG games on the Switch. Probably could have got this sorry little bastard for half the price and triple the games. I suppose I would have one more box to hide.
  6. Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    ^ Admin: Please ban. (Really enjoying this ongoing torment.)
  7. Dark Souls has constant saving on the fly, which is another reason why it feels like everything matters.
  8. Direct question, direct answer: I don't like seeing anyone picked on and it's a little bit like shooting fish in a barrel with you sometimes, which makes me slightly uncomfortable. My gut impression (right or wrong) is that you deliberately post things that (you think) will go just enough against the grain to aggravate some folks. This (edit: I meant the Switch thread) is probably the most popular thread around and you do seem to post with a certain amount of schadenfreude and pessimism, which is unlikely to go down too well. I don't really blame anyone for being a bit prickly. That might not be a fair assessment but just wanted to be plain speaking since you asked. I like some of your posts though and find some of (what I perceive as) your trolling stuff to be knowingly absurd, which can be funny, e.g. Grade 5 Music. Anyway, as you were.
  9. Fuck, I was a bit hasty in quitting my job.
  10. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    Exciting stuff. Did you ever play Excite Truck on the Wii @elmo? That's what it's like in my head. Not got too long to wait, anyway!
  11. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    If this does well, I'll be really chuffed for Rushy and the team. DriveClub is my most played non-Souls game on the PS4, which says a hell of a lot. Can't wait for it.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    And perfect for putting all those lovely vertical shmups into tate mode!
  13. Nintendo Switch eShop

    What else you got? For that £12-£18 range, you might also want to consider Celeste, a twitchy Meat Boy/Bleed kinda platformer with a gorgeous soundtrack and art direction. Golf Story will probably give you the best value in terms of hours but neither Axiom Verge nor Celeste is short, especially if you take on the extra challenge levels in the latter. I haven't really got into Golf Story, mind you. It's been a pretty slow start, I'm still not entirely sure what it is - which isn't necessarily a bad thing in today's often homogeneous climate. Enter the Gungeon is another popular belter, a roguelike shmup with lots to unlock, probably hundreds of hours of gaming if it clicks. It took a while for me but it's started to pull me in.
  14. You've peaked. Bravo. Trolling in excelsis.

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