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  1. Sadly not! That sounds amazing. I've got a mate in Berlin but never made it over to visit him yet. Hopefully in the next couple of years, that's the plan.
  2. They don't require fast reactions or complex inputs, though. They just require you to pay attention, to be patient and to be aware of your limitations. You can shuffle through the stages with your shield up for much of Demon's and Dark Souls, and just attack after blocking. They're difficult because most games make you feel you can overwhelm enemies by pushing buttons and they want to give you a power fantasy. Demon's asks you to play with more humility, at least until you've got to grips with it.
  3. Well worth hunting down! The regular Schneider Weisse 07 is a belting wheat beer by itself but that Aventinus is something special.
  4. This is spectacular. All the fluffy mouthfeel and banana tang of a wheat beer with the spicy, roasted raisin flavours of a good Belgian dubbel. 8.2% means you have to pace yourself but who would want to rush this stuff?
  5. I can't remember ever doing the races, I just bomb it round the map listening to classical music. Hits the spot on a pure sensory level, even if it feels a bit hollow after a while.
  6. @MattyP I largely agree (albeit I'm not someone who's especially influenced by 'the chatter'). On the other hand, I have enjoyed a lot of games after initially bouncing off, including RDR2, HZD and TW3.
  7. You never played any other Souls games? They're not really difficult per se, but they require you to play to their rhythm. They're also great for player-determined difficulty. You can just level up health until you brute force your way through. The difficulty stuff is well overblown. It's more that they make minimal effort to meet you halfway with how to play them or understand their mechanics.
  8. @Jamie John It looks great. The sea dragon thing and a couple of massive bosses were spectacular, but the moment to moment bored me senseless. I played it for a good twelve hours or so over about two years and just felt bored 99% of the time.
  9. I've reinstalled it a dozen times and feel exactly the same. My memory is walking slowly down some corridors while the fan goes apeshit and loads the next area. Combat never hit the spot for me and the characterisation is fucking inane.
  10. @Jolly The voiceover chatter is largely confined to the hub area and NPC encounters, but I do find that arch, wry Supergiant tone quite irritating. I tune it out at this point. Visually, I can't fault it from a mechanical perspective. It's much more readable than the likes of Diablo although it doesn't necessarily appeal to my sensibilities, either. I've played a bit more now, and while I think it's a very refined game which deserves the praise, every single element feels very familiar. The combat is polished, but I feel like I've seen it all before elsewhere. It's now
  11. That sounds like a motion settings issue to me. I've been watching the Alien 4K disc recently and while there's a hell of a lot more detail to the picture (both in terms of raw resolution as well as dynamic range of colour/light/contrast), it's still beautifully 'filmic'. For something more modern, The Revenant in 4K looks like a fucking window, unbelievable clarity to it, but again, it presents itself perfectly as film. If I jack up the motion settings and de-judder etc. then I can happily ruin them both with the 'soap opera effect'. T2 4K BD is also a notorious stinke
  12. Only Demon's for me. I don't like Spider-Man either as a game or a man, and the rest looks like launch fodder. I'm mostly looking forward to finishing some PS4 games I hardly touched.
  13. There's a number of very similar F2P games which already exist, see Black Desert, Bless Unleashed et al. It looks very shiny but nothing new.
  14. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/xbox-series-x-games-confirmed-exclusives-6400 Best part of fuck all, but on the plus side you won't be spending seventy quid on anything.
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