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  1. Emulation doesn't necessarily mean input lag, it depends on how well coded the emulator is. Also input lag tends to be worse on PC emulation because frequently the latency comes through the operating system.
  2. matt0

    TotalBiscuit died.

    I always got the impression he was someone who got internet famous young enough that he hadn't figured out "real life" yet, which combined with the cancer hanging over him probably pushed him to some of his more acerbic opinions. It's very sad whenever anyone dies so young, I feel terrible for his wife.
  3. On the subject of Hellboy, how do people feel about B.P.R.D. entering it's supposedly final story arc? It's a shame the book is currently stuck in the high contrast photo realistic style which just feels dull, especially when it's pared with Duncan Fregredo's covers. It would be cool if they could wrangle James Harren again for some of the final issues.
  4. Lumines Wipeout Pulse Final Fantasy Tactics Tactics Ogre Castlevania Chronicles X Wildcard choices: R-Type Tactics Warhammer 40k squad commander
  5. Firefight is by far my favourite thing about Halo, even more than the original CE campaign. I would have bought an xbox one and MCC years ago if they'd delivered on that with the ODST dlc.
  6. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Shovel Knight (Wii U): Finished on default settings + Plague Knight and Spectre Knight DLC. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. I knew it had a very good reputation but I put off playing it for ages despite buying the retail release. And it's amazing. Tough but almost never frustrating, great use of the NES colour palette, full of secrets and weird little incidental moments. Someone at Yacht club really enjoys animating characters dancing. Was sceptical about having to play through the same levels again for the DLC campaigns but they tweak and change just enough and what stays the same is turned on its head by the different character abilities. My only real gripe is the boss fights are too easy playing as Plague Knight or Spectre Knight, especially after taking a beating from all of them as Shovel Knight. For perspective I started this at the same time as I started Mario Galaxy, and while both games hooked me, this one gradually took over to the point where I haven't played Galaxy in weeks. It's that good. 2018 so far: 2017 list:
  7. The holy trinity of Robotron, Defender and Joust. I suspect I'd be happy playing a lot of 8 bit computer games once I was over the initial shock of diving back in. I've always had a soft spot for Spectrum Gauntlet. I'd also love to go back to Thrust and The Sentinel (BBC or C64 versions the Spectrum ones were a bit too rough...) and I've never played Rebelstar or Laser Squad despite being a huge fan of the original Chaos and UFO/X-com. Chaos is a great example of a much older game being better than it's modern equivalent. I though Chaos Reborn was a pedantic, flabby game that taught you how to play at a glacial pace where the original was multiplayer perfection.
  8. matt0

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Well that's even better!
  9. matt0

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    Seeing a 90s as fuck video artifact covered neon pink and yellow id logo with Andrew WK playing over the top is something I didn't know I really needed to see. Like the start of F-zero on the Gamecube with the Sega and Nintendo logos showing on the same screen. Just something that doesn't actually mean anything, id aren't even making this, but it makes you nod, "this is a good thing".
  10. Pos'd for 1943 but I've always had a soft spot for 1941 as well.
  11. The Wolfman cost $150 million!? My main memory of that film was Anthony Hopkins's performance at one point degenerating in to Roland Birkin QC off the Fast Show.
  12. matt0

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Max Payne 3 was a nightmare for me, would only run windowed and had some dodgy scaling going on which made some textures ripple loads. I tried to reinstall it when I got a new GPU but couldn't play it because I couldn't retrieve my "Rockstar ID" log in details.
  13. matt0

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    April: Breath Of The Wild (Wii U): Heading up the road to Akala in a rain storm and arriving at the stable as the rain subsides and the sun starts to set through mist. I climbed up to the top of the stable to watch the hazy, diffuse sunset then saved and quit on that perfect moment. Loading up the next day I hopped down, spent the night in the stable and then walked out into fresh morning sun and a view of a cloudless sky over the ocean. No other game I've played has managed to capture the quality of light when a storm breaks and subsides or dozens of other minor atmospheric touches the way BOTW does. Metro: Last Light (360): I ended up playing this after listening to a recent Waypoint podcast about the first game and realising that there was far more going on beneath the surface than I realised, including a hidden abstract morality system. At one point towards the end of Last Light I was told I was a good man. Can a man who spares the lives of most of his enemies only to accidentally murder someone because he forgot the controls, panicked and mashed his hands against the face buttons of the pad truly be thought of as good? In one of the populated underground stations in the walking simulator bits of the game you come across an old man doing shadow puppets for kids and I could swear that it was using the in engine shadows cast by a light-source and they took the trouble to animated the old mans hands to cast the shadows. Incredible amount of care and attention that someone put in to a tiny moment in the game. 2018 so far: 2017 list:
  14. Can't remember if I've posted about it on here before but I really didn't like Providence despite buying it for about half its run. It's not the clever deconstruction and examination of Lovecraft that Moore thinks it is. It's basically going: "THIS STORY WAS RACIST. LOVECRAFT WAS RACIST", "THIS STORY WAS A RAPE METAPHOR, HERE IS AN ACTUAL RAPE". There's no great insight, it's accurate but not exactly deep analysis of the original stories couched in lots of (admittedly brilliantly researched) period detail. And crucially it just isn't scary. It's unsettling and occasionally very unpleasant (again, rape), but where Lovecraft left the underlying themes unsaid and let them creep up on you (possibly he wasn't even aware of them himself as he was writing...) this just goes, "look! It was about this all along!". I know mate. We all do.
  15. matt0

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Spotted in the wild on PC Titanfall 2, "Diseased Pom Bear". Also for some reason a mate of mine went by "Horrible Crow" on 360 for a while which he claims was randomly generated for him by Microsoft.

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