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  1. It is. They give you lots of ammo so you just keep shooting.
  2. Saw the credits last night, and whilst I did enjoy it, it also felt very by the numbers in a lot of places. Even with beefier weapons the shooting never felt satisfying and the bosses (in terms of mechanics) were disappointing. Coming from playing 7 in VR this was always going to feel less atmospheric but sections like the one after the castle still held up well. I did like that each 1/4 was very distinct in its take on horror. Compared to earlier posters I did like the last quarter and ending area (boss aside)
  3. You’ve a decent amount left, don’t spend everything
  4. Thanks, a review video I watched was wrong about that then and must not have noticed the "unborn" difference. I agree about the castle. It looks spectacular but there's other bits that feel like they missed a layer of polish. This next area after the castle I'm finding much more intriguing and creepy. Normal feels a bit easy so far. I always seem to have more than enough ammo, and i've a stockpile of health. I saw that there's a pack in the store for £9.99 where one of the items is unlocking a harder difficulty (that you seem to get when completing it on another difficu
  5. @BadgerFarmerquestion as I know you completed it End of castle:
  6. Didn't really enjoy the opening. It was a lot of things I didn't like about the demo. Far too hectic and too many enemies. The shooting just isn't satisfying and ammo so far is plentiful so there's no tension. Liking it more now that things have calmed down
  7. Trying to avoid spoilers so may have missed this, but is there any shortcut to the boss in biome 3? I still seem to have to ascend which is quite far.
  8. 32 attempts and finally beat the 2nd boss. Didn't even particularly have a good build going but more just perseverance and getting marginally better. Still had to brute force it through phase three. It's such a jump up from the previous two. The health penalty for falling out of bounds is a bit harsh.
  9. I can get the 2nd boss easily down to the 3rd phase, but then it destroys me. I was relieved to find
  10. Also, can you do this from later biomes? I can't remember if the gate closes when you go through it or not.
  11. Check the download status of your install. I had some similar issue with the patch installing where it would play but i could not progress beyond a certain point. It was showing ~30gb/55gb downloaded with no way to resume (it had previously completed before the patch). I had to reinstall it to fix.
  12. Vanilla Sky - Not seen this since the cinema and I remember really liking it (on IMDB I gave it a 9). Maybe knowing the conclusion spoils it but it all seemed a bid muddled, and most of the best bits ironically I seem to have made up in my own mind as they don't exist in the film. 3/5
  13. I wasn't 'online' before. Is the disc version still locked in some way until release day?
  14. I just got to a gateway for the second time after installing the latest patch, and now i can't go through it as it says "game download not complete". Not sure what to do as nothing is downloading and i was just on that level ten minutes ago.
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