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  1. All good advice I think @beenabadbunny, you just need to practice lots and commit to leaving all assists except abs off. I went through the same thing when I got my wheel, I used to do pirouettes round Brands in gr3 and even 4 and it got me really mad until I got my head round it. Mazda touring car is a good shout then maybe pick a short track like Tsukuba so you’ve only got a few corners to worry about and you can drill it over and over.
  2. Thanks to @McSpeedfor the usual hosting skills last night. Full lobby of racers and great racing. I did better than usual and actually managed to hang on for a win in the last race. Got to admit I was buzzing after that. Penelope Pitstop helmet was just a joke for the X-Bow race but I might keep it now
  3. Like @morcssays, I would guess most low/mid range pedals are a bit lifeless. After my conical brake mod died of death I’ve been using t150 and standard pedals. They are the T3pa pedals but I doubt they are really much better than the 2 pedal ones. I watched a Tidgney stream of him in top 16 superstars FIA Nations cup and he said he doesn’t use a loadcell or brake mod, and reckons he can get to 100% braking quicker without it. I guess if you need a more realistic brake pedal feel you need a mod, but they’re not essential to go fast. Personally I think the mod helped me be more consistent but not necessarily quicker. That is my pre-baked excuse for when I punt someone and I’m sticking to it!
  4. Race C Looked fun but I got obsessed with Getting in the 2:03 club at Bathurst
  5. Race B where the main interest was. Some decent times and no Audi’s in sight
  6. Last week’s Daily race time trialling results. If you don’t know already we do our own unofficial Time trials each week using the Daily race qualifying friend rankings. I know we’ve got a few new people interested lately and it must be confusing if not explained. Anyway, onto the results Race A. Not much fun really. how they included the 240z but made it boring is an achievement in itself
  7. Guys, I sent in some feedback that was read out this week on “The Computer Game Show podcast” specifically about the PS5 reveal as they discussed it the previous week and were wondering if there was anyone bothered about Gran Turismo any more. To be fair none of them are really racing game fans, so I pointed out that even though GT Sport didn’t review well it sold 8m copies and it’s a game that only works with the big community it’s built up, which a review before launch wouldn’t uncover. Also got a plug in for this thread as an example of its popularity, and our Monday Night Race Club - the hosts all are on RLLMUK. Seemed to get the point across until at the end of the conversation they reckoned that Project Cars was a bigger deal on console and that there was a bigger buzz for PC3.... oh well
  8. Wow. Was just debating whether to get this on disc or digital. Now it’s neither, real shame. I’ve got a launch PS4 so it would probably run like Stunt Race FX
  9. That’s mad. After literally thousands of hours playing racing games until analogue controls and triggers came along, I always played like that. I never used anything else until more recently when it wouldn’t work in more SIM games like this and Dirt Rally. Even now if I play a racing game on pad I use face buttons for accelerate and brake. Old habits die hard. To do that in this game though is pretty insane. It’s like when you see people finish Dark Souls using a Rock Band drum kit and all that kind of craziness
  10. Thanks @fretnoise for that. Mad to think we had over 20 racers again, and we had a few regulars and semi regulars missing. Thanks to @McSpeed and @marsh for hosting duties. I was way off the pace in race 2, and got punted at turn 1 in race 1 but got a 1:45.9 fastest lap in race 1 so going round and round and round last week In the Time Trial was definitely NOT a waste of my time
  11. I think I had a breakthrough using trail braking last night. I couldn’t work out why sometimes I’d oversteer on the way into the apex and hit it too early, while other times be bang on to hit the apex but then understeer wide. Trail braking is definitely the key to going quick but it’s how and when you come off the brakes that either keeps the front loaded and digs into turn, or you pop off the brakes and the weight shifts off the front and you miss the apex. Probably teaching the really quick guys on here what they already know or do naturally, but it feels like I’ve finally understood the mechanics of why I can be “accidentally” quick sometimes. Something to work on
  12. Have a go at the track experience, circuit challenge or whatever it’s called?? The one with tracks broken down into the sectors then the full lap. helps learn the tracks and racks up credit pretty quick
  13. Nice one @fretnoiseGlad to be of service. Am tempted to buy one myself and try it instead of my t-150. Have you been on pad all this time? Autopolis time trial is on another level this week. I really want to try and get in that 1:45 xx club, but do not get on with that R8 or the Beetle normally. Tried 5 cars for a couple of laps each last night, think I’m going to try It the Subaru.
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