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  1. The original FF7 absolutely blew me away despite the colossal build up and absurd expectations. I couldn't get over the scale of the open world or the FMV sequences. Total mind blinder.
  2. Marlew


    I've only had a couple of hours with that mode admittedly, but it's definitely the one I can see myself spending most time with. I don't know how balanced it is or whatever but it's a mind melter.
  3. Marlew


    @ImmaculateClump Clumpster, I think you're gonna buzz off this. The Unlimited Arrange mode is basically the bullet shredding from DFK Hyper Mode or that green hyper from DOJ-X but it's your normal shot, plus a kind of proximity bullet cancelling explosion thing with your homing lasers so you're just constantly churning enemy bullets into medals, which sounds easy, except there's so much shit being thrown at you that you can barely ever hold back the tide so you've got to push further up the screen and speed kill before you're overwhelmed and it becomes this mad inverted tug of war
  4. Marlew


    @Spoonman Not had a tremendous year with the Switch myself, but more importantly I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it. This is a superb port for what it's worth and it's had me grinning a few times today. Hopefully it'll give your Switch another lease of life for a bit. Look after yourself, dude.
  5. Marlew


    Sorry, that was a wanky way to put it. Review code for Mental Health Gaming is the short answer. I've not played much for a while and been wrecked with work but I've been excited for this one since it was announced.
  6. Marlew


    I managed to get a code for the Switch Crimzon Clover and the new Arrange mode is absolutely brilliant. Can't totally figure out exactly what's happening yet but it's basically all about this Gradius style power up system. Really adds something new to it, as well as some massive FAT medals. Such a brilliant game.
  7. @ImmaculateClump Thanks, that's a brilliant tip. I didn't know that was possible. For most stuff where I'm just playing for fun, that will be perfect because there's usually no reason to stop firing unless you're playing for score!
  8. @ImmaculateClump Haha, I tried and tried and tried to resist (officer) until I literally couldn't help myself. I've been doing some portrait photo stuff on the side and my conscience told me that you basically can't charge for photos you edit on your bloody phone. Mouse, WASD, the whole shebang. I'm on low settings but it's a good un. Pretty tough but I'm finding if I take it steady, let the elements do the work for me early on until I get some tidy wand, I'm making a bit of progress. Not got past the third area yet, mind you! Just nice to be into something again, even if it is on
  9. Marlew


    @ImmaculateClump Well done, fella. That's a great achievement.
  10. Marlew


    Crimzon Clover definitely has TATE mode on Switch, yep.
  11. I got a Micro PC thing to do some basic photo editing on the big telly and stuff and by miraculous chance, I found that it runs Noita. What a game. I've wanted to join in with this thread for a long time. I've barely scratched the surface. Got to the third area once and mostly just thrown acid around and set things up on fire and died but I'm having a blast. Best game I've played in months. It's honestly dragged me out of a profound gaming malaise.
  12. Seems very unlikely, but I've heard nothing at all about it - which again makes me think it's very unlikely. Xbox had Atmos gaming on the One and Vision support for playback, and they've made a big deal of Atmos and Vision gaming on the Series. Dolby themselves announced this, too. Sony have continually talked up their Tempest 3D audio. I don't see why they'd invest so much in this if they also planned to offer (and pay for) Atmos audio. I can well imagine Dolby Vision support for movie playback, not least because they don't have a Sony variant to push, bu
  13. Finally, some concrete evidence that the Series X runs like a furnace.
  14. I fucking love Berserk. Amazing new chapter.
  15. That's a brilliant set-up. I'll have to ask my neighbour if she minds me using her attic.
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