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  1. Junker

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah, I played Tint and Assemble with Care, both very good but not my personal highlights. ones I’ve played that didn’t click:- that Frogger game - was awful Where the Cards Fall - played on phone and touchscreen controls felt fiddly Punch Planet - probably very good little fighting game but again I played touchscreen on an iPhone XR so too frustrating Skate City - seems really cool but again, to do it justice needs a controller hooking up to it
  2. Junker

    Apple Arcade

    Highlights so far:- Cricket Through the Ages What the Golf Grindstone Neo Cab just started playing Monomals and so far so good. Getting weird Nintendo vibes off it
  3. Campaign done and I really enjoyed it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the campaigns and this was a good one. The Michael Bay film The Rock was on ITV last night, and even though I’ve seen it before, it hadn’t been for a while so I watched it again. Whilst not the best film of all time I had a thoroughly good time watching it. Best comparison I can think of right now.
  4. Well this game absolutely intrigues me. Got an Argos same day delivery coming so can’t wait to see for myself and join in the debate
  5. Finished. Hurt my back on Friday so been a good excuse to get stuck in. I didn’t enjoy it much for the first few levels but it gave me chance to get used to the controls and then As others have noted once you get Gooigi involved it got a lot better. 16 hours on the game save, not sure if it counted when I had it on pause whilst I moved from one position to another trying to get comfortable. I didn’t really try and get all gems and Boos so there’s plenty more to do if you want to wring it to death for content.
  6. Cos I’m daft I had a bash at the Clio V6 round Goodwood. A fairly decent quali time put me on pole by some stroke of luck. Grid start, amazed myself by somehow nailing it and getting through the first corner in the lead. I wish I’d saved the replay as the view in my mirror was pure chaos, all I saw was cars colliding and spinning off intro the grass. By the back straight I had a 12 second lead!!! Cruised round without bottling it and bagged an easy win. Post race lobby was full of people having a go at each other and everyone except me had a red SR so they’d dropped ratings and I think all but 2 or 3 had received time penalties. In short, unless you want a laugh or don‘t mind ruinIng your SR probably don’t bother
  7. It’s a good one This week isn’t it? I saved up my pennies for a Nissan and it’s is a lot easier to handle. I feel like a get caught between gears in a few sections; this track and car combo is about getting the power down and I think I’m being a bit too greedy on corner entry/ mid corner.
  8. Love watching the Mazda Interlagos vid from Monday night, and that Labatts livery @mexos makes me happy and nostalgic. Such a shame I’m usually busy on Mondays but if I’m ever free I will definitely join.
  9. Good job my headset was flat!! Nevermind, I enjoyed trying to battle back up through the pack. Le Mans I had to drop out as my kids were hassling me, and I didn’t own one of them old F1 cars you were racing round Brands but I will buy one for next time as it looked ace fun
  10. Can I chuck in some for bikes - Manx Superbike TT, the Climax developed MotoGP games - 2, ‘06 and ’07 possibly the pick of the bunch, and lastly Driveclub Bikes which maybe even more than the previously mentioned games had a sublime handling model that let you back it into corners and power slide out
  11. My biggest regret is I missed taking a screenshot of the previous official time trial round Brands Hatch Indy circuit, that was super fun and super competitive.
  12. Daily race B popular as ever. Top 5 covered by less than a second round Brands, very impressive
  13. Sorry everyone been so busy at work with the end of Q2 I’ve not had much time for anything else. Last weeks daily race quali results. First up Tsukuba in the GTO. Great little circuit, shame u missed that one
  14. Tried the FIA races last night. Did ok in the Manufacturer’s, qualified 3rd but my Pug ate it front tyres round the long curves of Fuji so finished 9th. Nations cup I didn’t practice so going in cold qualified 19th. Best thing is though these long format races give you chance to use strategy or in my case just get quicker. Race was 17 laps so by about lap 9 I had a rhythm not far off the top 5 and so made it up to 12th by the end, with a brilliant clean battle with a Polish guy along the way. Also I noticed the racing was cleaner as people seemed to realise that dive bombing etc. slowed them down as well. If you’ve got the time to spare I would recommend having a go
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