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  1. It's smoothing unfortunately but I think you can play the 16:9 remaster without the filtering. Not 100% sure though, it's been a while since I played it.
  2. I'm a big fan of the GBA game. You should really play the original first though and then go in to the GBA one with the understanding that it's a very different game.
  3. Started this last night and couldn't put it down. Had to keep going until I finally beat the first boss. It's a very "lite" roguelite, but with the short story intermissions and (also light) ARPG skill tree and stat upgrade stuff it ends up feeling deliberately minimal instead of simplistic. Has a very Diablo 1 atmosphere to it which I liked. It also has a throw away but inspired piece of design in that every character can unlock perks that apply to all the characters in the game giving you a real incentive to level up every character instead of just sticking to your favourites. The only bad thing was, in the tutorial area you get a proper co-op AI buddy Chaos Engine style, which I assumed would carry on throughout the game. But it's just for the tutorial...
  4. Exactly. Also Three Houses comes off the back of a 3-4 game period (depending on whether you count Fates as 1 or 2 games) of reckoning with the entire history of the franchise, what aspects to ditch, and taking multiple approaches on how to develop what they wanted to keep. It's like the reappraisal process that went in to the 2012 XCOM reboot or the PSP version of Tactics Ogre but played out in slow motion so you can see the decisions and workings behind it all play out from game to game.
  5. I dimly remember someone on here having a go at me because I said I bought my 360 for Oblivion, and how I should've bought a PC instead. There's always one idiot. My old PC from 2010 was still holding it's own a good way in to this generation. It cost a lot more than £400 quid though.
  6. Something called Dead in Vinland is showing up for free for me as well. Looks like a mash up of Banner Saga, Darkest Dungeon and King of Dragon Pass?
  7. I'm sure I've seen 360hz monitors talked about somewhere. Decent motion blur at a solid 120/144 fps feels like a more productive future goal than pushing frame rates higher again.
  8. The only games I've played with a pad at 120fps are Everspace and Gears 5 and while they both felt smoother and more responsive I'm skeptical that there was any genuine difference in terms of accuracy or control. Partly because of the limits of analogue thumbsticks in terms of precision and partly because of human reaction times. With the mouse, moving your whole arm over a wider distance, it feels like there is more accuracy in terms of mapping your movement. I could even tell the difference with my old (i.e. ancient) monitor between 60 and 75 fps. The visual benefit is undeniable in both cases though especially with fast, sweeping camera movements. EDIT: it does reduce input lag too.
  9. I doubt there's any real difference in responsiveness when you play with a pad but you can see the difference, most obviously when you drop back down from 120 to 60. With a mouse it feels more responsive, like the movements of your arm are mapped with more accuracy to the movement on screen, but again I'm not sure if there's any meaningful difference or if it's purely a trick of perception. It's a nice luxury.
  10. I was thinking Metal Slug crossed with Rolling Thunder / Shinobi. The mixture of the different weapons and only being able to aim horizontally. I feel like whatever your genre favourite is you'll find the spirit of that game reflected in Huntdown. It's a love letter to run and gun games as a whole.
  11. Just finished this, and overall I enjoyed it, but a word of warning. After the Bunker just read a walk through for where to go next. It dumps you in to a central hub where you can revisit every location in the game. How you're supposed to figure out / guess the one arbitrary place you need to go to finish the game is a complete mystery to me. The only major bad point in a generally cool game.
  12. matt0

    Gaming turn ons

    Show me a good 30 second combat loop. Then tell me that there is as close to nothing else in the game as you can get without the whole thing falling apart.
  13. Finally got round to starting this last night. I played Blazing Chrome last year, and thought it was on par with the 16 bit Contras and Gunstar Heroes it was aping, but this is better. I just finished the Messenger, another very good game, but this is a degree of greatness above that. If you look in the Streets of Rage 4 thread, you'll see the opinion crop up a few times that SOR4 is the best in the franchise, possibly the best in the entire genre. I'm just past halfway through the initial 4 gangs (unlockable 5th for a finale? maybe...) but my feeling so far is that Huntdown is at that level. Every short stage has the feel and pacing of an extended 80s action movie gunfight - like the Nuke factory bust in Robocop or the hospital finale in Hard Boiled. I've gone through about 10 boss fights so far, each one perfectly judged and individually distinct from the others. The sound design, especially the pitch perfect mix of 80s overacting and underacting is flawless. And the visuals, this isn't just a good looking game, it's masterpiece. It's a mashup of Flashback and Elevator Action Returns, so you couldn't pick a better starting point IMO. But then layer on the advantages of modern hardware and the 25+ years of pixel art technique development that have happened since. There's proper back and forth exchanges of fire, ducking in and out of cover, plenty of opportunities to go high or low to flank enemies. There's 3 briefcase stash collectables per level, sort of like Super Mario World's Yoshi coins, but sometimes one of them is just being carried by a random grunt who starts to run when he catches sight of you, forcing you out of cover to give chase. This leads to frantic rolling gunfights, full of improvisation and opportunity to showboat. Can't stress enough how good this is.
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