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  1. I just replaced my launch day pro with the RDR2 pack one, and side by side the difference is pretty staggering. Playing destiny the fans don’t even seem to come on, compared to before when it sounded like someone was constantly drying their hair in the same room. Sadly this machine then broke a week later and just constantly flashed blue light. Amazon sent me a replacement the same day though.
  2. Thanks for the help yesterday. Managed to empty a lot of my pursuits tab, even if the rewards are not that wonderful.
  3. This was the first that hasn't right?
  4. Works for me. I'll be on before then just message me there or here.
  5. @DonRumsfeld @Gorf King Is there a preferred time? I'll be home from 6pm again and no other plans.
  6. Sent you a friend request but didn’t see you online. I have got all my quests to the right point if you want to try tomorrow?
  7. I'm still up for a try today. I might beed to do it again tomorrow anyway, as I still can't get the black armory boots I need to be able to progress one of the quests I have.
  8. I can do any time Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm to whenever. But then away until following Tuesday.
  9. Yes I just have some of the quest steps that involve doing it. I've not done it before but will have a mic.
  10. Anyone want to do Shattered Throne next time it is up?
  11. Oh come on. The triumph is five more rounds.
  12. Agree that this season is a good one. I've never bothered to get to max light as quickly as I did this time. I don't even want to play another round of Iron Banner. I managed to complete the quest but it became seriously tedious. Thankfully there's a cheese/bug for the final step, which they lazily made just "play more rounds".
  13. pledge


    Anyone watching Season 7? Episode 2 and 3 spoilers
  14. Beat me to it. That's pushed me from interested to purchased.
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