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  1. pledge

    Ducktales (2017) 'Woo-ooo!'

    My calendar seemed to have it go from every other week to about five in one week
  2. pledge

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    There's definitely another, and likely two more. He claims to be writing it always knowing they have two more seasons committed to when he's writing it so he knows when the last one is to wrap things up
  3. pledge

    Deadwood - TV Show

    @linkster How far through are you now? I'm still on track to finish before the movie is out, just at the end of season two. It is still top tier, but it is missing something the first and third have somehow.
  4. The first sequel has been delayed another year to Dec 2021
  5. pledge

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    I'll add you. Still up for doing any of the old raids etc if we can get enough people.
  6. pledge

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    It was better than the penultimate episode, but it reused too much from previous finales - and not in a good referential way. Too much of it seemed deliberately sign posted.
  7. pledge

    Line of Duty (BBC)

  8. pledge

    Line of Duty (BBC)

    What are the chances that Also Ted
  9. pledge

    Line of Duty (BBC)

  10. pledge

    Deadwood - TV Show

    Are you watching them in the right order? The plague is before the Kristen Bell episodes isn't it?
  11. pledge

    Deadwood - TV Show

    I’m doing the same and at the same point. When they beat them in the street it is just brutal. Why the previous dislike for Bullock? He’s not actually got that much screen time in season 1, at least compared to what I remember.
  12. pledge

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Yes fourth is the golden eagle (or maybe fifth?)
  13. Something is really off with the sound mix at times it is giving me a headache. There's so much dubbing and overly loud music at times to cover up mistakes or changes. Did anyone enjoy this season? I'm barely a few episodes in and it isn't even holding my attention. The editing, timing and scripting used to be so tight but this feels like they only did a single take of each scene and then moved on and tried to cover up any mistakes in post.
  14. Playing solo yesterday I happened into the best team I've been in yet. Both players had thousands of kills, and based on their banner they had a win ratio of about every 2.3 games (from close to a thousand games with that character). Won three out of three games with them before they kicked me out for barely contributing.
  15. I completed the same survey and even though it said they were just thinking of options it was clear that these add-on packs in some form are coming. It was extremely confusing even for someone who knows which companies produce which shows already. I also said I'd cancel to most options. I doubt many made it to the end of the survey it was so long. You could enter the prize draw anyway..

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