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  1. Nobody else watching? Just finished the third episode and Malkovich is so good.
  2. I thought they showed things on Sky almost concurrently with the US? This ended months ago. McFly's summary above of every season applies again.
  3. The Pianist - 5/5. Noticed it on Netflix and still as impactful as the first time I saw it.
  4. Started last week UK, tonight in US. First two episodes are excellent.
  5. pledge


    I think they were trying to get the rights back, but this new show has probably killed that.
  6. pledge


    Yeah that's why I'm offering two free tickets It is tomorrow though, and 6-7 hours long.
  7. Don't disagree with this. I was expecting it to be a bit more 'Hacksaw Ridge' based on the trailer, with just endless action, but this had a totally different feel. Looks as amazing as you'd expect in IMAX.
  8. pledge


    I have two tickets to this event at the BFI tomorrow, but I won't be able to make it. If anyone is in central London and would like them for free please PM me. Spaced 21st Anniversary + Q&A with director Edgar Wright, producer Nira Park and actors Jessica Hynes, Julia Deakin, Katy Carmichael, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Mark Heap (work permitting) https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/Online/default.asp?doWork::WScontent::loadArticle=Load&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::article_id=4533B540-727C-495F-B848-BFD40A53CA8B&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id=2EFE7F89-9467-40C3-9005-4D3CE179D40A
  9. Yeah but its not like they assist(ant) you doing that by providing any software to do it.
  10. We have that book and made “Ben’s Chocolate” and some fudge sauce. The custard tip sounds interesting as that is already delicious.
  11. We got the slightly newer one for Christmas, and so far it is awesome. Using the recommended timings from the manual still need to put it in the freezer to make it completely firm. Any recommended recipes?
  12. It's bewildering how little thought they seem to put into the impact some of these quests and events might have. Unless they do want to ruin a week of iron banner with everyone just waiting to rush the power ammo game after game. The dawning first seems like a fun little event with you travelling across the worlds delivering unique items. Until you then realise the quest progression is to just keep doing that exact same thing, but more. Oh 200 items delivered ok what's next. Do 300. Very imaginative.
  13. Clean out my ‘collection’ that I’ve been storing at my parent’s house. Keeping only things I’ll ever really replay, actually rare, or have a real sentimental value.
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