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  1. matt0

    Doom - 25 years old today

    It was a game that seemed like something from another world. You'd see screens in magazines or a rolling demo of it on a decent PC in a shop and it was the most amazing thing ever. Street Fighter 2 was another one, having the rubbish Amiga version but occasionally playing the arcade game or the SNES version round someone's house. To this day just being able to play Doom and SF2 in my own home feels like a minor miracle to me!
  2. matt0

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    Just spotted a new commercial Amiga release on Itch.io: Power Glove Reloaded: Looks like a fairly straight port of the C64 game Power Glove with some nice redrawn pixel art. Disk and CD versions available which might be worth a look if you're an Amiga collector. There's PC and Mac versions too. Looks a bit basic but still nice to see a new Amiga game.
  3. matt0

    Doom - 25 years old today

    I had an Amiga at the time but my Dad had brought a 386 home from work which could run Doom at about 15 fps in a tiny window with PC beeper sound effects, which I knew wasn't really playing it but was as close as I got for a long time. I used to have dreams about playing Doom. Not dream about being in the game, or dream about the fiction behind it, just dream about being sat in front of a computer that could actually run the game.
  4. matt0

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Gears Of War 1 multiplayer totally consumed me for about two and a half years. It's an odd one because it's not the greatest game on paper but something about the level design and atmosphere and the round based structure really got under my skin. It was like a stripped down, arcadey counter strike, minus the twitch aiming, so you would get in these huge exchanges of fire and running gun battles. I've no idea how many hours I would have played it for but it's got to be around 500+. Sadly Gears 2 didn't have the same atmosphere for me, was a glitchy mess at launch and split the group I used to play with across two titles so Gears finally fell by the wayside for me. I remember the sinking feeling playing Gears 2 on launch night, everyone getting quieter and less hyped as the night wore on until finally someone in the lobby said "Anyone want to play Gears 1?". I did enjoy Gears 3, but didn't play that much of it. I've played a lot of online shooters since across console and PC, and plenty of them I could argue were objectively better than Gears, but none of them have reeled me in to the same extent.
  5. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Chaos Engine is a personal favourite and one that I still periodically play. Another game that got mentioned earlier was Banshee which I thought was amazing back in the day but had mentally filed away as another overrated Amiga action game. I revisited it 3-4 years back after years in between playing SNES, Megadrive and arcade shooters as well as plenty of classics on PS1+2, Dreamcast and the 360 ports of various Cave games. And... Turns out it's still a good shmup, despite the lack of music and the 25fps framerate. Not an all time classic but packed with detail and variety and plays well.
  6. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    The thing with the Amiga is that it was hardware designed for workstations released in 1985 going up against dedicated games machines from 5 years later. Also a PC with a VGA card and sound blaster for those superior PC versions would have cost far more than a base model A500/600 and needed a monitor on top of that as you couldn't just plug it in to a TV. Also it's worth remembering that Japanese console games had far higher budgets and bigger development teams in general than the European computer game developers had at the time.
  7. matt0


    Like everyone else had said this is really just Dark Souls lite, but as someone who enjoyed the first Dark Souls but never managed to make much progress with it, that's not a bad thing. Had to laugh at the off-brand Estus flask ("sap gourd!"). The atmosphere and environments are the big selling point here. It feels like they've amped up the Zelda influence that was lurking beneath the surface of Dark Souls. I've not left the opening area yet, already growing fond of Vagabond's Rest. Stirs up vague memories of Okami, mini open world areas that all connect together. (I don't actually remember if Okami was like that...)
  8. Never heard of Ashen before, just watched the trailer... looks like Brothers meets Dark Souls? Honestly feel a bit excited now, like I'm 12 and I asked for Ashen and Below for Christmas.
  9. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Those top 20s aren't going to be a like for like comparison though. There isn't a platformer on the Amiga that comes remotely close to SMW but: SWOS is as good a sports game as SMW is a platformer. Dungeon Master is as good a dungeon crawl as Chronotrigger is a JRPG. Superfrog is best... left in the past.
  10. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Street Fighter 2 was only 4 disks. It was terrible though. Super Street Fighter 2 was 12 disks. It was marginally less terrible, although was somehow mastered and released with a (fixable) checksum error on one disk if you can believe that. Which if you'd stuck with the Amiga that long you could very much believe. EDIT: Also SSF2 had 2mb RAM listed in the requirements but neglected to mention you needed more than 2mb to play it with sound. It was still better than the original SF2 Amiga release.
  11. matt0

    Put Here

    I liked it when he did a paper collage of that old Atari VCS magazine advert.
  12. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    I probably should have elaborated, for me there's a lot of games on the Amiga that are good versions but not the best, so R-type which you covered the other week, even though it was a cracking conversion back in the day, in 2018 I'd sooner play the PS1 or 360 version, or emulate the arcade game. Likewise Dune 2, Space Hulk, Syndicate, Wing Commander, Civilization, UFO:Enemy Unknown, etc. - I poured hours into those on my Amiga in the 90s but now I can emulate everything, the Amiga versions just don't cut it - lower res (Syndicate), cut down graphics (Space Hulk, Wing Commander), bad port (Civilization) or towards the mid 90s just too much for the hardware (UFO: Enemy Unknown). The Amiga was an amazing machine but time hasn't been kind to it. If you look at the games which were exclusive and still hold up or where the Amiga version was better or as good as other systems there's just not that much left. I know this sounds really negative but looking at it another way, if you take the top 20 games on the Amiga and compare them to the top 20 SNES or Megadrive games the Amiga games are every bit as good.
  13. matt0

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Can't get behind some of what's being said here, I could wallow in low profile, forgotten mega drive games day in day out and find gem after gem. Plenty of shite too, but there's so many incredible games on that system. In comparison the Amiga maybe only has 30 games that are actually worth playing in 2018 and most of them are skewed away from arcade / console style action games because of the systems obvious weaknesses in that area, but they're 30 absolute classics.
  14. matt0

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    Most of the Wii games released on the Wii U were virtual console releases not ports, so obviously were never going to get up-ressed. Ports, remasters and re-release are such a mixed bag in general that I can't muster too much enthusiasm until there's more details... but then it's Metroid Prime, even a bare bones up-res will be cool.
  15. There was a time in the early 90s when I was really in to RPGs and I used to imagine what it would be like if RPG mechanics found their way in to other games. I'd seen hints of it in Zelda:LTTP and the old shop screens you'd get in Amiga shooters but I kept imagining something more in depth, and how amazing it would be. turns out it's... okay... I guess? A few years later I got in to old school roguelikes I used to imagine what it would be like it roguelike mechanics were in other games, I'd see hints of it in Diablo and later in Phantasy Star Online but I kept imagining something more in depth, and how amazing it would be. turns out it's... okay... I guess?

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