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  1. What is your PSN ID? Mine is JUNKERDENB. Sometimes it’s hard matching forum names to PSN ids, if there’s anyone who plays GTsport please feel free to add me , just put RLLMUK on the request so I know
  2. Good luck racing tonight folks, Would love to join in but just too busy on Mondays. As for the weekly time trial the Super Formula is my first choice but I guess not everyone has the in game currency to buy it. I’m going to have a go at all three at some point in the week so I’m easy
  3. (Original) Doom Wipeout Bloodborne Portal
  4. I kept the original box and dump it back in there and shove it up the loft or the garage
  5. Well I had a bash at it last night and even though my optimum was a 29.2 I just couldn’t put it together. Good fun though. As for this week, I’m happy with either or both! How about making it a monthly league? I was thinking about adding times up over a month, lowest cumulative time wins
  6. If you’ve never done Sport mode you need to do the driving etiquette course the first time you go into it
  7. I’ve got a t-150 and it’s been fine so far but only had it for 5 months since I started playing GT Sport. Get the Pro version if you can as it has slightly better pedals (t3pa I think they’re called). I’ve not had a go on a G29 or T300 so I’m not sure how different they are. I was watching a comparison video and this guy ( who is very quick) said some top 100 guys use a T-150. That said - they’re are some really quick guys who use a pad so go figure!!! The Only thing I would say is the base, gear paddles etc are top notch but the rim itself is a bit cheap feeling. I’ve put some spare badminton racket overgrip on mine
  8. Yeah, tried that, seems like the exit out of the Senna S and the last turn I’m giving it away but when I push I just lose the back end. Anyway, what are we time trialling this week?
  9. How though? Seriously I put a couple of hours into time trialling this and couldn’t for the life of me get into the 32s. Fair play to you sir
  10. I thought it was my imagination. Even a race with fuel and tyre wear off some cars feel different in the race to me. Is it fuel load or just me getting overexcited in a race?
  11. How about R8 is banned as I agree it’s a fucker to drive
  12. Nice one. Tried the Corvette and could get mid/low 2:10, saw your time as a challenge and jumped in the Lexus. Took about 10 laps to get used to it as it’s a bit of a monster and banged in a sneaky 2:09. Have you seen what the top 10 are doing? Low 2:07. I can see where I could maybe squeak a 2:08 if I practised a load and hit all sectors perfectly, but I honestly don’t have it in me ever to get that quick.
  13. Ha ha, I think it suits my driving style, especially the gearing on crucial corners like the hairpin, spoon and Casio triangle meaning I get good drive off them onto the long straights that follow them.
  14. Some right dirty little shits online, favourite trick is bouncing you off on 130r Had 4 podiums but haven’t got a win in Suzuka yet. Lots of Audi TT online in DR B that I’m in, might try that for a 2:09
  15. 12 minutes Watch Dogs Legion Carrion
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