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  1. It doesn't work like that in D2. I don't have the expansions on PC either.
  2. My gamepass expired and I'm taking a break before I renew it. Is there any way to change my Destiny 2 back to new light? It wont launch at all without telling me to renew gamepass. I tried deleting the expansion packs but would rather not download the full game unless I really have to.
  3. I'd completely wiped from my mind having these. Really awful. So many in that range, and M&S in general are not good at all.
  4. So far I'd say it has the same style as the other two.
  5. This looks like it is continuing later years Dexter quality. The bit at the end with Harrison looked dreadful.
  6. Back for the second half of the season. Its always been a trashy show but I think I've got tired of characters verbosely explaining the other person's thoughts directly to their face. Its now just the same events occurring over and over. I spent the whole episode wishing Succession had started again.
  7. First episode was out this week. I enjoyed it a lot and its covering a lot I wasn't aware of. Great cast.
  8. pledge

    The Witness

    Was enjoying Simon plays until part 5 where he started getting someone else to read out the donations and he keeps talking over him doing the puzzles.
  9. TV manufacturers are already pushing adverts and doing immense data collection
  10. Isn't the 40fps due to 120hz rather than VRR? The PS5 doesn't currently do VRR does it?
  11. Is that possible on the trial though? I own the complete edition, but I've avoid pressing the upgrade button on the launcher to enter my code as I wasn't sure if that would immediately start my 30 days.
  12. I've reached the level 60 cap on the free trial, and I'd guess about half way through Heavensward. Is this the point I should unlock the full game? (I've already purchased a code a couple of weeks ago). Should I be worried I'm now 'wasting' XP by continuing, or should I wait until I complete this expansion?
  13. I didn't mind the bosses, but I did find the final one quite a disappointment:
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