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  1. @Jamie John I don't know about that, to be honest. I've never been one for mirror modes but I can see how it would freshen up the muscle memory for something like this.
  2. @Jamie John If you start again as Royalty, you'll be melting enemies with magic within about thirty seconds. Your only goal to make the most of the build is to rescue Sage Freke from 3-1 and Yuria later on (just look these up second time around). Then you can use boss souls for the most powerful and interesting spells. All the gear to boost magic damage is pretty much on the main path. Glass cannon build is a lot of fun, especially after your slightly uninteresting Faith build. Likewise, there are plenty of NPC quests you've not seen which are worth looking up second time round.
  3. I do feel for everyone with hardware issues. I've had absolutely nothing wrong with mine ever. No crashes, no coil or fan noise, no stick drift, no HDD problems. Can I just check that you guys are all playing on the PS5 Pro as well or is this with the base model?
  4. Thank you, my dude. The effort is appreciated.
  5. @ImmaculateClump Thanks, and I do appreciate your point. I don't have much interest or energy at the moment to contribute more, though I've been enjoying a good few things of late. As someone who's largely contributed a fair amount of enthusiasm to the place, I feel I've got enough in the bank to say 'I think the forum is a bit shit at the moment, these topics are tired, anyone agree?' Some will fall on either side of that. Same as you might think I'm a decent guy and some think I'm a cunt. I can be both. On balance, though, seems the overall conclusion on
  6. Oh, yeah? Well, thirteen people would disagree, @Alex W.
  7. Not really, my dad didn't have a desk. Maybe that explains a lot.
  8. @dumpster I agree on all of that, and I really enjoy reading different takes on games. I also agree with you that the forum has changed over the past year, and in the absence of many new games to discuss, the place seems stuck on this incredibly dull, repetitive, passive aggressive, console war bullshit. That's the point of the thread. Loads of great posters have largely binned the place off over the last six to twelve months and it seems that the cyclical bickering has never been more prevalent. I wasn't encouraging a hive mentality, I was sayin
  9. What don't you agree with in the OP, buddy?
  10. It's a thread to try to reach common ground and avoid the repetitive console war crap which makes the place a chore these days. I don't know what point you think you're making, but even among your vast oeuvre of swings and misses, that was very poor.
  11. Lot of PC dogshit there. Let me just click my little mouse. Press Shift to run. Absolute scenes at my dad's desk. 386? Fuck that shit! 486. Where's disk nine? Not my 90s.
  12. The early ones are crap. The later ones have some brilliant unique encounters. There's also a weapon you can only find in one of the earlyish dungeons which makes for an unbelievably fun and unique build. Also, gems. When you can create your own lowest depth dungeons, you can get like 29% damage modifiers and stack them.
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