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  1. Thats a fair stack of consoles but I'll see you and raise you my living room machines: NES SNES N64 Wii Megadrive PS2 xbox 360 HTPC with mame and a couple of other emu's. In the front room: Jamma arcade cabinet Fruit machine Spectrum 2+ Atari ST Amiga 1200 Gaming PC Other stuff in storage: Amiga 600 PSP Xbox Duplicates of several of the above lot (you know, for redundancy purposes). I think thats the lot but you just know in 5 minutes I'll remember another. The prosecution rests m'lud, a clear case of gaming addiction. Take him down.
  2. Not a car boot but bought ThunderHawk for Amiga and got Dungeon Master for free. TH is boxed and complete, DM disc only but just what I needed to play this great game again.
  3. @mikejenkins like I said no offense intended. Good luck with the sales. Agreed with the many comments on condition of packaging massively influencing value perception. Dungeon Master was a awful pack design and someone should have been shot for that. It just seemed so flimsy even compared to similar packaged games like Elite. Personally I prefer to play the games more than just having a shelf full of pretty boxes so condition is not paramount.
  4. No offence pal but Dungeon Master isn't a £100 game. Sold prices are closer to £20. For £100 people may as well buy a gotek and play it from there, especially as it's so beaten up. Like I said I'm not knocking your listings but do a search for sold pricing instead of other listings. All you've done is get into a circle of people pricing off each other. On the up side, if those prices are genuine then my ST stuff is worth a mint!
  5. Wow that's some haul. Could you share a couple of pics of Dungeon Master? Sounds like the one I had. The boxes almost all ended up like that. What do you want for it? Thanks
  6. Any games with them? Looking for Dungeon Master as I seem to have misplaced mine sometime in the last 30 years.
  7. That's a lot of effort for £80. No sign of them returning here (Lancashire) but personally I'm not in a desperate hurry.
  8. I'll bet the 2mt (or even 1mt) distances are completely out the window at a boot. At ours, it's normally a case of shouldering your way through at the busier stalls.
  9. Another alternative to subscription fatigue I'd just to download the shows or movies you want. I use Usenet and just grab the content I want rather than having to choose from whatever content a sub service had in its licence portfolio at the time. Queue up a series on sabnzb or similar and then binge away. Amazes me people will subscribe to a service just for one show like sheep.
  10. I stand corrected. What's the preferred verbage for Facebook took like that? I was trying not to just use 4 letter words to describe them.
  11. Just me or do most fucktards on facebook who list items "free" mean "make an offer high enough I should consider selling you this"?
  12. Whole bunch of Atari mags here http://www.atarimania.com/atari-magazine-st-action_19.html
  13. Hi all These might be things you've seen already but I found these on the play store and had a go. I'm at the final boss battle (I think) in Tiny DD and almost cleared all the dungeons on super. These are lovingly created homages to old Gameboy and Snes side scrolling platform games that really capture the flavour of a retro game. I've no affiliation to them, just a fan. Both are free to play but be warned the adverts are loud and intrusive in the same way early 2000's web popups were. Super annoying.
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