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  1. Junker

    Trials Rising

    Well I love Trials games, and to echo what a lot of people have said it’s a return to form. I plumped for it on Switch and I would say it’s pretty good version. I played the PS4 closed and open beta and in my mind the step down in graphics is worth it for being able to play in handheld. The graphics have never been the main attraction in Trials games. The good news is that the Switch version’s graphics are good enough to give you the hold your breath moments when you drop in off a big jump etc. Loading times are ok and in the main game the frame rate doesn’t cause any issues. “Zany” sense of humour is still there which I actually find quite endearing, soundtrack is the usual weird mixture, I can put up with it all except that fucking “One in a million” one, that really gets me angry when it comes on and I’m struggling to beat a track. Tonight I downloaded and played the Route 66 dlc. Some amazing track designs but fucking hell its a jerky slowdown mess, there’s slowdown on a lot of the tracks, worst is in the super cross event - I could barely tell what was going on when all 8 bikes were on screen. It’s a real shame as it really lets it down. Is Xbox and PS4 the same or just on Switch?
  2. Loved this game. It is such a copy of Batman Arkham City though, with the same kind of challenges, same kind of fighting etc etc. If you told me Rocksteady had made it I’d 100% believe you. Story took a bit of time to get going but it was worth it as it really Ramps up to a climax. Had my fill after the main game ended, no desire to go back to side missions or dlc as I think it would feel anti-climactic. any word on if a sequel is in the works?
  3. For me Driveclub Bikes is one of the greatest bike racing games ever made up there with the Climax made MotoGP games.
  4. Junker

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Not really. Boring game
  5. Sorry I missed it, play league badminton on a Monday night so not likely to make it. Anything else going on, other nights, time trials etc I’m bang up for it
  6. Junker

    Ape Out - Aesthetically goshdarned lovely smash-em-up.

    Had a lot of fun with this over the weekend. Definitely a game you get into a groove with, some real inventiveness on display as well through the levels. It’s a fair bit more abstract than Hotline Miami, and is more random so you’re doing more on the fly decision making - Hotline Miami every enemy started from exactly the same point so you could plan and perfect a route
  7. Have we got a list of usernames of peeps who still play this regularly? I’ve Only got a few you on my friends list and half the fun is comparing times etc. Mine is JUNKERDENB , feel free to add me. I can hold my own (oo-err) in DR B races, but I feel I need to learn how to drive a car with Traction control off to really step up my lap times as I’ve noticed the best racers don’t use it, but I think it would harm me in the short term as it would make me less consistent in races. Anyone on here really quick who can give me some tips? Also has anyone got into making liveries and decals? Is there a rllmuk one or anything?
  8. Junker

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I played both to death on Vita, as much as I love the games I don’t feel the need to buy them again just yet
  9. Junker

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    I really want to go out and buy this and love it, especially now I own a wheel. A few things irritate me though :- deluxe version costing more to get 4 days early seems a bit scummy, paid dlc announced of locations that were in the first Dirt game, and not a massive lot of content to start with. I know it’s about making money but I don’t like being reminded of it by these kind of things, the facade of developers and publishers being enthusiasts making a game about something they love falls away a bit with these kind of things. On a plus side I’ve heard Sega Rally Revo mentioned a few times in reviews. I know it’s in relation to the track deformation and not the handling etc. but just the mention has got me in the mood for a rally game.
  10. Junker

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    The drum sound throughout the Teal album is great.
  11. Hollow Knight was so good it actually put me off games for a while after I finished it as nothing else I picked up compared. This is amazing news and like others have said if the combat and movement is a bit more dynamic and acrobatic then I think it will be really interesting
  12. Won an FIA race last night, from 8th on grid, only a D rank race but I was well chuffed. I got into 3rd after a couple of laps and sat behind 2nd place man for 3 laps rather than a potentially race ruining overtake. I was sat in his slipstream short shifting and saving fuel so when 1st place, him and me all pitted I had more fuel left so my pit stop was a couple of seconds less and I jumped out in front of the all and cleared off at the front. This game has a lot of faults but when it produces races like this I can forgive them all
  13. How does the fia stuff work then? I entered one race the other night, I understand there are 10 rounds but can you enter multiple races in a round, and if you do which one counts for your points? I thought this was round one but some others in the lobby had over a hundred points? It’s not very clear to me and the help pages are vague. Also, the intro to the fia races with the graphics and music are well over the top but I love it, and how it shows the grid and drivers one by one really adds to the atmosphere, still a novelty at the minute so maybe it gets old after a while
  14. Any forum racing going on tonight?

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