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  1. Playing the Pinball Fantasies / Dreams / Illusions trilogy on the Amiga was what instilled in me a love of Pinball in real life. The Pro Pinball series from the PS1 / Windows 95 era were great too, I got a couple of those off GOG a "few" years back (I think over 10 at this point...!).
  2. Galaga 88 has a better arcade version but the other two are system exclusives, along with the other Star Soldier games (Super Star Soldier and Final Soldier). Outside of shmups there's the best version of Parasol Stars.
  3. For shooters try Galaga 88, Blazing Lazers and Soldier Blade to start off with. There's loads more but you can't go wrong with those three.
  4. Sega's super scaler games, but specifically Galaxy Force 2 and Powerdrift. I'm constantly impressed by how good modern games look but I don't think I'll ever be floored by the tech and visuals behind a game as I was with those two. I've got the (superb) 3DS versions and I get some weird sort of gaming phantom limb syndrome when I play them. I can almost feel the slightly worn plastic texture of the Powerdrift steering wheel, the exact resistance you'd feel when you held it at full lock and the way it would shake, or having one hand on the throttle of Galaxy Force 2 as the cabinet banked and spun. Arcade Club in Leeds have the full hydraulic sit down version of Powerdrift and so I've got to play it a couple of times over the past few years and it remains pure magic.
  5. matt0

    Xbox Series X

    Core were still using their Amiga era logo in the PS2 era!?
  6. You still see games with worse facial animation than HL2 today. It was such a huge step forward in that regard.
  7. I was trying to come up with a flippant post while I was watching it. Something about the most high fidelity rock crevices you've ever seen. But ultimately I suppose it makes sense to focus on bland, familiar textures and environments over something more stylised or fantastical as you've got more of an immediate real world reference to compare it against. Does anyone remember that bizarre Square Enix tech demo where they showed off a photorealistic concrete underpass?
  8. I've never seen one in the flesh, only magazine shots and later screen shots on the internet, but I always thought the CPC had great colour. Way ahead of all the other 8 bit micros. Those limited 8 bit palettes seeped in to your mind. We had a BBC Micro and there's specific colour palette choices on that system (like black, blue, green and yellow) that are permanently seared in to my gaming imagination.
  9. matt0

    Xbox Game Pass

    Endless Legend! Been meaning to try that for years now. Wasn't a big fan of Endless Space but really enjoyed Dungeon of the Endless. Endless.
  10. It's a pain in the arse but I got them all by searching for them manually on the UK comixology site. I've never read Planet Hulk before... Have neglected my kids and been reading it on and off all day while they trashed the garden and house while my attention was elsewhere. Was worth it but I'm not looking forward to clearing up.
  11. Also you can take the riot shield cops out with Axel by getting a few hits in, defensive special through their response attack, couple more normal punches to shatter the shield then a few more hits and uppercut when they're stunned to get your special health cost back and knock them down. Then one more combo will finish them when they get up.
  12. I managed to get through this on normal beating the majority of the bosses and most of the levels first time despite never having finished SOR 1+2 BUT... I did it with Cherry. Her head stomp / bounce goes over most enemies reactions on being hit in armour and her dash will pass through some enemies armour frames and they'll still attack in the direction of their wind up, letting you get free hits on them from behind. Both those tricks got me past the commisoner and commisoner + Estel fights. So for anyone struggling, try Cherry and those two tricks. Worked like a charm for me.
  13. Haven't started this yet, unless you count dicking about with the benchmark tool on my laptop for half an hour. Opted for a mix of high and medium settings and a solid 30fps. Pretty decent for a crappy laptop GPU considering Phoenix Point would barely run at all. Got it installed on my desktop too so I can play the main missions with maximum shinies and grind through the side missions on the sofa in front of the TV. Fascinsting post, I know.
  14. Not sure I'd agree with that, just on a visual level Gears is definitely taking cues from Warhammer and the big chunky reboot XCOM character designs probably owe something to Gears bringing it full circle. EDIT: Also there was a well received Gears board game a while back, so the concept has been knocking around for a while now.
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